Prostitution Report
from Cuba

1. About the chica situation!
As far as chicas, it seemed that Parque Cepedes and the different discos had many, many less pro chicas around it than before, these areas only have about 25% of the pros, if that it seemed, that were their before, even though there is still more than enough chicas around, i had seen very few tourist, and i was told that there are very few tourist in town, since 9/11, but there are still some tourist, it is not like there are zero tourist. Although the disco at the "Hotel Las America" seemed the busiest out of all.

There is still mucho pussy out everywhere though, but not like before, when it almost seemed ridiculous. None of this is a result of a police crack down though. It seemed like 9/11 slowed things down quite a lot. Now there are less hardcore pros out, and more of the entire cities female population is approachable. And there seemed that there where less police around, even though it never really factored into chica hunting, before or this time. As far as all this shit about police and chicas, it really simply does not exist in SDC.

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2. Many non-pros available for the whole night!
Not having massive amount of pros out, is not bad news though, even for the disco thing, although their are not the amount of pros walking around, even though almost anytime after 4pm you drive down any street, plenty of non-pros / semi-pro chicas giving you the eye or sticking their tongue out at you ( and i got the feeling that this did not mean they did not like you, because any time a hottie chica stuck her tongue out at me, i would stop the car ask here if she would like to go and get some ice cream, with smirk on my face, and a smile on hers, and get a blow job from her right in the car, just had to drive to a remote area ).

This time it seemed better to me in SDC, because before with so many pros around, many of the normal chicas and those working jobs would act like they would not talk to you, or go with you, but now i found it completely the opposite, a lot of regular chicas that work jobs would be smiling and talking to me in a big way, given the slightest opportunity. This time I wound up taking these chicas out for the night vs being with a pro, unless you just want to bustanut. The non-pros don’t mention money, will go out all night with you, and provide a total GFE through out the entire evening, till the morning, without mentioning money once. And it was difficult not to be generous with them, with them letting me have my way with them the entire night, with no complaining, but them wearing smiles with great attitudes the whole night. And this time I was with mainly muy bonita chicas that were almost all white, vs before when I was with an equal # of light skinned, mullattas, and black cubanas.

At this present time in SDC it seems very easy to pick up almost any non-pro chica you would want to be with. There was no need for me to pass out my note thing to any chica / mujer because they would start talking and smiling fast, given any reason. More effort had to be put into choosing the right one, because once you pick her, she would not let go easily.

And it seemed that many streets i drove down even when a lot of chicas were with their cubano, or families and they seen the tourisamo plate, they were trying to flag me down. And I am sure it wasn’t just to talk!

Go anywhere and sit down, almost every chica gives you the eye and or smile, even while they are working, this was probably the biggest change i noticed through out SDC, i had no need for the note thing this time!

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3. Going on line now in Cuba!
One place i did not figure would be good was the ETECSA phone company building, i had brought my laptop with me this time and ( i have "XP" loaded in it, and it is by far the best OS i have had so far, i can not make the thing crash, and at first i expected it would suck and crash just like my "Win 2000 pro" did, even though i was told "Win 2000" would be so good, i am very please with "XP" it is outstanding, frees up resources as soon as they are available, and wont crash no matter how many days it runs non-stop ) and i would take my laptop to the ETECSA main building on Aguilera calle, just 1 block south of Pargue Dolores, in there you can buy a internet access card, 5 hours for $15USD, the address for their website is:

So i buy the card, which is like a small plastic lotto ticket, it has two small areas that you rub off and it gives you your “user name” and “password”, and in the building you can get their tech support guy to help you hook up your dial-up, and plug in right their for an additional .05 per minute, a pro-rated $3 per hour, and then you dial up your access # and you are on line, and i could actually get right into my clearing firm in Chicago, and the MS Internet Explorer had that little gold color Lock showing up on it, in the lower right hand portion of the status bar, so I believe my info was fairly secure, and placed trades, shorted the BP$, and luckily it dropped like a rock the whole week .

The most my bill was from ETECSA was $2.75, & additionally the cost of the card, which would total up to about $6 an hour, Which buy US standards seems very expensive, but most of the time I was only on line for 30 or 40 minutes which totals up to about 3 or 4 dollars, and i felt was inexpensive for almost 3/4 hour on line, considering before as an American it is difficult at best, if at all to communicate with the US while in Cuba. And if you can get a phone line to the US, it will cost minimum of $2 a minute.Although i didn’t access the WSA sight, just in case they would of gotten down on that.

However as long as you have your e-mail set up so you can receive it anywhere in the world, and it is working correctly before you leave the country, you’ll have no problem receiving all your e-mail. You just have to have a "hotmail" or "yahoo" e-mail account set up to send e-mail, because their out going e-mail server had problems trying to send out e-mail from anything but their computers!

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And once you get the card and have the access # you can go on line from any cuban phone from that area code! And communicate with the rest of the world! For an American this makes a big difference. The Cubans pay about 4 - 5 pesos per hour for a local call, so if you offer a casa owner $1 per hour pro rated, you should have no problem getting on line in any casa that has a phone, the cuban may have to call Etecsa to verify they are not going to be ripped off by your local phone call though. Because this is a pretty new service in Cuba, and many cubans wont understand how this works yet.

But going to the main office and being on-line there, the phone lines don’t go down, and the cubans come in to make phone calls there in the same room, and every hottie cubana that came in to make phone calls, including all the ones that work their, except one, were almost asking in a round about way to be taken out, as soon as they seen the laptop, all the chicas / mujers seemed very impressed and immediately started talking to me. I got 3 hotties out of this, and could of easily gotten many more, but was hooking up with 1 chica that i liked.

