Prostitution Report
from Cuba

Call it a business/entertainment trip. I contacted to help with the trip as well and I must say, the lady who assisted me was extremely helpful in setting up the tickets to Cuba and the Mansion where we stayed as well as some other small details. We were originally going to stay at the Melia Habana Hotel, but after reading these threads and finding the Mansion, I decided that would be our best option. Although the Mansion is very expensive $2,800.00 US per night, when you divide it by nine, you are looking at $311.00 US per person per night. Not too much more than the Melia Habana. I know this is still extremely expensive for Cuba, however, the place is WELL worth it. The most unbelievable place I have ever stayed. I would recommend it to anyone who has the means to stay there, or get a large group and split it. With a very large pool, Jacuzzi and sauna, combined with a staff that is at your service 24/7, it’s a fuck lovers dream come true. In addition to the Mansion, I also contacted a guide I was recommended by DonGringo to give us a tour on Friday and maybe show us some good spots to look. With all that said, here is my report on our trip to Havana.

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Day 1:
We left our destination city and flew to Nassau for a connection on Cubana into Havana. We had no hassles and the trip into Havana was relatively smooth with one exception. The Cubana plane we flew over must have been 50 or 60 years old. It was a YAK-42, anyone know around what year those came from? Anyway, we went through Cuban Immigration and they asked quite a few questions. They wanted proof of our accommodations which I had and was able to show them. After that, it was relatively simple. The travel agent then met us outside the airport and took us over to the Mansion. After a tour of the place and a few Cuba Libre’s, I was pretty much ready to go. I decided to check out the scene for myself first, so the doorman called me a taxi and as soon as it arrived, I was out. I told the driver that I wanted to go to the Malecon and then La Rampa, for beautiful women only. The driver shook his head and said that the scene wasn’t good because there were a lot of police out that night. I told him that we would just have to look a little harder. Got out to the Malecon and the sidewalk there was packed, but police seemed to be about every 1,000 ft or so. I did see many great looking women though and it seemed as if I was getting the eyes from most of the ones I noticed. (We were driving quite slow). Once we hit La Rampa, it seemed like the police presence dropped a little bit. As a newbe to the scene, I was amazed at the number of women lining the walkway. I spotted my first take near that Ice Cream place where all the Cubans seem to go. She was about 5'5 and I would say 105 lbs with dark hair and a great body. The driver gave a little whistle and a look and the girl walked over. In my best Spanish I said hello and asked her if she would like to come with me. She jumped in pretty much without answering and we were off again. Almost immediately, I spotted another very attractive girl with blond hair and a smokin body. Same deal.

Taxi driver whistled, put his arm out and she walked over. Again, “hola, como estas?” “Quieres ir con nosotros?” and she was in. At that point, we drove back to the mansion because our guide was meeting us there and I had to talk to him about a few things. I told the taxi driver to try to find a van or get a couple wagons and come back in about 30 minutes. My driver showed up 30 minutes later with two larger wagons. Two of us went into each cab with the intentions of bringing back seven more chicas. I spotted my chica for the night near the National Hotel. Seeing as it was July 4th, and she was wearing a tight shirt with American Flags on it, I called her over. She was about 5'2 and 90 lbs, blond hair, smaller chest and I’d say about a 6 ½ to 7. Definantly pretty. I later found out that she had a tattoo on her back and a small scar under her belly button, so she obviously had a child. Anyway, we kept driving, spotted two chicas standing there near the ice cream place again, called them over and they jumped in, so we had our three. Those two by the way I recall being nothing special, but my friend wanted to take them so I couldn’t argue. I already had my piece of ass for the night. The other car we passed and they had 4 chicas in their car. There were 2 mulattas with great body’s and one was very pretty, the other one had a umm, not so great face. Another girl in their car was very pretty and had a great ass and tits. Great little body on her and she was good looking. I’d say a 7. I forgot about the last one. Anyway, overall, it took us about 45 minutes to get this group. When we arrived back at the mansion, the chicas were amazed at the place, they hit the pool running. I wasted no time with my chica. We went straight to my room and off to the races. She wanted me to put on a rubber for the BJ, I told her NO rubber, or you leave.

