Prostitution Report
from Russia

Report on St. Petersburg

So there I was… finally my trip to St.Pete with a mate of mine from good old blighty! I had not been to Pete since `97 and it was with some trepidation that I visited again since I was in Moscow a few months back and could not believe the state of `westernisation` that, particularly, the Stary Arbat had succumbed to. Very sad but I digress… arrived in a fairly cold Pete and marched off to our three bedroomed apartment (professionally supplied by CARs contact). Great flat - nice and BIG!First night so it’s down with the bags – off to hit the streets, clubs and bars (and anywhere else that we could think of!) those of you who have suffered this exhalation of hitting a loved city after a few years will empathise with this feeling!!!

Night One (Friday)
Hit Marstalls – wow what a place. Got there too early (enthusiasm got the better of sound judgement) but hell anyway we had some beer, then some more beer… and then some more. It really pick up around 12.30 – 1am. Started chatting to some regular girlies, very nice, but VERY young… decided to be a good boy and move on to find something a little less like my niece (well she is very young!). Came across a lovely couple of girls (claimed they were not pros just studenkas etc.). Anyhow after a couple of drinks they offered both for $150 or one (the better one) for $100. I dunno but I just wasn’t up for a double after that jet lag so picked up the cutie for $100. She was fabarooney... she liked me so stayed 8 hours – wow she was cool with beautiful tits! Nice attitude and apologised for taking the $100 in the morning (for her studies of course!). One thing I have learned guys over the years is to treat them all with respect and kindness – it has always paid off for me with extras etc.

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Night Two (Saturday)
Off to Magrib to meet CAR. Mixed night some nice girls some okayish girls… eventually met a girl celebrating her 22nd birthday. Hard nut to crack methinks but I join her and her friend with a few glasses of champanski. Offered her a few Martinis `back at my place` to continue celebrating her birthday – naturally offered her friend a taxi home… 450 roubles for the taxi. Go home with nice girl – sex all night no charge. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Night Three (Sunday)
My mate had now picked up some girl and I was on my own (not wishing to get tied to just one!!!). Off to Hollywood Nights. Met a lovely girl there, with friends, who described to me that she was just having fun bla bla bla… back to my place – she stayed 7 hours. No charge. Yum Yum.

Night Four (Monday)
Dead night. Hit Marstalls, Magrib... really poor. My advice – keep expectations low.

Night Five (Tuesday)
YUK. Dead, dead, dead. Went to Metro. Things soooooooooooo bad they shut the top floor and there was NO talent on the other floors… well some 3/4/5s but I’m aiming higher folks! Tried Tribunal… same dead! Trudged back to apartment via Nevsky Prospect… nothing there too… ho hum…

Night Six (Wednesday)
Met cute girl (21) I met in Hollywood Nights. Student. Regular girl. Dated her for three days (daytimes!) previously and now was THE night!!! Bang, bang wow… I can still taste her!!!!!!!!!!!! No charge.

Night Seven (Thursday)
Went to Magrib. Surprisingly nothing decent going on. Phoned up that student who’s birthday I `celebrated` stayed all night. Sweet kid. Good fun and compliant.

Night Eight (Friday)
Last night *sigh* my fifth and last girl. A `9` I picked up earlier in the week. Beautiful girl – great sex but last night is `last night` so said fond farewell and off to La Plaza. My dozey mate decided to bring his `girlfriend` and so this limits my style a little. Lots of girls but most of them posing… lots of showing off macho Russian guys. Great music until that awful show came on and destroyed the atmosphere in two milliseconds.

Scores on the door: paid for one semi @$100 the rest freebies. My style is ALWAYS to try and pick up freebies first (I love the chase and seduction – all part of the `thing` for me!) semi’s second and as a last resort (and I have to really like them) a pro.

Brilliant time in Pete – variable clubs and bars. Mondays and Tuesdays forget it largely – just pot-luck. Overall WOW!!!

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