Prostitution Report
from Indonesia

Arrived in Lombok on the 15:00 flight on Sunday 19th November from Bali (Price 225 000 one way, which is close to exactly $22.50). Didn't have a hotel, but was expecting to get good discounts based on my experience from Bali the previous week. And indeed, at the airport I was approached by a representative from Sheraton who offered a room at this 5-star hotel at Senggigi Beach for 450 000 including all taxes and breakfast. I accepted with the intention of just staying there a couple of nights to check it out. And yes, the hotel is nice, located at the north end of town with its own beach (not private as such, just no other hotels adjacent). It has a nice garden, which unfortunately covers most of the sea view from the room. Breakfast is, of course, very nice. Funnily, everybody of the staff seemed to know my name and room number (useful when you get back drunk in the night and have forgotten who you are!).

Just like everywhere else in Indonesia, there are no problems bringing in girls in Sheraton. They will call you from the front desk, however, if the girl comes there by herself to see you - even if she knows your room number.

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There were very few tourists in Senggigi during this time. First evening I went for a walk to the centre, or even south side of town, which takes about 10 minutes. I felt quite lonely to walk the deserted main road and was almost glad to be approached by the street sellers and restaurant promoters. Looking from outside, every bar and restaurant was empty of customers, though, except for the Marina. It seems this was just because it was a Sunday, not as bad as this the other nights.

The Marina opened just the previous month after having been closed for about a year after some extremists burnt it down. In general, the Marina was the only place there was any action before CR opened. I checked out some other bars, including Tropicana and Blue Coral, but hardly any people at all there. Usually, they would have a band playing from around 9pm till midnight. Because this was during ramadan they would close around 12:30am. A draught beer cost 10k. Most cocktails around 30k, but watch out, there are a couple for over 50k - which the girls always seem to go for when you're buying! I never saw more than 20 girls at one time there. Quality ranges from 4-9 but most around 6.

I suppose this is about how low the season can get in Lombok: Middle of ramadan, just a month before Christmas and loads of broadcasts of violent demonstrations and burning flags in Western news.

CR is the disco just opposite of the Marina and opens late and closes, well not so late, again because of bloody, damn, #*&!*& ramadan! At CR the beer is 15k. No entrance fee.

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Most girls are available, both in the Marina and CR, maybe all. I was told not to pay more than 150k, but not clear whether he meant short or long time. I always fell asleep after the act (sometimes before &%@(*!&%@*# ), so I know nothing about short time prices. When I woke up in the morning the girl would still be there and ask for the money. I paid from 175k to 250k. I was only with 3 different girls during my week there, partly because my dick was still not healed after the disaster in Jakarta (see previous sad post) and also because the girls all knew each other and thought I was unavailable (more about that later).

The best experience was a lovely 5"4, well-shaped 21-year old with perfect sized, firm breasts. 8 in looks and 9 for body, best I've ever been with as the matter of fact. She approached me at CR shortly before closing, hadn't seen her before during the night. I bought her a drink and started a little conversation. Unfortunately, she knew as much English as I know Indonesian (which is next to nothing), but nevertheless I managed to communicate my wishes to take her back to my hotel. I had truly great sex with her, bbbj and unprotected action in all kinds of positions except anal (happily...). In the morning she asked for 200k since she "must pay her rent" (explained with the help of my dictionary). Sweet to have a rationale like that for wanting money in return for sex. I only had 185k in cash and offered her breakfast as compensation. She settled for some Nasi Goreng, which I ordered from the room service. Here it got a bit embarrassing when the bellboy came with the food and I didn't have any cash left, so I tried to explain to the girl that she must give him a little tip, with no result. Instead, she started talking to the bellboy (who was kind of hovering around, hoping for his tip) to explain to me in English that she needed money for the rent! Apparently, she hadn't understood that I didn't have any more cash and thought I didn't understand what she was asking for. This kind of reduced the happy feeling of an otherwise marvellous experience. Suppose I had myself to blame for not making sure I had a little bit more of cash.

Next day I checked out and stayed the rest of the time at Hotel Graha, which is much closer to the Marina. Still, even from the Sheraton you could just get a Bluebird taxi for 3k to the Marina or anywhere in Senggigi for that matter (to Mataram 20k). Also, you can get a lift from the motorbike guys as well for next to nothing. I paid from 0 (promised I would have a look at the watches he was selling the next day) to 2k for that.

I got a superior room for 200k including everything in Graha. Just like somebody else mentioned in this forum, the bellboy there asked if I was interested in massage: "very nice, cute, small girl" that would come to my room. Never went for it, though, as he was only around in the mornings when I didn't want it.

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I had a little girlfriend experience with a cute 18-year old. She was cute, but not stunning, had a very nice body, though. Probably 7 for looks and, hmmm, 8.5 for body. I met her at the Marina and spent 3 nights with her. And 2 days. She went with me to the three Gili Islands just north west of Senggigi for snorkelling (recommended) and spent one day with her travelling around to the market near the airport, the mall in Mataram and she even took me to her mother's place to meet her family. Again, the nice time I had with her was ruined at the end when she started to demand more money "because her mother was ill and had to go to the doctor" (the same mother I had just met the previous day!). Things like that piss me off, of course, but I still paid her what she was asking (200k), and then never called her again. Why I paid at all? Because I had a feeling I might have underpaid slightly before. After all, she'd been with me for almost 72 hours and I had only paid 450k in total so far. Not much money when you think about it...

Oh, yeah, that was the thing, after this I had an incredible difficult time getting any other girls since they all thought I was still her boyfriend. It didn't matter that I explained it was over - they just wouldn't go with me! So, last night in Lombok I had to sleep alone, amazingly enough. Well, there was an incident at the Marina that played a role also; a big fight with some local assholes and the bouncers (my god, those bouncers are rough - hit the guys with sticks and chairs - good show!). This led to a larger gang arriving on motorbikes and hanging around outside trying to scare staff and customers at the Marina. Quite a few girls left at this point and not many went for CR later, either.

I quite liked the small-town style, pleasant atmosphere in Senggigi. A bunch of friendly Europeans and Aussies that were there long time, a couple of transvestites and a local, queer, mafia-style bar owner (of another place) helped to make the time at the Marina interesting from a non-sexual point of view. By the way, this gay approached me for sex, wanted to give me a blowjob and even offered to pay for it. I politely declined, when he went on to offer to pay for my girls if he could watch! I suppose that could be an interesting proposition if you happen to run out of money...

Oh, and just one more note: Remember to bring your own condoms - the girls never have any...

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