Prostitution Report
from Australia

As a 48yo resident of suburban Canberra I post the following revised insight into prostitution and related services in my area. This is from the perspective of a middle aged single male who seeks a companionable and sensuous time with a communicative lady rather than flash hard sex with a bimbo glamour teen. Canberra is a highly planned inland Territory half way between Sydney and Melbourne. Laws are quite progressive and Registered Prostitution is quite legal. I prefer a 28 to 35 yo with a nice (if not spectacular) body, a good attitude who enjoys having a good time in the room; I find this more satisfying than the younger girls who don't really want to be there and just want to get the session over with.

The Prostitutes - (a term not widely used; ladies, girls, workers, sex workers more usual) Australia is a wealthy country and most prostitutes come from lower socio economic backgrounds. Single mothers are very common; others include drug addicts, a few university students, and occasionally girls seeking to save to travel overseas; another significant source is Asian girls most of them being in the country illegally or at least not being legally able to work here. There is not a strong tradition of women being prostitutes for their working lives, most go into it from economic necessity and get out as soon as they can - maybe only weeks or months - when their circumstances deteriorate they will often come back for another go but you rarely get "washed up old hags" in the industry. Ages range from 18 upwards, severe penalties are imposed for brothel operators allowing underage girls on their premises. 18-20 age range not very common; most girls in the 20-27 age bracket; with plenty in the 28-33 bracket. Be wary of telephone descriptions, particularly age and bust size; age typically understated by 5 years, bust overstated by 5" or 2 cup sizes common.

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Most are Australian residents which provides quite an ethnic- beauty mix in relation to prostitutes this typically means Anglo - Celtic descent predominates with quite a few European descendants also. Blondes (from genuine all over blondes - golden blondes - to out of the bottle blondes) quite common, many Brunettes with Red Heads not very common and in demand. Stunningly beautiful workers not common but typically range up to 7-8, some much less attractive who don't last long. Probably a propensity to slightly overweight with some, particularly the younger ones. If you like robust arsed, thick thighed, busty young maidens then you can be readily catered for. There are some workers from New Zealand white and a few Maori half casts; the occasional working tourist from UK-Europe; a few Pacific Islander and African girls; Indians and Australian Aborigines are quite rare. There are also Asian workers, while some are local residents - there also seems to be an organised importation of workers (Thai, Singapore, Japanesse and a few Indonesians)into some establishments, probably illegally working on tourist permits.

Some dress and makeup very well in some brothels, others much less well presented which probably correlates with their service. Tipping is not common in Australia and not expected in brothels although a small $gift to a talented lady you might want to see again can be well received. There are plenty of customers who either don't treat the ladies very well or who arrive unclean/ unshaven/ dirty clothes etc- if you want a good time then be pleasant and treat her well from the first moment of introduction - you will usually be well rewarded.

Opportunities in Canberra - In Canberra there is no street prostitution. There are registered brothels located in the Commercial-Light Industrial suburbs of Fyshwick (10 brothels) and Mitchell (5 brothels)- women over 35 are not common in the brothels they can't stand sitting around with immature girls in the waiting rooms for hours on end night after night. There are also private ladies operating with a range of either outcall (to your hotel or home) or incall service from their homes or specially rented flats these ladies are typically in the 25-40yo range and fairly open about their ages - more on these services later. There are also escort services staffed from the brothels and private ladies.

The Brothels - (a term not used very often - Massage Parlour, Studio, Escort Service etc common terminology) Prices are typically in the range of AUD$90-110 30 mins to AUD$145-$200 per hour "full service" (US$ 85-$120)- Prices are cheaper than Sydney city or Melbourne for comparable establishments; with the price drop there has been an increase in ladies charging extra fantasy fees of $30 / $50; ensure you understand beforehand what you are getting and complain to the receptionist-manager is you are genuinely deceived by the girl.

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Condoms are legally compulsory for any penetrative sex act. If you require kissing or cunnilingus then inquire; not commonly acceptable to younger girls; some more experienced workers are quite willing although some brothels insist on use of female condoms -the home workers are your best bet for this service.

The selection method in most establishments is that there are 2 or 3 meeting rooms where the workers will individually enter and introduce themselves this can be very quick so if one that comes in might interest you be ready to quickly start talking with her to get a better idea if she suits you some will just stand at the door and state their name; other will enter sit beside you, shake hands and introduce themselves - unfortunately few of the workers are very skilled in introducing themselves; why the brothels don't improve these skills I can't comprehend.

