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Massage Parlor 101 – young stunning Asian imports at your service

You get stunning young fresh imports, or satisfaction for your despicable desires, for a bargain. The MP guides I found got a lot of things quite wrong. I am writing this so that someone with bigger mouth than mine won’t mess up my favorite MP’s someday. It has gotten so bad that perhaps if you dye you hair black, you probably get better service. Not to mention keeping the price down at all fronts.

What is an MP? Difficult question, as you get at most 1 min massage in some MP’s. And I also want to include the ones that only allow me to play with myself while a beautiful 19 year old watches and helps me along. Weird pleasure for very little. Some are secretly hidden in several condos that you have to know somebody to find them. And there’s a thin line, if any, between an MP and some incall joints.Korean MP’s are easiest to define, where the girls put your socks back and tie your shoes. But a lot are just trying to be, rather than authentic. That’s the starting point for a lot of variations.

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The right MP
The location makes MP’s different. City rules and LE attitude are all different, and they change all the time to catch up in the cat-and-mouse game. I am not talking about Seattle vs LA, but much finer boundaries such as Southgate vs Westminster vs Lake Forest. The neighborhood doesn’t reflect the quality of the MP. In run down industrial areas out of town centers, some brothels the sizes of small motels are being left alone, they are often some of the best. In some areas, MP’s are busted because their girls are not licensed for a massage job. One city is so strict that the manasan is a qualified male doctor. In another, no doors are allowed, only mini-skirt curtains. The Asian population has no correlation with the quality of MP’s; some cities are quite prosperous and often hostile to legacy MP’s. Tanning parlors are one way to get round the strict rules about MP’s. So actually if you see TP’s, they are not a very good sign. By the way, it’s not that they couldn’t afford beds. You can skip a lot of red tapes with a portable mattress on the floor.

Some large MP’s are like show cases. Most girls work there for one day of the week. They normally have their home base and will invite you there if you are good. Sometimes they will recommend another girl if you happen to visit on a different day of the week. They may be just buddies or the same type of girl. Once a girl recommended her cousin. On the other end of the spectrum are those very small intimate MP’s, that you will slip out often for a quick lunch or to release stress after work.

Where to look
Adult classified. The safe bets are those with choice. They are more like motels. But don’t mind the neighborhood, they have enclosed parking with uniform security guards, I saw two on duty. Some emphasis full hour massage and/or beautiful young girls. They probably are just that, don’t expect anything else. The only other thing you can consider is the jurisdiction. Try one and you know the rest in the same road, or the same city. But remember only one star can make an MP a success, so don’t underestimate any MP. I guess some of the best MP’s don’t bother to advertise, or they can’t because they are secret. In some TP’s, you tan alone, but they have nowhere to advertise but the adult session where all the TP’s are advertising. There are also some cryptic ads in some local, small circulation, newspapers, often not in English.

MP’s in strip malls are usually very small, with no more than a few girls. For detached buildings, the size of car park roughly correlates with the number of girls inside. These are also more likely to be Korean style as most of them use the back door at the car park as the main entrance. If you want discretion, its always worth while to check the back door first, I found one even in a strip mall. And don’t worry, its unlikely you will see other clients or other girls inside even for the larger MPs at busy times. Mamasan will ensure that when you go in. When you leave, you can ask the girl to get the all clear for you.The good Korean ones all have a mamasan. For other MP’s, the girls may take turn to be at the reception. That’s the girl you get, if they don’t do the switch trick later. If you don’t like the girl, ask for another or turn back.

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Been there before?
I don’t advice lying. For good MP’s you get good treatment as they try to win you over, say you get a lineup. The purpose of lying is for you to get full service easier, a bit silly, better find the right MP. Don’t insult mamasan’s memory. If she didn’t remember you, you must be one of those deadbeat boyfriends that turn up once in a blue moon. Say a good friend highly recommended is good, that means you are not naive about how much to tip. In Korean safe houses, girls only accept tips afterwards.

The room
Mamasan will take you to a room, where you pay for the room, get undress and wait. That’s the time you ask whether you can see the girl first who will take care of you, or see all the girls. If she says no, you may choose to leave without paying. You sure have to pay first before seeing more than one girl. Also, it helps if you take the chance to show that you have enough spares for tips. For example, take two out from a pile of twenties.In small MP’s mamasan may invite you for a shower. You should do that because the girl’s routine may require you to be clean. You get less service if you don’t. In large MP’s, you normally don’t expect a shower unless you spend more than the minimum 30 min. There are just two many clients for a single shower room.

The lineup?
For true lineups, you have to visit secret condos, where the girls are treated more like cattle. Their immigration statuses are dubious. One way of choice is to let you to go to the girl’s room to pick. In some motel like MP’s, there are up to 20 girls all in short nurse uniforms in a huge room doing their own things, normally sitting down chatting while ignoring you. It could be a difficult and daunting task.

In other cases, mamasan may choose to let you see their girls in various ways. You get ‘lineup’ for various reasons, first time visit, you are popular (tip well) and your favorite is gone, you just looked like a VIP. Sometimes it is grand opening, or under new management. I guess give her some tips may help, at least show that you will tip well. If you don’t get a lineup, the girls may be occupied, or they just don’t have good-looking girls. Remember to be respectful, often the girls are the stars and they call the shots. If they don’t like the idea, you couldn’t do anything about it. If there are just 2 or 3 girls they may just appear together. The best I had is like a beauty contest. Girls come to my room door in turns, say hello or more. All walked around in tiny low waist killer skirts, plus a little piece of cloth around their breasts. They are numbered say from one to seven. Tell mamasan which number you want afterwards.

