Prostitution Report
from Brazil

I woke up around 11:00 and after a quick shower and shave I ventured over to Shopping Morumbi in order to change some more money. I informed the receptionist that I wasn`t all that pleased with Julios services and that my schedule the next days wasn`t firm, so I prefered using a taxi.

I had a bit of spare time until my reservation at the seafood restaurant Amadeus at 13:00, so I decided to take a stroll around the block to look around. The weather this day wasn`t the best and some heavy rain clouds threatned to come splashing down any minute so I brought along an umbrella from the reception.

My intention for this walk was to find where Cafè Gauguin was located. I had read on this board that it was supposed to be very close to the Nestlè building and the World Trade Center. It wasn`t until now that I realized that Cafè Gaugin was just across the street from the hotels front door. The place looked quite big and I decided that I would at least check it out one night before going home.

When the rain started pouring down, I retreated back to the hotel and decided to check my e-mail. Marglo and Raimundo from WSA wanted to know how my trip was coming along and how W Unico had been. My plan for the evening was to visit Restaurante W on Rua Alvorada and find out about the new ownership. Marglo also wanted to know if I could try to find out about Betos new club (the previous owner of W), which Beto had mentioned to Marglo on his last trip to W. This was information I would like to know too, so I decided to try to get as much information as I could about what had happened to the previous ownership and management of W as well.

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At 12:30 I took a taxi to Amadeus and had a great meal with wine. This restaurant is quite small but serves great seafood. My jet lag had eased off a bit and since I didn`t drink more than a couple of Caipirinhas last night with my food at W Unico, I enjoyed my lunch this day much more than at Suntory yesterday.

I told Alexandre, Zul and Gabriella last night before leaving that I would not return to the house nor W Unico this day because I had business appointments, but that I would probably return to W Unico another day this or the next week. I also told Alexandre that I would probably not return to the house during this trip to Brazil unless he could arrange some girls who at least spoke some basic English. Alexandre told me that this would not be possible as the English speaking girls would not return from their carnival vacation until I had left Brazil.

After the taxi had returned me to the hotel, I packed some clothes for laundry and went happily back to sleep for a few hours. I woke up again by the sound of thunder outside at around 16:30 and wasn`t really feeling much up to go outside. I did go out on the balcony of my room to whatch the rain. The brazilian rainstorms are not like the ones we have back home. The rain was pouring down and each rain drop seemed more like a bucket of water instead of a drop. This was quite a spectacular site with lightening bolts shooting down all over the city at a frentic pace. Not surprisingly pedestrians were nowhere to be seen in the streets.

I spent the rest of the afternoon watching a brazilian football match on the TV before I called the reception and asked if they could get a taxi for me in order to take me to the restaurant Laurent where I had a dinner reservation at 19:00. The food in this French restaurant is excellent although on the pricey side. If you are a bit picky about your food and don`t mind spending a bit more than the what you pay at an average Sao Paulo restaurant, I would highly recommend this one. The food was really outstanding, as was the wine.I like taking my time while enjoying a great meal and I believe that it was around 21:30 when I paid the bill and asked for a taxi. Jet lag, hangovers and other worries were completely whipped out of my mind. I was feeling great and ready for my highly anticipated visit to W on Rua Alvorada 550.

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When the taxi arrived at W, two heavily built security guards with ear pieces opened the taxi door for me and grunted some phrases in Portugese. Once again the phrase ”Nao falo Portugese” helped me out as one of them returned with the very sexy hostess who said that they would not be able to accept credit cards this evening. She showed me to a table in the bar area of the restaurant and asked me if I would like something to eat. I told her that I had just returned from a restaurant and wasn`t feeling up to much more food but would like a Caipirinha. She left me and I got the chance to take a look around the place. Only two other tables in this area was occupied. Two ladies sitting at each table. I did notice some noise and movement from the two other areas of the restaurant but I couldn`t see anyone. I assumed that more girls would be arriving later.

After about half an hour and no more ladies appeared, the hostess brought over two of the ladies sitting at one of the other tables. I do not remember their names, but they spoke English very well and told me that it was their first week working for W and that they were students in Sao Paulo but really from Rio de Janeiro. I invited them to have a drink and asked them if they knew if any more ladies would be arriving. They told me that they didn`t know. I also asked them who their boss was and they also told me that they didn`t know. Both girls were morenas about 20 years old. I was not really attracted to them and but kind of fancied one of the two ladies sitting at the other table, so I asked one of the Rio girls if they knew the name of this lady. One of them went over to the other table and returned with this beautiful morena who introduced herself as Michelle. I invited her to have a drink as well and asked the ladies if they would like something to eat. They asked me if I wanted something to eat too, but I declined telling them that they could order something anyway. So the three girls decided to share a plate of ham and cheese together.

