Prostitution Report
from Thailand

I have added this first bit at the end, as in from a timing perspective. I wrote my trip as it happened, so even though I am putting it up all at once, I wrote it as I went, so as you read the tenses make sense.

Well, I’m finally here – I have been pestering people with questions over the last few weeks, and I am now sitting here in the morning just before breakfast typing this out after having got in last night.

The help that I received so far has been great. I touched down just on midnight last night – tried to rush through immigration, but as I was to find out, I had picked the worst fucking que you can imagine for immigration – this girl was fucking SLOW. You know the dilemma, you’re in a queue and by the time you notice that another queue is moving faster, you have progressed a little and it will feel like you’re just gonna lose to change queues. Anyway, I get to the luggage belt for my flight, and it has stopped going round – my bag is off to the side with about 4 or 5 others (they were probably behind me in the same queue!!) So much for my bolt through immigration.

Anyway, then quickly change some cash, out of the airport and queue up for taxi. Many people are about offering to take me for either 650 or mostly 550 baht, but I say NO, and queue up for the normal taxi. (thanks for that tip). After standing in the taxi queue for about 10-15 minutes, chatting to some others, it’s my turn – I note the board at the end of the queue above the ladies in the booth co-ordinating the taxis that says the fare is whatever is on the meter plus 50 baht for the driver. Seems reasonable I guess. So, into the cab, tell him City Lodge – Soi 9, and off we go. As we take off, I am looking around the front of the cab – and can’t see a meter!! I ask him – “don’t you have a meter?” He pauses, then says “Ah, you want meter?” Me – “YES”, Him “Oh, OK.” And then he moves aside this little hand towel to reveal a meter in the center console where you expect it to be. Who knows what he might have tried to charge me if I didn’t ASK him to put the meter on! Bastard! We get to my hotel – the meter reads 151, so I remember the sign about the extra 50 they are supposed to get, don’t have the extra 1 baht, think about his rip-off attempt, and give him 200 exactly. He accepts that without comment.

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At the front checking in – “did I want room for 2?” the girl at the front asks. Thinking of the potential for an extra girl charge for saying 1 – YES, 2 people! ….and can I have a key for the safe in the room – (for an extra 30 baht a day – eh, worth it I think). Rear room on 6th floor – looks like king bed – nothing special, but nice big bed. Quick shower (crap shower – I could spit with more force and more volume!), and out on the town.

Here’s the City Lodge:

It is nearly 2am, and finally I am out. I am overwhelmed – I remember the instructions to get to Beergarden – out the hotel, turn left, but nevertheless, on leaving the hotel, a very cute ass walked pass me to the right of the hotel – I went right! Anyway – plenty of girls wandering about in that direction too – no problem on trying to find one, just need to make my pick. Plenty of girls, but also quite a number of Ladyboys (sorry, can’t remember what you called them here in Thailand). I wander around the streets, quick pit-stop in a mini-mart looking store for some condoms, back out on the street and chatted to a few girls – so far 4 girls, no anal on the menu. “Eh, not really a must” I now think and decide to try another and if still no – take her up anyway.

My selection, a tallish girl by the name of Nun. She seems really nice in chatting, we agree on ST price of 1000baht, so back to my room we head. She is OK with a few pictures (“No, of course I wont put them on the internet!” hahaha!!). I quite liked the feel of her, but when I got all her gear off – whoa!! What a fucking bush on her! Jesus, it was a fucking forest. I think if it had been earlier in the night, I might have sent her on her way and gone for a different one, but given the lateness of the hour and the fact the I was still a bit nackered from all the flying, I pushed on (should have gone with my initial instincts!!). It is just as well I am easy either way with a BJ, after a bit of fucking, I tell her to give me a BJ, she says “what’s that?” I have to make the appropriate visual clues, and she says “No, I cannot”. WTF!!!! So back to screwing, I move to a different position – her on her back, me on top and I have her legs back – I am almost there and she starts to say “Oww, it hurt!” I am glad I was pretty much done anyway – I tell her “just a bit more” and then I cum. Fuck me, you know, some people like to say “I’m as big as a horse!” Me, I am not. I am quite sure my old fella would get a rating of “average” at best – what the hell was her problem!! So, I pay her the 1000 that we agreed on and send her home – she asked for taxi money, I just tell her, we agreed 1000 and that’s it. I felt like giving her less than that even, but, we agreed that much, so to avoid any potential trouble, paid it. Not a great start on the girl front. I hope today shows better things.