The service you get will range from lazy, mundane to excellent you have to try and judge the girl by your short introduction and won't always get it right. I find the younger prettier girls a greater risk of poor service. If there's none you really fancy then inform the receptionist you might come back (see knows your going to look in other studios) be pleasant and there'll be no hassles and you will be quite welcome to come back if on reflection you desire one of their ladies. Shop around, get the feel, then enjoy.

Full Service means full nude intercourse, usually with some prior massage (often not very talented), French (often not very talented by the younger girls), there might or might not be a spa available some places add $20 for such; ladies will usually join you if you book same. Any form of kissing not common (particularly with the younger ones) although the occasional surprise occurs; it is becoming more available as an extra fee fantasy.

Timing is from when the worker enters the room after you have showered, to when you are expected to be dressed and leaving the room, a warning buzzer, flashing light or knock on the door is typically 10mins before this time. Brothel attitudes to extended times are unfriendly - the added cost from a 60min booking over a 30min booking is about $50, yet if you want to extend or even pre-book the additional time from 60min to 90min they will charge the 60 min rate plus the 30min rate of $90+ - not rational. Usual procedure is select a girl from the introductions, inform the receptionist, the girl will take you to a room, collect payment and request that you take a shower (contained in the room) if you want a drink then ask now - asking later will cause the drink to be collected during your paid time. You can cum more than once in the time and the lady should stay with you and chat, fondle, cuddle whatever until your time is used. Asking for a spa will often tell the lady you are after sensuous service rather than hard sex. Credit Cards Visa, Mastercard, Australian Bankcard regularly accepted, most accept Diners Club and American Express- a credit card commission of 5% or 10% can be applied so be careful. Check the Yellow Pages under Escorts for phone numbers and addresses. The workers are not employees of the brothel, even though you make one payment for both room and lady - she is an independent service provider and this limits the control the brothels have on them. Some Western Sydney brothels hold the ladies earning for the shift; if she leaves early (even if sick enough to go to hospital say) or misbehaves she wont get any of her earnings.

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I will list them firstly in Fyshwick, then Mitchell and roughly ranked in desirability. (Many of the brothels advertise in the Yellow Pages under several names). If not a local with a car then using a taxi is your best transport - all taxis are metered and you should not get ripped off - from the main Canberra hotels to Fyshwick is about 10mins; Mitchell about the same in the opposite direction. Travel between the brothels (particularly Fyshwick at night) is probably best by taxi, some are quite close to one another but a stranger walking the quite commercial industrial streets with very few people about could get lost or lonely - quite safe though.

Fyshwick Exotic Studio/ Cleopatras Fyshwick- a moderately appointed studio with 4 rooms all with a small bath sized spa $145/hr usually 6-8 girls in busy periods - girls are of variable presentation and desirability. You have to watch the management's timing in this brothel but I keep going back due to there often being pleasant ladies that really appeal to me. Seem to be able to keep their better ladies for longer, seems the management treat the working girls fairly well. – Well worth a visit

Touch of Class Fyshwick- 15 years ago used to be the best studio in town (pre-legalisation) well appointed with good ladies. Same ownership and prices as Exotic Studios. - still a moderate class establishment with usually 3 or 4, 25yo+ workers in busier times. Well worth a look.

Studio 108 Fyshwick - newest premises. New owners have made a big difference, the décor and premises have been significantly improved and there are usually very desirable ladies. Well worth a visit

Tiffany's Fyshwick- a small poorly presented establishment that can have young, good and desirable ladies at $150 but beware heavy emphasis on $extras. Often worth a visit

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Northside Studio / Paradise Escorts Fyshwick- the biggest and well appointed - One big advantage is that they use an introduction lounge rather than meeting rooms; all the available girls will re-enter the lounge each time a new customer enters giving you an opportunity to consider the selection, but they will drift away in between times - you will occasionally be asked who you would like to see but won't be hassled - the brothel does a fair trade in hotel escorts so if you see a lady that interests you don't dally she could go out on escort before you realise. Decor- premises new about 10 years ago; recently well refurbished. Plush to opulent with about 5 rooms with spas and about 7 without. Largest selection of ladies in Canberra at any point in time Thurs; Fri; Sat nights typically 10-12 minimum although quite a few can be out on escort at any time. Lower priced at $150/hr - accurate with time keeping and the ladies are expected to ensure no overstays of more than a few minutes. Change of management last year lessened the desirability of this brothel.