After finishing their drinks and food one of the Rio girls asked me which one of them I liked and I told them I preferred Michelle who I would actually rate a 9 for her face but no more than 7 for her body. The two Rio ladies left me with Michelle who until now hadn`t spoken that much. It turned out she did speak some basic English so we were fine. I asked her how long she had worked at W. She told me 2 years. I asked if she knew who the owner was and she told me it was Fernando and Maurizio. I asked if Beto and Edson no longer worked there and she told me that both Beto and Edson no longer where involved. Edson had moved to Jardim America and Beto had opened a disco in Faria Lima called Club Danceteria. I asked Michelle if this Fernando was the same Fernando that used to run the operation at Alameda Irae. She confirmed this and told me that after Washington and Beto went separate ways, Fernando had joined Beto and ran his operation at Alameda Guatas (Betos big house). I ask Michelle if Najla (one of my previous girls from W) still works at W and she replies that she and several of Betos previous ladies joined Edson at Jardim America.

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After a while a guy who introduces himself as Maurizio comes over to my table and asks me if I enjoy myself and if I like Michelle. I tell him that I think Michelle is great company. He asks me if I would like to take Michelle to my hotel and I answer “Yes”. Michelle then tells me that she will not be able to be with me the whole night as she has a child she needs to come home to. Michelle, Maurizio and I then agree on three hours at my hotel. He then asks me if I can step into his office in the back to settle the business.

Inside his office Maurizio asks me which hotel I stay at and I hand him the hotels card which I have brought with me. He tells me that he will write his name and phone number on the back of the card and that I should feel free to contact him if he can do anything for me. He explains that parties at a private house can be arranged with the girls of my choice. He then writes down the amount he wants me to pay on a piece of paper, folds it and hand it over to me. When I open it he has written down R$1754,-. I am shocked and tell him that I have been a customer of Beto and Edson for a long time and know the business model at W. The price used to be R$150,- for consumption and R$600,- for the girl but since I was a returning customer Beto used to not charge me for consumption. Maurizio excuses himself for a minute and comes back after about two minutes saying he is sorry and since I am a valued customer he will only charge me R$600,-.

Michelle is not such a wild girl as Gabriella and Zul, but more of a sweet and affectionate lady and her face really is beautiful with dark brown eyes, perfect teeth and long curly black hair. She has this mysterious look about her. She tells me that she has got her own car and that she will drive us to my hotel.At the hotel Michelle wants to register at the reception and we head up to my room. As usual I will not give a detailed description of the sex, but would like to describe her performance to match her personality. She was more sweet and affectionate than the wild and passionate sex Gabriella and Zul provided. Michelle only provided CBJ and no anal.After sex she tells me that she really would recommend me going to Jardim America. The following evening would be a thursday and Jardim America would have a festa with Sushi. She also tell me that some of the girls circulate between W and Jardim America. When Michelle leaves it is only 01:00 and I really would like to wake up the next morning with a warm body next to mine so I decide to check out Jardim America right away.

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I call the reception and ask for a taxi. I shower quickly and hurry downstairs and ask the taxi driver to take me to Alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Silva 479. It is not a long ride. It is quite discrete with just a big black door with the numbers 479 painted on the front. A man sitting in a window by the door calls to my taxi driver that it is closed. The taxi driver asks me if I want to go back to the hotel or if I would like to go to a club of his recommendation. He tells me this club is called Romanza. I tell him that I don`t really like Romanza but would like him to take me to Cafè Photo.

At Cafè Photo I was greeted welcome as usual by the Asian looking hostess. I really don`t like her attitude. This time she wanted to see what kind of bills I had in my pocket as it would be difficult for them to give me back change for the R$200,- I had given them to pay for the R$160,- entrance fee. She followed me inside and started showing me around but I just wanted to get rid of her so I told her that I had been there before and she left. I noticed a really hot blonde with a tattoo on her leg dressed in a very short dress in shining silver. Before I had the chance to reach her someone else had picked her up. After circulating around on the two floors I saw noticed that the selection wasn`t much to write home about as could be expected at this hour. I did however notice one lady whom I liked and invited to share a drink with me. She introduced herself as Joanna. She was in my book an strong 7 or maybe a weak 8. She had long straight black hair, big brown eyes and quite pale skin color for a Brazilian.

She didn`t have a typical brazilian physique either. She was had quite big breasts and a rather flat butt. She assured me her breasts were natural. Joanna too was more of the affectionate and sweet type than the wild and passionate, but she really like to kiss and wanted to kiss all the time. Joanna spoke perfect English and told me that she had only been in the business for about two weeks. She did seem quite nervous and insecure and even asked me if I had condoms in my hotel as she had forgot to bring her own. She told me that she wanted R$500,- for the whole night. I told her that I had been to Cafè Photo several times before and had usually paid between R$300,- and R$400,- for an all nighter, so we settled on R$350,-.

In the taxi back to my hotel she kept telling that she was nervous and she seemed a bit drunk. She wanted to kiss all the time. When arriving at the hotel she didn`t seem so new in the business anymore as she headed straight for the reception and had signed herself in before I had finished paying for the taxi.

In my hotelroom she wanted to take a shower with me and after that we went to bed. She only provided CBJ and no anal and the sex was quite similar to that provided by Michelle – more sweet and affectionate than wild and passionate.

When we woke up the next morning around 08:30 she because quite desperate as she was already late having made an appointment with her babysitting sister that she should be home at 08:00. In fact she was in such a hurry that after she had left I noticed that she had left her earrings behind. When I got down to the lobby she had already left, so I went back upstairs to my room for some more hours of sleep.

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