She looked at me for a second and was a good girl. She gave a decent BBBJ and I shot a nice load on her cara. We fucked for about an hour or so, all different positions until I had nothing left. I had no more use for her at that point and there were 8 other chicas somewhere in the house so I sent her home with a $20 and a small bottle of Kirkland’s Tylenol, oh and I paid her cab fare. All and all, a good start. As I was walking back outside, the pretty mulatta was walking around with her bra and panties on. I told her to come back to my room cause I was feeling it again. She replied, “fucki fucki”, I said “si” and I was back in bed naked, getting another BBBJ, this one quite a bit better than the last. After about 15 minutes, I wanted to fuck, so I put her on her hands and knees and gave it to her real good.. Her head was hitting the headboard of the bed. I ignored that and kept fuckin until I shot my load. I was exhausted after that and had her give me a massage. Sent her home later with $30. One big mistake we made that night was inviting them back the next day. We were all drunk and stupid and new to this.

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Day 2:
We did the tourist thing on Friday. Our tour guide had arranged for a private driver for us the rest of the trip so 6 of us piled into the van and went on a nice tour of Habana. I was taking notice of the chicas on the streets as we were driving. It was a little after noon and it seemed like there was moderate action along the Malecon. I didn’t see anything great however, but than again, we were on a tour, not hunting. At the end of our tour, we walked through a type of fair where I must have been approached by 10 different guys whispering to me, “My frien, you wann cigars?”. I ignored and kept moving. We got to a food stand on the other side and noticed two very nice looking chicas giving the eye. I also saw three or four very young looking chicas dressed like they were ready for action as well. We ignored the young ones (obviously) and talked to the two other chicas. They wanted to go back to the house with us, however, there was no room in the van and we figured we could go out hunting after we got back to the mansion and emptied the van. Again, on the way back, I noticed quite a bit of action. We saw on several occasions, chicas getting into cars so I felt quite confident of our chances for the rest of the day. By the time we got back, I was pretty tired and one of the guys with us volunteered to go out and bring back chicas for everyone. I figured that there would be no problem with that so I stayed back and let him do the work. BIG MISTAKE. First off, it was around 4 PM now and the chicas that we told to come back the night before started arriving. Most of us wanted nothing to do with them so we sent them home, however, seeing as we did invite them there like idiots, there was some obligation to pay their cab fare back The mansion is approx ten to fifteen minutes away from Old Havana, so that is about a $11 cab fare, so we were told. Well, we sent home about 6 girls and finally told the security at the mansion not to let any more taxi’s drive up through the gates.

Still, that’s $22 per girl that came so that was a big waste. Than, about 30 minutes later, our buddy arrives back with the chicas. Gentleman, never again in my life will I allow someone else to choose women for me. He brought back 7 pigs. Actually, maybe one or two were 3's maybe 4's, the rest were absolute 0's on our infamous scale to 10. I was pretty disgusted and drunk, so I went off for a nap. Woke up around 8 PM and the house was quiet. I think some of the guys we were with were actually fucked up to the point where they didn’t give a shit what the chicas looked like, they just went off and banged them out anyways. I however was ready to get back out and find a beauty. I jumped into the van, with our guide and we headed down to La Rampa. Saw a couple blonde chicas hanging out near the tunnel there so we pulled over. The first chica we stopped at, I asked her in espanol if she wanted to come back to the house with me. I think that was a mistake, I should no have been so straight forward from the outset. She looked in the van, saw me, the guide and of course the driver and said “no thank you”. Fine, so we roll up to the second chica. This time I say “hello, how are you?” BS for a minute or two, than popped the question. She replied, “how much?” So.... I learned here as a rule of thumb, when they ask how much right away, leave. So we left and continued to La Rampa. Again, the police were out in force and it seemed as there was not as much action. There were several chicas that caught my eye but the fuckin driver didn’t stop when I told him to which REALLY pissed me off! I would say stop, he would keep rolling for another 10 seconds before stopping, meanwhile the chica is already halfway down the fuckin street. After driving up and down La Rampa a couple times I ask to get out and walk to see if my chances improve.

