Prostitution Report
from Argentina

I went to Juyuy and didn't find much but I was on a work schedule so that could be a reason. Nearby Tucumán where I stayed has some casas. Hotel Crillón is the best one. 2 peso ride in a taxi to get there. The cost was 40pesos short time in a room provided there upstairs.

One girl I had there took a liking to me ( or so she said anyway ) and wanted to do me for free so she said she would come to my hotel. Stood me up on the first night but did show on the second and stayed all night. She told me it was free beforehand so I didn't pay her. I could tell she was dissapointed the next morning when I sent her off with cab fare only.I would've gladly paid her and looking back I should have and probably will if I see her again. She was really good company and very willing. We did it twice that night.I satyed at the Swiss Metropol in Tucuman and the hotel is actually pretty classy for this small little town. Enrique Igleseas was staying there on my trip as he was doing a concert there.The hotels will also get girls for you.. that's a change of pace huh?

The owner is from switzerland and is married to a very beautiful woman. I don't know where she's from but looks sort of brazilian. A really nice guy but a little forceful on the help. He kept saying to me "If there's 'anything' you need.. just let us know" I was reading between the lines but I just wasn't sure, and didn't want to embarras myself asking if they could get me a girl although that's exactly what I wanted.Turns out that is what he meant. One of the guys in the staff told me he could get me a girl. This was after he saw me with the first one from Hotel Crillon. He said "oh yeah this is very common here and all you need to do is ask us and we'll call one for you. So.... he did.

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We went up to my room and he made some calls on the phone. The first one he called I passed because he said she had very large breasts. Just a preference of mine guys, I like medium to small.With the second one we agreed it would be 100pesos, which equals 100 dollars for 2 hours. ok done.She arrived at my door and I remember I had a comforting feeling that the hotel has arranged this for me so there was no shame should I run into one of the staff later.She was about 5'3'' dark hair, petite small/med perky breasts, nice ass and just so so looking in the face. but cute.

She came in and I offered her a drink and to make herself comfortable. We sat on the bed and talked for about 15 minutes and then we started to kiss. The sex experience with her was a gf. We did it twice. We would stop and talk for a while and pick up at it again.She stayed for about 4 hours in all and I never felt rushed. It was as if I had just called my gf over for the night. I paid her afterwards and we kissed and said goodbye. What she may have lacked in outstanding looks she certainly made up for in experience.On another night 2 girls were flirting with me in the street at night, they came up to me and ask me what time it was. These were normal girls, not working girls. They were kind of young so I didn't persue it.The club scene was a little dissapointing though. Went with a friend to a club called Lancaster, I think it was in Juyjuy or maybe Farmalla.. don't remember exactly but it was out of town a bit.

There were tons of pretty slender girls there but the feel was that of an American disco. The girls were not too friendly and were really reserved about accepting a dance invitation. This was a normal club by the way, not a p4p venue. All of the other clubs seemed similiar in this respect.Another curious note was at night in all of the outside cafes and little hangouts was there were tables with girls and tables with guys. Of course there were some couples but the separation was apparent. I asked my friend why this was and he said that's just the way it is.Even though you knew a girl at the other tables you didn't really socialize with them at night like this. He said they would see each other the next day and say " Oh I saw you at Blah blahs the other night".

I asked the girls and the guys if they liked this "arrangement" and neither did but that it's a local custom.I was also told by an Argentine friend that if you know a little spanish and have an American accent you could have any of these girls.Also like other countries in South America age didn't seem to be a factor. I was 36 at the time and I met a girl 22. We corresponded for a while by letter and phone but I just never made it back there and we stopped corresponding after about a year and a half. Her whole family knew of me and my name/age etc...I was in a gas station called YPF between Tucuman and Lules with my friends father, he was in his 60's he was my work contact while I was there. We were sitting there having one of our (many) coffees of the day. We made this trip daily.There were 2 girls working there that were really absolutely beautiful. One slim and sort of dark skinned and the other with light skin, very Italian looking and womanly.

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On this particular day my friends father was teasing me to say something to one of the girls. He knew I was smitten and was teasing me but my spanish just wasn't good enough to close any deals.Well, I asked our waitress if I could buy one of the little YPF coffee cups for a souvineer. She said no, sorry we don't sell them.5 minutes later she comes back over to the table with a cup and saucer ,gift wrapped no less, and gave it to me as a present. I was floored. This is a gas station remember, but these particular ones are like a mini market of sorts with tables and a couple waitresses.I really wanted the other girl to tell you the truth because I like a petite frame but this girl was so beautiful and nice. I can just see her in my mind going in the back room and gift wrapping this for me. gees...Unfortunately, I never got to return there because of the work schedule. I kept bugging my friends father to take me there again but some real serious issues came up with work and it just didn't happen. no time..

I really like Tucuman alot. Although not a sex travel "destination" it's a fun place to be. This city has a true South American flavor to it. The people were friendly in general and ( alot, not all ) were very curious about Americans. Alot of the conversations were about the differences in our cultures and how they thought we viewed them as a people.

If it wasn't so expensive to get there I would visit Argentina often.

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