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Well I went for a walk around town and stopped in at the Eden Club and after last nights sad performance, whilst the girls in here are not exactly fresh out of high school – still great bodies IMO, and god damn I had a good fuck. These girls – Nut & Ton really new their stuff – would only let me take the one picture, with clothes on – but nice. Other than their insistent “no” to more pictures (with less/no clothes) they didn’t say no to anything else & in fact hardly had to be asked – just a prompt from me, and into it. That felt GOOOOOD! Cost, with a couple of drinks was just over 3600 and I tipped them 500 each – they were happy, and so was I. As far as the amount goes – I think that was about right from what I have seen. Certainly more than last night but damn worth it.

A quick stroll out to pick up a coffee to go with a left over donut from “dunkin’ donuts” that I had in my bag, and I ended up coming back with a coffee and NUTh (that’s how she wrote her name anyway). She chatted to me just outside the Starbucks and gave me a bit of hug and a squeeze enough for my old fella to take over the thinking process. Gave a nice BJ, but not BBBJ. Although mid section not exactly flat (2 kids I find out), but a nice time from this little bundle all the same (she had to be less than 5ft). Agreed 1000 baht up front. She was good, enthusiastic and friendly, gave me a bit of a massage too, so when she asked for a tip, I gave her an extra 200 baht.

After that, out I went again for a little stroll, dropped into an internet café to advise you fellas that I would be heading for the Beergarden later in the evening. As I was to find out, I think ‘later’ was probably not late enough. When I went there, at around 10pm, the tables were about half full. They started up some live music which I could have done without, but it did aim to liven the place up a bit. Still, there were very few girls around and after sitting about, wandering about a bit and chatting to one or 2 people, I gave up and left (almost midnight) and went in search of the famed Nana Plaza. What a place – now that place was buzzing! Lots and lots of girls about, and of course also a fair number of foreign fellas. After looking about a bit I ended up in what I find out is a Go-Go bar called Rainbow II. Heaps of girls up on a podium shaking their booty, but all in thong bikinis – still a nice sight though. I have to make a quick pit stop to siphon the python, and on coming back out of the gents I run into Yok. Mmmmm, she sure is a pretty looking young thing. So I grab her, we sit down to chat for a bit and bar fine her (600 baht) – Yok told me as the mama-san came up that the bar fine was 600, and I had heard here pretty much the same thing – so when the mama-san came up – I handed over 600 baht and then she asks for another 100. ??? Ok, I turn to Yok – “I thought the barfine is 600?” Yok: “Yes, it is but she wants a tip.” Ha!! Wtf for? That was funny – I wonder if anyone actually gives her the extra 100?

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Yok was very nice, I had a great time. She asked for 2000 for ST and I asked her – what about LT – she said 4000, I countered with 3000 – she didn’t agree, and just pouted, but we left together anyway. All in all, I would have to say I had a GREAT time with Yok. (Side note here – wtf is this “GFE” I see on these boards – I don’t know, but I get the feeling this may have been it?) We shagged pretty much non-stop for almost an hour. What a session – the old fella was holding out pretty well – this was to be the 5th time with the 5th girl in a 24 hour period – a new PB for me. So after that, she’s hungry (from all the energy expended? ;) ) so we head out to a street stall for a bite to eat and then back to the room. She shows she’s ready for another round, but sleep beckons. Waking up in the morning, I’ve had a chance to recoup some energy, so we’re ready to go again – one for the road. Another great session finishing with me riding her doggy style to climax and I pull out, lie back on the bed for a minute, she then looks at my old fella – and then she is suddenly very awake – she was the first to notice – the condom broke!! Of course I am a little worried, but not too much so – the way she spoke about her attitude to no condoms and she doesn’t like drugs, etc, etc – I at least had a level of comfort that she would be clean, but still, checks will be done. She however was more panicked – rushed into the bathroom and did as much cleansing as she could get. She washed and washed and then washed a little more. After a little while, and at least some comforting reassurance that I knew I was clean, she was ok, although she did say she was more concerned about the potential for a baby! I asked her if there was such a thing as “The morning after” pill, to kill and potential impregnation. She seemed to understand and said there was.