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The guide told me that it wasn’t a good idea at that time because there were too many police out and the girls seemed nervous. I would only bring more attention to them being a very tall blonde American. The driver than said he knew a good spot closer to the mansion to find a chica, so I agreed and we took some back streets for about 15 minutes. I saw quite a number of chicas out, but none that I thought were very high quality. By now, over an hour had passes and I was pissed so I decided to head back to the mansion, chica-less, and try again in an hour or so. I was determined to keep my standards high for that night. When I got back, my clients wanted to go out to a private club where they have different kinds of entertainment every weekend. Two of em brought their chicas with, the other one was solo and I of course was solo, so I figured we’d go to this club for a bit, than hit the streets and find us some chicas. When we go to the club, it was obviously Karaoki night and it also looked like sausage fiesta night if you know what I mean, so immediately I was wondering why the fuck I was there. We sat down and endured 45 minutes of agonizing karaoki. The only thing that eased the pain was the 10 mohitas I had drank while sitting there. Well, no sooner than I was about to split, these four chicas, very nicely dressed, walked in and went to the back. A few minutes later, they were introduced onto the stage and I realized they were some type of girl band, without the instruments, well just a keyboard. Three of the chicas were absolutely beautiful. The other was ok looking. They started singing and dancing and immediately my eye went to the one dancing closest to me. Like I said before, she was a 20 on MY scale. More than what I was looking for, however, she didn’t even look at me. Meanwhile, the other singer, she was definatly interested in my buddy. She kept walking over to him during their performance and singing to him etc. She was about 5'6, maybe 110lbs, long dark hair, flat stomach and a great ass. She also must have been a 34 C in the chest, nice ample tits. My buddy was happier than a pig in shit.

Anyway, back to me. I kept staring at this one chica, hoping that she would at least look at me or notice me. I never got that feeling however, but I wasn’t going to give up easily. Again, I took the advice I learned from this site. Cuba is not like the US or any other country for that matter. If you like a chica, talk to her. More than likely she will be interested, if not, she says no and that’s it. With that in mind, I talked to the girl from the mansion that came along with us. Her husband is the manager of the club. I asked her if her husband could talk to the singers after the show and tell them that we would like to talk to them and possible have them over. She smiled and said she would see what she could do. She walked to her husband and talked to him. He then came over to me and asked me if I wanted to talk to the singers. I of course said yes. He informed me that they were not prostitutes or anything like that so we shouldn’t expect anything of that nature. “No hay problema” . He then walked over to someone else and said a few things. Anyway, after the girls were done singing, low and behold, they came over to our table and sat down. The one chica I had my eye on the entire time, she came over and sat next to me. I could not have been happier. Here is where my Spanish was absolutely necessary. I started chatting with her and the other singers. Told them they did a great job and fellas.. These girls could fucking dance!!!!!!! They could also sing, but I was watching them dance. Just some nice talk, and finally told them about the mansion and told them we just wanted some cool people to hang out with, nothing else. The manager told them that he knew us and we were safe and they agreed to come. I tipped the manager a $20 and we all loaded up into the van and headed back to the house. When the girls saw the mansion, they practically flipped.

They were very excited to be there. Then they saw the Jacuzzi and pool and wanted to go in. “No hay problema”, we gave them some t-shirts to wear, white of course and we all jumped in. I immediately went to the chica I wanted and started talking to her. Total nice guy approach. After a while she told me that I have beautiful blue eyes and at that point, I knew I was in. She was 5'3 95lbs, had a smaller chest, which I like and an incredible ass. Total model material with the exception of height. This chica was a pure beauty and I wanted to spend the rest of the weekend with her. My friend, he was in the jacuzzi with the other chica, they were definately hitting it off and the other two were in the sauna. We were in the jacuzzi until 5 AM and it was time for them to go home. I played it very smooth that night. I had our driver take them home, gave my chica a nice kiss and she told me to call her at 11 am and they would come back over for the day.

