Prostitution Report
from Cambodia

We were meeting for dinner and I could not had any idea that this would become the nicest 3 days of my life(and I do not mean the life I had before divorced) I stayed in the Holiday international hotel,35US$$ de luxe room Before any of you want to nail me to the wall,I know Paris hotel 15US$$, Hongkonghotel 25US$$ and so on . I work my ass off, go to the third world, do not know what to expect So after a lot of info I decided that the Holiday was a bargain. I,ve been in the Paris, the Hongkong(now called the Bigluck ) and the Royal palace and there is no way to compare. The Holiday int. also has a great pool, beautiful rooms ,great bathtub Enough hot water, the shower can blow you away, great staff,very guestfriendly and private safelockers. For 3 days the difference is only 60US$$ ,what are we talking about. Also I had a driver ,no comment please.

First thing after checking into the hotel and changing dress was K11. Not such a shock, I,ve been to worse places ,took a beer at the café and went for my first Shorttime. MY GOD these rooms,the bucket and those towels,there was my shock. Who say,s A must say B so no complaining, I had a great blowjob, these Vietnam girl really knew what daddy likes.5 US$$ only An hour later I was back in the same room with another girl,named PHOUNG(watch this name,you will here more. Again a great blowjob, actually blowjobs are really my game, I do not care much about fucking any more and certainly not when I have to do the work. Phoung is a real darling of a girl who is getting a bit famous now but still has an amazing sweet character. In the evening I was going to meet the guy from penhball, named Manxman. To my surprise there were also two other guys who I saw on the plane ,so there were 4 members. We had a great time in Martini where we eat also.

The place is packed with girls and while we walked in ,the girls just followed and sat beside us till we told them to go or stay,LOL I met a girl which I brought to the hotel later, everything was up to me but later in the room she went in high gear and I finished quick. If I wanted to fuck now?? Do you like to leave then?? Yeh,can only do short time Oh that is up to me,I asked her for long time. Gave her 10$$,she wanted 20$$ Are you nuts,here 12 $$ now fuck off. I slept alone.

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The next day I visited Tuol Sleng a terrible place,for anybody interested a bit more then in pussy,s a must but lets talk pussy. When I drove later into K11 ,the girls came out and tried to cheer me out of the car, Also Phoung was looking happy to see me again, I stopped again at the café ,time for beer and to check the places. Soon Phoung walked up, together with an absolute hottie, bought a bit of fruit just in front of me, the trick is different, the meaning the same ,been around a long time baby. The hottie looked all the time too and soon I walked up to their house, the hottie was her sister, Phoong. Phoung thought I came for her but when she turned away for a second I was gone with sister Phoong. Again an amazing blowjob and as far as I can remember one of the best in my life(There have been so much)) Later the other guys arrived and we had plenty of fun,I did another short-time and again a perfect blowjob.Where do they learn?? Send all the western woman there and maybe,maybe,maybe I will give it another try. We agreed on diner in the evening, Manxman found a real beautiful darling of a girl in martini the night before and he should bring her. I decided not to take the risk of the night before and told Phoong that I should bring her to the hotel,pick up one hour later. Now I was sure of great sex. The guys made fun and they made another short-time,at 6 I went to pick up Phoong. She was really looking good and Phoung was looking sad, believe me this is very difficult for her, she is always laughing(except when I came back from the short time earlier that day). I am too good for words,””Phoung you change too we go to hotel together””I could not make them happier,at least not at that moment. I love the Vietnam girls when they come to your hotel, the first thing they do is undressing and taking showers, no bullshit, no MTV but sex ,sweet sex life is beautiful sometimes.

These girls really act like sisters,they have different mothers ,same father, there is also a 3th sister,namedBong more later. we brought them for diner, an evening never to forget as long as I live. There were the 4 guys, Kim, Manxman,s girlfriend and the sisters. The three girls - This Phoung is an absolute nut head and she entertained the whole evening. Like thai girls this was the only serious moment

For the rest hard to explain what happened, it was the Phoung show, everybody knew she was there, all the other guests, the waiters, even in the kitchen they must have noticed her, I,m wondering if they will ever let her in again. The guys had a blast, imagine hardened man after divorces and lawyers, all above 50yrs old, Crying, really crying of laughing and near to piss in their pants. A blast, what a character Left is PHOUNG

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Later we went to Martini,s again ,i let them dance the evening away while having fun with the guys and of course girls,girls and more girls.Needless to say I had the night of my life, waking up Phoung,s head on my shoulder, arm around my belly, Phoong,s head close beside mine, her hand on my neck, I was feeling like the king, What the EMPERORof FARFARAWAYSTAN. Hard to forget this one

Next day,the last spend the morning in the pool ,afternoon in K11 again Made fun with the sisters but life went on ,so many girls there. Did 3 short-times, and the evening was a bit the story of my life, Promised myself to go to bed early(3 short-times). We had a wonderful diner with a lot of fun again and instead of going to my hotel after, I went with the guys to martini for a last drink, yeh, yeh. I will make this story short, I was really doing fine ,all girls who came up to me left also, the message was clear no girls tonight, early flight tomorrow. Till, we almost wanted to leave and then……………………………sister nr.3 BONG(left)with company

this girl bought herself out of K11 and is freelancing now in martini,s She has a goddess of a body ,a bit small but perfect and the message is “”she delivers”” One of the guys was interested in her but not “”this evening”” he said, leaving me wondering which evening then, but up to him. I moved over just for a chat, but something inside me said””DO IT - DO IT NOW!!!!!”” So when we left a little bit later, my hands were full again. Dying of laughing the guys split up as friends for life, and I back to the hotel. The procedure the same undress-take shower, I love it, the moment you close the door. BTW that does not mean that there is a hurry, just undressed and being clean Look at her Bongs body and her tits She is nothing like her sisters, much more commercial and businesslike but still very expectable, I would never say no to her also she gives GREAT blowjobs.

I should had listen to myself, 3 short-times, a lot of beer, tired as hell did the job, I could not finish ,they both tried so hard ,I guess I was too spoiled for the last days, Because if I think about it now ,I can run with my head against the wall, SUCKER!!! I stopped the show and believe me they were not pleased, did excepted the money and left .Bong gave me a photo from her keyhanger where she was dressed up in a beautiful dress, colonial style. Here you can think about me and my sisters. Yes I will, BONG never forget you or your sisters. GOD BLESS YOUR FATHER, Three sisters with three different wife’s. Give the man a medal, a gold one. Any beer drinker will know the feeling I had the next morning, with a lot less sleep then I promised myself to go to the airport. Bye Bye Cambodia, till soon.

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