So, as she new, I was off to Koh-Samui, and would be heading to the airport at around lunchtime, she told me she had her car parked near Nana Plaza, and agreed to drive me to the airport (she had agreed this the night before, and was still happy to do it. I think up until now I had done pretty well with keeping the prices to the expected levels, but I had so much fun with this girl, and even after the broken condom (I know it’s not my fault, but I still felt bad anyway) she was still really nice – I gave her 5000 at the airport. (I feel a bit of abuse coming from you guys on that one, but I couldn’t help myself, she was so much fun and so cute!!)

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I flew from Koh-Samui back to Bangkok on Sunday afternoon. This time checked into the JW Marriot (ah – heaven! Especially compared to the City Lodge – but of course you get what you pay for I suppose.) I was checked in by about 6pm and went for a walk around Nana Plaza and the general area. I found a bar there called “Bus Stop” and noted they were going to be showing an Aussie Rules footy game from 9:30pm, made a mental note of that one, and moved on. Into Nana Plaza itself where all the go-go bars seem to be and was up on the second floor and my eye was caught, not by the usual working girls, i.e. the ones dressed up to snag you, but by the girl on the door of a place called “Spankys”. Of course she was doing her job and asked me to come in – and in I went. I asked her about the place and she told me that there was a bar fine and the girls would then go with me for ST for 1500. I looked about at the girls still getting ready (too early to be in full swing yet) and then just asked the girl on the door, Noy, if she was also up for the taking, rather shyly she said yes, so I bar-fined her and off we went. Incidentally, the bar fine for all the other girls was 500, but because she was on the door, she was 600. Not sure if that makes sense, but anyway, I was happy to pay it. Noy had only been there for 2 months, and only just getting into it – she’s only 22, beautiful set on her – bigger than most I’d seen (that were REAL anyway) and still nice and firm (yummy). She said she had just been working the door so far (she was just dressed in T-shirt and jeans), and had not been up on the podium. She was so sweet and innocent, as much as any working girl could be. I had to explain to her what a “69” was!!! Now, I must say at this point that I usually discuss and agree on what I like and expect from the girl before going, but with this girl – I didn’t care, I just wanted to experience her. She was fun, and shy, but after much coaxing, she finally let me take a couple of pictures of her topless as she was getting dressed before leaving. She didn’t ask for extra when I got my wallet out, but I couldn’t help myself again and gave her 2000.

Anyway, finished up with Noy nicely in time to head back to “Bus Stop” to watch the footy. Watched the whole game and was joined half-way through by one of the girls there, Pan. Ah, while I think about it, a note about “Bus Stop” – it is on the same street as Nana Plaza, just down a little further and on the other side. The place has a rather tropical setting – lots of greenery around the bar and as such, had more mosquitos than any other place I had been in – if you go there to watch a sports event – bring some repellent!! Btw, about 4 tv’s in the place, all on different channels, mostly all sports – seems like a good place for that sort of thing. The girls are not much to speak of, but Pan was a nice enough girl, kindly squatted a few mozzies for me during the match. Not exactly young, but she was a bit of a laugh with a cute face. She didn’t pester me during the game and mostly chatted after, told me she wanted to come with me. A quick check of the wallet to see my cash levels, and quickly calculated that it was not going to afford me another go-go girl. So, I offered 1000 which she accepted. Paid the 400 baht bar-fine and then back to the hotel – she was quite cheeky in a funny way – so that was good fun in a different way. We finished up about 1am and I paid her 1000 as agreed. I was then back up at 4am to get ready for my early morning flight back home!

Thus ends my lightning quick romp through Bangkok. Quite a bit of a mix of girls and experiences. Some younger, some older, some really professional, some not.

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