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Day 3:
Saturday was the day I was supposed to go Marlin fishing. I never made it out. Everyone else did. This was fine. I woke up, called my chica and went to get her. Also picked up the other two pretty ones. The OK looking one is married so she didn’t come which was fine. We were all pretty tired still so I decided to let them watch some satellite TV that we had. Everything I read about the chicas and satellite is correct. They were glued to the TV, MTV was what they wanted to watch. There was also a storm so at times the satellite was down, but that was fine, I had all three in my bed so it was totally worth it. Ended up getting pretty heavy with my chica, so when my friends got back from fishing, I was ready to go. We went at it for about 45 minutes and let me tell you.. Well.. This chica was soo into it, the breathing, the “papi papi” “aye..aye”.. It was incredible. This girl fucks like she dances, and she can dance like no one I have ever seen. 3 loads in 45 minutes and she swallowed.. Bonus. Ok, so after that, she put on this red bikini, red sunglasses and a red bandana. Again, she looked amazing, just looking at her got me hard. This was the catch of my life.. We spent some time at the pool and jacuzzi with everyone else. The other two chicas looked great too in their suits, great asses, perfect bodies. We all got pretty fucked up drinking the Crystal and Cuba Libres. After a few hours, I was ready to go again so I took my chica up to the library. On the way she asks me.. “what do you want from me?” “Do you want a relationship or am I never going to see you again?” Now, this is a girl that I definately want to see again when I come back, so I tell her that I would love to have a relationship with her, but it will be very hard seeing as we live in different countries. She replied, “no problem, I wait for you”, so I guess that is how she wants it.

She also told me that she wants me to meet her father and mother, but first her father. I told her to bring her father Sunday morning and he can see the house and I’ll meet him. (She had told me before that her dad would love to look at the mansion because he is an artist and there is quite a bit of art and history in the house) Anyway, up to the library for another session. Again, great time, never asked about a condom.. It was perfect. I also noticed when I looked out the balcony that the other two had disappeared as well. I was later told that they were also great fucks, lots of movement and totally into it. I’m gonna try to speed this up a little here.. Since we were going to Macumba later that night, the girls went home to get ready and I went out in the van hunting again. Saturday night was much better than Friday night. I was looking to bring back 5 chicas this time. Went to La Rampa and found a very nice looking mulatta, so we pulled along and a simple greeting and she was in the van. I am really amazed how easily they come into the car with you, no fear at all... In the US it is not even close to that. Anyway, drove down a few more feet and saw a great looking blonde, so again, stopped the van, said hello, asked her if she would like to come to our house and she was in. I told her we needed 3 more chicas and she said she had some friends. Reluctantly, I decided to see what her friend looked like, so I told her ok, as long as she is very pretty. I also told her that if she was not, we were leaving them both there and moving on. Turned out that her friend was also pretty good, another blonde, so we took her along as well. They all had great bodies. We hit the Malecon on the way back and saw a group of chicas standing there. We were only interested in one of them, the prettiest one of course. They all started to walk over but than all the girls in our van yelled out that we only wanted the one in white, no other. Without hesitation, the one in white jumped into the van and never looked back at her friends. In approximately one hour, we had gotten 5 chicas, all 6's to 7.5's. No sooner did we get back, we had to leave to pick up our three chicas and go to Macumba. When I left though, one of my friends was taking three of the chicas up to his room. Later found out they all did him, all night long. Four of us went to Macumba, 3 had chicas already, one did not. I might add, our chicas were looking spectacular! (Especially mine) On the way to the club, I encountered something new. We were actually stopped by a van with 3 chicas in it.