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Last resort
If you got no lineup, and the girl that comes in wasn’t your type, you still have some options. Sent her out politely and get dressed. Ask mamasan if she has another for you. If not, consider mamasan herself. Yes, some girls are that bad. The last resort is to leave, leaving behind the room fee. For a respectable MP, mamasan won’t charge you next time. Ask mamasan which day is best to come back for a better-looking girl.

Let it happen
It’s risky to negotiate first time – talk about sex and money at the same time is a no-no. It normally works for me if soon after the massage started, I just ask ‘A hundred?’. Or the amount you want to spend, assuming you know the going rate. It helps if you have your wallet on the table with enough money sticking out. But don’t do this if you are not confident about the MP. And certainly don’t give any money to her first. In good MP’s, they won’t accept it that way. In bad MP’s, you just got yourself rip-off.

A girl in a tiny two-piece combat gear is a good sign. For more mature women who don’t have much assets to show off, they may wear a long skirt, but with a slit up to the hips. You can safely leave if she wear jeans, and bare only her arms, the whole arm is used in some massages. You may get a hand job with difficulty. Don’t let any legal statements on the walls deters you. If she sits on your butt in no time, this is it.

Then let the girl take charge. Enjoy the massage. If the massage is bad, you most likely get yourself a deal. Sometimes the massage isn’t bad, but it seems that the girls don’t know what they are doing with your limbs. If you like talking, please do, but no sex-and-money, and the fresh imports probably won’t comprehend much. Shut up is simple and best. Some girls may ask you to put money on the table while she go out to get something.

If you are sure you have a deal, best to wait for the girl to finish her massage. When the time comes, she will whisper ‘You want everything?’ in your ears. Therefore everything is the least risky service to ask for. When the girl is massaging you, you may try to massage her a bit with your hands. If she always put you hand back to the massage table, that means no deal. But normally you can still release yourself. Sometimes if she is comfortable with you and you are persistence and legally careful, she may try to work out a deal for you like a hand job. But any negotiation is dangerous. By the way, touching has some special meanings. It means you want her. Some girls may stop the massage immediately, ask for money, and or give you some hand signals, e.g., circle and finger.

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The service
Ever wonder why all the girls in the same MP do exactly the same routines? Yes, mamasan is also the corporate coach in authentic Korean MP’s. That’s what you normally get first time. Even that you paid for 30 min, it doesn’t mean that the girl have to open her legs most of the time. If you go back for the same girl, she will let you have your own way and open her legs more. Some routine may get weird, like tongue massage on you from neck to feet, plus toes if you want, both sides.Perhaps choreography is the better word, see for yourself.

It is very wrong to say that MP’s lack GFE. You will be surprised by the amount of GFE the Asian girls manage to pack in 30 min. For example, some will stay in your arms until time is up. You have to give the girl encouragement if you like them. The more you go, the better it is, if you want that sort of things.Hot girls usually don’t do anything dangerous. Never will they be short of clients. The bottomline is that any minor medical conditions that put them out of service will cost a lot of money. You normally have only one-pop in 30 min. They also don’t easily shower with you, water is number one enemy for their skins. Some even don’t shave so you will never think of going down there. If you find some over-the-hills, anything goes. You have to know somewhere specific to get bare, at least in LA.

The rates
LA in general, $40 / 30 min for the room. In proportion, $60 for 45 min and $80 per hour. Add a mandatory $10 if you are invited to shower before and after. Table shower is a different thing, depends on tips and the time you buy. For MP’s that are not that busy, you may get discount for 45 min and 1 hr. Sometimes you will see a small poster with the rates. I guess they may change according to time of day, and day of week.

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Tips, like donations, call it whatever you want, but don’t think that they are optional. The general guide in LA is, per 30 min, $40, $60, $80, $100 for hand, blow, straight, everything. Add more for extra GFE. But that can be misleading. It all depends on the girl. If you spend a full hour, it will be $280 total, while a so-so escort may charge you $300 plus room for outcall. Just remember the last escort you see and the one in front of you, who do you prefer. These Asian girls are often young, 18 to early 20’s, super fine long hair, and delicate skins typical in the Temperate Zone, elastic too. The tropics may be rounder and fuller. Latinas often looks better in the breasts and hips. You may get discounts for 45 and 1 hr, but in prime time, you will not be popular paying less than $100 tips per 30 min, $150 per 45 min, $200 per hr. But if you get some over 35 old woman, anything goes, you may even get $60 for the whole hour, who knows.

It is not difficult to know whether the tip is enough. Watch her reaction inside the room. If you got a thank you, you are spot on or over. If you are over, you get more GFE next time. Outside the room it’s different. They always give you the royal sent off no matter what. It’s a sort of peer pressure, or the Asian not to ‘lose face’ thing. If you under tipped too much, they girl may tell mamasan not to let you see her again. It’s worthwhile to have two or more favorites and try to pitch them against one another on price. It also depends on locations. Once I tipped $80 in 1999, the girls was still very nice to me, but her ‘owner’ started nagging outside while I was at it, and she disappeared the following week for better pasture. The other time I let a Hawaiian goddess pick afterwards, she said a lot of people tip $100. I gave her just that but she never saw me again, even though I knew she was still working in the MP.

These girls could easily earn $1500 a week, or perhaps $1000 a day, so its $350,000 per year, tax free. For those of you who just got your merely six figure salary, good MP’s are safer than your home. I never have any problem with my wallet. If you ever meet a girl that stuns you, watch the car park for a while and you can make you own estimates. There’s no argument about the gross revenue. I hope at least in some MP’s the girls could get most of the tips, or even a cut on the room rate.

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