Prostitution Report
from Argentina

A great restaurant is Gran Bar Danzon at Libertad 1161 (phone 4811-1108) in Recoleta. They have great sushi as well as pasta and meat entrees. It also has a great wine bar. For dessert try the limon souffle for dessert is awesome. It is on par with the best restaurants in NY, LA, or SF at about a quarter of the price. If you take a girl, they also have some sofas near the front entrance where you can relax with some drinks and make out.

I would not recommend staying at the Best Western Embassy in Centro, The location is OK but you are better off staying in Recoleta. Also their breakfast sucks, basically just toast, juice and coffee. I ended up going next door to Scuzi for breakfast. See my recommendation on the Etoile hotel in Recelota in the thread titled “What about the best western art deco?”

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If you do stay at the Best Western Embassy be careful of Domingo the hotel’s night clerk. He will try to tell you he is saving you 30 dollars by not officially recording a girl going to your room (although he will check the girl’s id). I had booked a double room so there shouldn’t have been any extra charge anyways, and I knew he was just trying to get extra money for himself. He also tried to pimp some girls he said were “beautiful”. Late one night after all ready having a good session with a girl I had picked up instead of doing the wise thing and going to sleep I took him up on his offer after explicitly describing the type of girl I wanted and the services expected. Of course the girls that showed up were very average and not my type. I sent the first two that arrived back (with 10 pesos each for the taxi) and told him not to call any others. A half hour later, after I have gone to sleep he knocks on my door with a 3rd girl who was also very average looking. Against my better judgment, I let her stay when he persisted that she would be great. She was only OK, and only gave a CBJ after I had told him at the door to explain to her that I expected a BBBJ.If you are interested in any of the girls from send an e-mail to Adrinia at I communicated with her before my trip and she was helpful in providing some additional info on some of the girls I was interested in seeing.

Before I went to BA I was a bit dubious of the authenticity of all the pics on this site. However, I meet with Adrinia at her office in BA, and can vouch for her integrity in her interactions with me. Her assertion that the pics of the 50 girls on the site are real appears to be true as she told me she personally verifies the pics of the girls before putting them on the site and limits the site to only 50 girls. Unfortunately two of the girls I was interested in were out of town the weekend I was in BA, but the one girl from the site that I did see, (Aracelli) was as advertised and the pics on the site were accurate., Also if a girl doesn’t understand you when you call her or you don’t speak Spanish, Adrinia can assist in arranging the appointment.

There were some news reports I had seen on the Internet of potential problems with robberies in taxis. I never had a problem using taxis within BA but would suggest arranging transportation offered by for the ride to and from the airport. It only costs 20 dollars, which includes the driver waiting for you with a sign inside the airport. This also alleviates you having to shoo away the pushy taxi-drivers waiting outside immigration trying to get you to use their service. The lady who drives the mini-bus speaks English, and pointed out some of the interesting sites around the area during the drive into town.

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