They wanted to go with us to the club. They were all decent looking as well, I’d say the 6 range, but we said no and kept going. I figured out that it must be hard for them to get in without a tourist with them. Also saw many quite good looking chicas lining the streets with their pimps (jineteros?) I saw more of this here than anywhere else. Go into Macumba, price was $15/person, and as we walked in, the manager of the place comes up right away and takes us to this table that is kind of private, He was talking to my chica and the other two as well but I wasn’t paying attention to what they were saying. As we were walking, I noticed many many stares and people waling up to us as well. I was half gone at this point and just figured they were annoying Cubans or something. So we sat down, ordered a couple bottles and some food and my friend that was single went off looking. A few minutes later he came back with a very nice looking blonde chica. He asked me to talk to her to negotiate price seeing as the girl was asking how much. I went over and asked her in SPANISH what she wanted and she said, normally I get $200, but today I’ll go with him for $100. I laughed in her face and said, we have been here before and if you want to come back, he will give you no more than $40, and that is not negotiable. She got up and walked away. As soon as that seat was vacant, another chica sits there, another blonds, I’d say about a 7 or 7.5. Pretty damn good looking. Again, I went to her and she told me she wanted $100 for the night. Again, I laughed and told her, no, only $40 and she has to stay with him until 5 AM. She agreed and he was happy. Macumba is a very nice place. Very big and lots of entertainment. We had fun there dancing, drinking and just fucking around. At 3AM the place closed down so we went back to the mansion, hit the tub and the booze and had another great night of sex. My chica could not get enough. They went home a 6 AM.

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Day 4:
Final day here in Cuba. My boss wakes me up at 10:30 and tells me that my chica is here with her father. I FORGOT about that. Anyway, met papa, he was a decent guy. Talked to him for a bit, showed him the house. He could not believe his eyes there. After a while, he told us to go off on our own and spend time together without him, which I was happy about. Was able to get a couple more loads off before we had to leave around 1. In my room we sat down and she turned on the TV. I took a look and then a double take and there was my chica, on a Novella there on the fuckin TV. I looked at her and she laughed. She told me that she was also an actress in Cuba and that she is recognized throughout the country (in other words, famous). She also told me her mother is one of the most famous actress in Cuba as well. I was pretty surprised to hear that but it explained a few things to me. The first being the treatment we got at Macumba , the second being the way the other chicas we brought to the house were looking at her and kind of talking amongst themselves. The final thing I heard which confirmed it to me was when our travel agent from came to the house to take us to the airport. She asked me if I knew who that girl is here. I said, well, you tell me. Tania, the agent said that she is very famous here in Cuba. Everyone knows her and her mother who is also very famous. She than smiled and said, I am very surprised to see her here. (I’ll take my kudos now.. I did a damn good job thank you, no matter what anyone here thinks!!!!!) Ok.. So anyway, it was time for us to leave but before I left, I filled a bag with aspirin, Tylenol, razors, shaving cream, soap, shirts, toothpaste, tooth brushes, hair gel.. Everything we had, I loaded up into a bag for her and her family. I gave it to her and she was so happy she started to cry. Than I reached into my wallet to give her $50. I pulled it out and she pushed my hand away. She said please.. No money.. I don’t want your money, it would offend me. I insisted on paying the cab fare and she did agree to that but would NOT take my money. Her father said, “when you call my daughter? Tomorrow?” so I figured he must have liked the Tylenol.. My chica than gave me a very nice kiss, right in front of her father which made me a little uncomfortable, but oh well, and they were off. The rest of the trip went smoothly.. No problem with customs back into the US.

A few things.. Number 1, I am very disappointed and I know everyone here will also be very disappointed to know that only 8 of the 52 pictures that I took turned out. The problem is that the camera I had did not have flash, it was a disposable. All the pictures I took of the chicas were at night or inside the rooms. The pictures that came out were the ones when I was on the tour Friday, outside. I got one picture of semi interest of a couple girls in the distance in mid-day at the Malecon. The pictures of my chica, I had 4 of them, all inside.. None came out. The fact remains that even if they did, I already decided not to show them to anyone given the fact that I want to keep her identity hidden because I WILL see her again when we go back in November. I will say, and I haven’t asked him yet, but I will..One guy from here will probably meet my chica when he goes back. I have some things I want him to bring to her, if he is ok with it. When he comes back, Im sure he will be happy to let everyone know that what I say is the complete truth. In the meantime, the other guys on the trip also took pictures, but since most are married, none of them took pics of the chicas. Again, we are going back in November, most likely. I am definately purchasing a high quality camera for this trip. It was the time of our lives.

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