Prostitution Report
from Australia

NEWCASTLE – HUNTER REGION For the size of the region (about 250,000 people) the brothels in the area are numerous and of good standard. The following are a recent Friday night escapade. As in the rest of New South Wales, visitors can be assisted by using to search for “Escorts” in a particular area (use the postcode option) most listings can provide a street map to assist in locating the premises.

STREET WALKERS – there are street walkers on Maitland Road Islington; most of dubious drug status. Rates are from AUD$40-$50 CBJ in your car AUD$60 sex in your car - $100 per hour in your motel room with attempts to get extras. Quality of the girls and standards of service appear most variable.NEWCASTLE CBD - 5 Union Street : premises much improved on last visit, 3 girls booked on, none available when I visited $160/hour - $180/hour with spa.NEWCASTLE CBD – 9 Steel Street (Cloud Nine) – premises moderate only $176/hour – 3 girls available – none to my taste. Introductions were in a common lounge with none of the ladies seeking to have a private chat, it’s difficult to assess a lady in such an introduction.

NEWCASTLE CBD – 557 Hunter St (Jesabel's) – rear entrance not easy to locate – premises quite smart $160/hour – 3 girls on / 2 quite attractive, each girl individually came into the semi-private introduction room and briefly introduced herself. . Dakota was an 18yo short, cubby girl with considerable breasts (certainly considered a possible – but I found much better later).

NEWCASTLE CDB – 687 Hunter St (Club Nouveau) – The premises have been substantially renovated since my previous visit some years ago – at $200/hour ($220 with spa) it was the most expensive that I visited. Early evening there was only one youngish girl available and when she declined some of my desires I quickly decided that I wasn’t paying Sydney prices for less that I desired. At least 3 other girls due on later in the evening which might have been interesting particularly Michelle described as 30+ busty brunette.(All of the above premises could be easily visited without need of a car or taxi. There were at least 3 other premises I didn’t visit and will report upon on my next visit – I next made a lucky choice).

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MAITLAND – RUTHERFORD – Kyle St Industrial area (Bare Basics) is drive of 20-30 minutes north west of Newcastle and just beyond Maitland. Bare Basics is located in an interesting building, but is difficult to find. When you turn left into Kyle St immediately look for the red fluorescent light on your left, you turn left then left again. The building is a 1950’s style weather board building standing in a paddock on it’s own (it looks very Army in style). Inside the building is nicely presented without being gaudy or over the top. The rooms are clean, neat and fresh with the separate spa room that is also well decorated. The rates are $160/hour - $180 with use of the spa.

The receptionist was very friendly as were the 3 very pleasant and desirable ladies. One on one introductions were in a semi-private area with a chance to chat with each lady. – I chose the older of the 3 – Drew is 30+ and gave the best sexual experience I have ever had. Before booking we ascertained what I wanted and what she was up for so there was no room for disappointment. At 5’5” slim, medium breasted with over shoulder length reddish blonde hair she was quite pretty, all round a very desirable lady.

Drew started with a slow striptease, climbing on the 4-poster bed structure while I sat naked at the head of the bed. As she got less covered she got closer, rubbing herself over me. She then sat down just in front of me on the bed with my erection just 2 inches from her crutch and then slowly removed her panties to reveal her very pretty and close pussy for intimate inspection – she then proceeded with some self touching come light masturbation. She then gave a very luscious massage both back & front with fondling (including a light hand job with my erection held in a hand full of her ample hair – very erotic) and CBJ leading to some doggy fucking which was excellent. We then reposed to the spa for a pleasant interlude. Round two in the bedroom included me going down on her followed by intercourse with her on top and culminating in the missionary position. Several times throughout she fingered and fondled the scrotum around to anus which I had not experienced before, and found it added to the excitement. The service was not Girl Friend but rather a professional entertainer who knows what she is doing, enjoys her work and gave fully of herself to ensure satisfaction.

I get the impression that Bare Basics is a reliable provider with drug-free ladies with the right attitude; their business cards offer P...leisure; I can only agree.

Fluking a Girl Friend provider can be very satisfying, but you risk her skills and /or self confidence being lacking; a happy professional entertainer who makes an effort is usually a better bet; for the same reasoning I prefer more mature experienced ladies to buxom, tight young girls. – I will definitely return.

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