Centrefolds Fyshwick- a well appointed but until recently overpriced establishment $200/hr with usually 3-5 girls in busier times - 4 rooms, 2 are expensively furnished with spas. It has recently changed ownership and seems to have improved considerably, although somewhat overpriced for standard service. They have the well appointed lounge area to run a cluby meeting lounge in busier periods - a pity they don't use it. Timings are accurate.

Munroes (previously Stork Club) Fyshwick- a moderately presented establishment of 5 rooms - mostly girls visiting from out of town,- there is a selection of 4-8 girls at busier times some well worth meeting. Don’t like the atmosphere

Golden Apple Fyshwick- closed a few months ago although it has re-opened in new premises below Club 77, often closed during evening hours?? - Club 77 Fyshwick- a reasonably classy (but un kept) establishment, large rooms at least one has a large spa, converted to an Asian girl operation with a good range of ages, staffed by non-locals. Usually some very nice, young girls available who seem to understand the sensuous needs of their work particularly young Chinese girls and many appear to be students from Melbourne working there for short periods. $160/hr.

Monicas/ Secret Desires Fyshwick- a reasonably appointed studio of 5 rooms with a spa in most rooms A$145/hr; refurbished a few years ago to moderate standard - the rooms are quite large. Used to be owned by Exotic Studio with similar girls - changed hands a year or so ago with non-resident Asian workers of a fairly poor standard - quite mixture of Indonesian, Thai, Philippine and Singapore girls but poorly presented, little or no English and poor to moderate bodies.

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Mimi Club Fyshwick - new about 3 years ago; a reasonably appointed studio exclusively Asian girls with poor English skills. I had a very bad experience here with a dishonest girl; the manager's conduct was no better. I won't go back there again. $150/hr

Mitchell Private Engagements Mitchell- a 4 roomed parlour in a very confined space but often with very classy ladies well presented. The rooms are small and have spas. Usually 4-7 girls in busy period and usually all very desirable. Quite close to Sinsations Strip Club.

Penthouse /Club Labella Mitchell- located above Sinsations stripclub (more later) a moderately appointed studio of 4 rooms. Girls are of variable quality and presentation. Well worth investigating

Club Goldfingers Mitchell- a six roomed parlour of high class decor, all rooms have spa and there are theme rooms - when opened 5 years ago was definitely a cut above the rest and at $190/hr charged accordingly. While the workers are usually well presented and attractive I have rarely been attracted there due to attitudes of the manager-receptionist teams; seems to have a high turnover of ladies so any nights a chance - worth a look. (Sinsations Nightclub next door)

Pretty Woman/ Aphrodites Palace Mitchell- located away from the other Mitchell brothels and a little harder to find; a 5 room brothel with 2 large meeting rooms and pleasant decor - I believe all rooms have spas. Often needs a better class of girls and receptionist.

Fortunes Palace Mitchell- opened 3 years ago, never actually stayed with a lady there which give an idea of the poorer selection usually available, have no idea of room presentation but probably not bad. Worth a visit to see if you can find a lady to your desire. ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Home Workers The daily "Canberra Times" classified advertisements "Adult Services" (see Classifieds - Business Services) usually carries 6-12 contacts for private workers either working from their home or visiting you, or available for either. The workers tend to be more mature 25-45 usually with past experience in brothel work. Some only work during School hours (while the kids are away mum will ???), others operate longer, evening hours. The risk is you book sight unseen and so run a risk (I've had 3 bad experiences out of about 12 services) - - - - - - - - - - Strip Club - Sinsations located in Mitchell is the local strip club (another in Fyshwick is not as exciting). Sinsations is located downstairs to one brothel, another next door and three more in close proximity. Friday & Saturday are the main nights (operates Thurs thru Sunday nights) there is a $10 door fee and tipping the dancers expected though not enforced. The strippers are mostly local so there is great similarity in faces (or whatever you remember them by) from week to week.

There is a stripper on stage for a set of tunes; Tipping is by AUD$5 notes, I find that if you tip the ladies $5-$15 per set you will get good service. These total strips with legs parted to paying customers - they will ignore the non paying onlookers. There are about 3-5 strippers on busier nights and most are quite attractive, some medium/larger breasts and very pretty pussies ages are about 18-28. Drinks are about $3 per beer and there is definitely no touching or interaction with the ladies when not dancing. You can have an exciting evening there for about AUD$40 to $50, and plenty of brothels close by.

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