Prostitution Report
from Cambodia

Well I just came back from Cambodia last night and in short, the place has changed although not as much as I initially thought.Here is the up to the minute status: Martini Bar - Closed until the ASEAN conference is over.

K11 - Some houses open, others have the doors closed but open the second anyone comes near them. Not as many mongers around although I was there at around 3:00 PM. It did get busier the longer I stayed.

Sharky Bar, Heart of Darkness, Howies and all other bars open as usual.

I took Bangkok Airways for 7600 baht and arrived on Thursday night at about 8:00 PM. Had the Paris Hotel pick me up for free, checked into a deluxe room at $15. Took an hour to clean up and then headed out.

First stop was Shanghai Bar. This bar is full of Khmer girls, most of which DO NOT go with customers. I was not ready to have the little Viets clinging to me as I wanted a few minutes to relax. Met and talked too a very sweet and extremely cute girl there and spent the next hour or two winding down. Said my goodbyes and headed on over to Sharkey's.

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Had a few shots of tequila with Dave the owner of the place and was surprised that there were almost NO Viets in the place. Seemed that they are being run out of many of the 'finer' establishments. The more tequila I drank the hornier I got and I started looking around for my victim. Somehow bumped into a little Khmer girl who was to my liking.

I must say again that the Khmer girls are in a class in themselves. The Khmer people are generally very nice and unlike many Thai's are GENUINE. She was truly a little gem and we had a great night together. Khmers are not always the best in bed but they are very passionate and giving. She was no exception and I was happy with my choice. Face - 7, body - 7, attitude - 9, performance - 6, Overall survey says - 8. Price - $21 LT

The next day I spent at the internet, my favorite breakfast spot the Rendezvous and tavelling around town by moto. In the evening I hit the Les Cyrcee Club. It is a little hole in the wall but packed with Khmer girls, some of them definitely worthwhile. I took the best looking girl in the place but she was a bit mechanical and cold. I don't expect her to be calling out my name whilst in the throes of passion but after I had fucked her for a while I wanted to give her a cream pie. she wasn't too keen on this but oh well, all the better reason to give her one. Put my balls in her face and blew a big load all over her. I of course gave her the obligatory "thank you mam" and went downstairs to talk with the newly arrived punters. Face - 7, body - 7, attitude - 4, performance - 5, Overall survey says - 5. Price -$10 LT. Originally the girls would blow you in the bar however this has changed and is no longer done. There were several guys trying to get this done (me included) but they kept spitting out "$10, $10, $10 for room." This place is a good start-up place for the evening and although a shithole, it can be fun having literally 10 girls hanging on you, sucking your neck, playing with your cock and making life worth living!

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I went by the Walkabout which has changed for the better. This is a place where you can find the backpackers with their fat assed white girlfriends which make me always remember why I am NOT back in America begging some honey for a piece of her arse. Found my little friend Yao working and made it a short night. She is a Viet, long hair down to her ass, tight little body, not lacking anywhere. She is one of the smarter girls and somehow over the 2 years I have known her has managed to keep her sweetness and professionalism. For the standard $21 she is highly recommended. Face - 7.5, body - 8.5, attitude - 8, performance - 8, Overall survey says - 8.

Did my usual routine of hitting the internet, breakfast, zipping around town. I didn't rent a motorbike this time as I was getting my visa renewed and my passport was at the Thai embassy but I had a great moto driver. For those who don't know, in order to rent a motorcycle, it is madatory that you leave your passport at the place renting the bike in case you run into any problems (lost, stolen or wrecked moto). I will post some of the specifics in another thread as soon as I get time.

After an afternoon nap I wanted to find a massage parlor that an expat had told me about. The Great World massage parlor on Kompuchea Krom was an upscale, clean establishment with a fishbowl of about 100 girls. Khmers, Viets, Chinese and a couple of Russians which didn't look very good but I was told there would be more later.

The Khmers and Viets were $35, the Russians and Chinese were $60. This is for 1 1/2 hours. While it is expensive for a Cambodian MP, this is the Barang pricing and there were quite a few absolute dolls in the place. I opted for a Chinese girl named Shao Ling and I was not sorry. Very, very pretty, porcelain like, crystal clear skin and a nice tight little body. She gave me a BBBJTC and then layed there and we then talked, her in poor but passable English. Another one with a fantastic attitude, all things considered. She had a tight little pussy and after she a few minutes we started round two. A bit expensive but in Cambodia, this is definitely a place to spend more. Face - 8, body - 8, attitude - 8, performance - 8, Overall survey says - 8. Price = $65 LT.

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After a light dinner with a non-pro Khmer girl, I hit the sack ALONE for the first night.

The next day, after my usual routine I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a Muay Khmer match (boxing with elbows and knees) between the Cambodian champion and a Sudanese fighter. Quite a few great fights and the Olympic stadium (definitely not Olympic standards!!!) was electric. Once the Cambodian champion was knocked out with a knee to the head, all hell broke loose. The gates had been locked and whilst bottles and other objects were being thrown, the masses of people running towards the exit were crushing each other and I was mashed up against the fence. Only after bullying my way out did I get some badly needed space and more importantly - AIR! It was a great experience though!

I then made my way to the Son Sak MP which is on the road to K11. Took a little Viet spinner and got some decent service. not much to say about this place but it was also upscale. Clean, showers in the room, air conditioned and fairly nice. Both of these MP's facilities I went to would be on par with a low level MP in Thailand although the girls would be as good or better. Face - 7, body - 8, attitude - 5, performance - 6, Overall survey says - 6. Price = $20 ST.

I spent the rest of the day at the Toul Sleng Genocide museum or S-21. Upon first arriving I was surprised how little emotion I felt but after a few minutes the enormity of the place started kicking in. It truly is a sickening place and while I wasn't sure about what it was, there was an odd smell still lingering in the place. Definitely a place not for the faint hearted. The more I see of get to know Cambodia there more I see that it is a country of strong, resilient, enduring people who somehow have been able to keep their dignity and pleasant demeanor intact. Unbelievable really.

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I went and saw my non-working girl for dinner and spent most of the night with her. While I was definitely NOT getting any pussy from her, I knew there was plenty to be had and I would be tended to later. My time was well spent with this one particular girl and I was surprised to feel my self feeling more than just "I wanna cum in your mouth." Once again, the Khmer girls are some of the nicest you will find ANYWHERE in the world and it has nothing to do with money. While I am certain they are looking for a better life, they do not have (yet) the money hungry, shitty, give me, give me attitude that some Thai girls have.

Later that evening I took a Sharkey bim home and ploughed her for a while before booting her. Face - 6, body - 6, attitude - 7, performance - 7, Overall survey says - 6.5. Price = $11 ST.

My last day was spent doing the usual and then I headed out to K11. There were only about 3 or 4 customers at the place and at first I was a bit apprehensive. As it grew later in the afternoon more customers rolled in and I hit house number 15. Took a girl by the name of Yum as in Yum Yum. Didn't bother banging her as she gave me a 30 minute, excellent BBBJTC. Very cost effective and great value for the dollar. Face - 7, body - 7, attitude - 7, performance - 9, Overall survey says - 7.5. Would have rated her higher but as she is a K11 girl, I can't bring myself to give her a 8 or a 9. Price = $5 ST.

That about wraps it up. I don't have any nasty photo's although I will be posting a large number of photo's of the city and the fight I attended. I will be posting a few business cards and other more specific information in the next few hours.

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