I know I dragged on about this on-line hook up stuff a lot, but it is a relatively new service down there and i thought it would be important info for anybody who wanted to know the details of going on-line while traveling their with their laptop in cuba. And pick up some non-pro hotties while doing it!

4. Bueno Restaurante!
I had an amazing find this time, the best restaurant in SDC to bring your chica too I think is, “Restaurante Puerurto Boniyata”. This is an absolute jem of a find, most chicas I took there had never been to it before or never heard of it. If you go to SDC you really must go their, and try to do it with the sexiest chica you can find, because you will have them eating out of your hand, by the time you leave there. I will go as far as saying there is not a place in cuba as good as this, or as inexpensive to eat at!

What I mean by this is, R P B sit on the edge atop a small mountain on the west side of SDC, about 1,500 - 2,000 ft above sea level, at least the height of the sears tower! In the daytime if you go their for lunch, you have about a 30 -50 mile view of the other mountains, the city of SDC, and the ocean. At night when you go their for dinner you see the entire city lit up, as if you are on top of it! The view and feeling you get at night is nothing short of spectacular!

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There are two places to eat when you get there, after you drive for about 10 minutes up the side of this small mountain. The three sides of the restaurant are enclosed in glass, and they want you to eat in their on Friday and Saturday nights, the other place is in back where they have benches you eat on, and a big grill they make the food on. One night it is just pig, the next night it is just beef, the next night pollo, ( yes pollo in cuba, who would of guessed? ), the area in back is best to eat at, you sit and eat outside while you feel as if you are a king in a castle overlooking your empire. This place is a private restaurant, they don’t even sell “Crystal” , they sell that other Cuban beer in the brown bottle.

Also only Cubans go their, on most nights I was the only gringo there, and still there were only like 5 - 10 Cubans there on the week nights, and since most of the Cubans their pay in Cuban pesos, they were more than happy to see me, and always warmly greeted because they knew I pay in greenbacks. Total cost usually for both me and my chicas dinner and cervesas, never came to more than $5 US, whether you eat in the inside or outside restaurant. It seemed cheaper than a Rapido to eat at! On the weekends there are a few more tourist up their, maybe 5 - 10 total!

The best part is after you eat, you take the chica to the back part that extends for another 100 meters or so, very dark & secluded, with little areas that poke out farther over the side, to make it even more of a “Grande Revista”, none of the Cubans really go back their at all, an it is usually completely empty, the chicas are in heaven as you put the moves on them over looking the city. I can safely say this having been with probably 50 different chicas before this, every time I could feel the chicas really dug being their, and were very appreciative of it to me!!!!! So just make sure to get the sexiest chica you can find, and ask her if you can take her to R P B! If she doesn’t know what it is tell here it is the most romantic restaurant in SDC. And that should get here to agree, if just out of sheer curiosity!

A few important facts about R P B. I really can’t give accurate directions to get their, the roads wind around and it take about 15 minutes to get their from downtown. But ask some Cuban to show you where its at, for a couple of bucks, and after once or twice of driving there, you will be able to find your way their with no problem.

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On the road to it, in the Reparto you drive through, I noticed there was a high number of light skinned chicas along this road and in this Reparto waving at me and sticking their tongue out at me. It should not take long to figure out why 18 yr old chicas are sticking their tongues out at you. This tongue thing is the latest craze to hit SDC, I have seen them do it on my other trips, but now it seems like they are doing it more!

In the area in back of R P B where they grill the food outside, they have no napkins, even though they have cloth napkins in the inside restaurant, ( Go figure, oh wait this is Cuba, It should not make sense! ) so try to bring some napkins with you!

There is one waitress their that is very ugly and she says she needs $5 first, before she can bring you anything, and then amazingly she does not bring you anything, none of the other waitresses will do this, so if a ugly waitress ask for money first before you can get even a beer, just ask for another waitress an then you’ll have no problem.

6. More on the chicas!
Because of the lack of tourist and the willingness of the non-pros, I wound up with probably only 10 encounters, but the quality was very good, this one chica I found was such a good fit on the reach around, with such big, firm tits and a small tight ass, with such a willingness to please, and she let me fuck her as much as i possibly could of wanted to, even though I know her pussy was starting to hurt her each time I fucked her 4 times in a row! But she hung in their like a real trooper! I kept her around for 3 days with only one side encounter with two negritas at once.

And out of the other chicas I picked up, several of them where very hard to say no to for the next night, or tell them I would see them the next night, and go with another one. This was probably my biggest problems this time! One was so beautiful, and the other I felt fucked just a little bit better, so the one that fucked better won, even though the beauty sat right outside the Gaviota suite all night waiting, and I had to tell the guards to tell her to leave.

7. Still chica friendly hotel/casa/jr. suites!
And yes, the Gaviota is still chica friendly, although this time the price for a jr. suite was only $20 a night, this is no bullshit! Satellite TV, with MTV in espanol, daily maid service, mucho freo air conditioning, two rooms + private bath, mucho hot water, fridge, your own safe inside of room, these are not crappy rooms, nobody else ( casa owner ) living in their with you, no writing down the chicas name, guards sit 50 ft from your car and entrance to your casa, bring in as many chicas as you want through out the night! The downside is, you have to pay off the guards $10 a night ( I consider this laughable, I would pay it for the security alone! ), and the chicas can only stay till 6 am, that is the one bummer if you happen to be really tired. And before I left the guards wanted a couple of old t-shirts.

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Ask for any of the Jr. suites in the 61 - 66 #s, these are the ones away from the office, and easy to come and go from this Grande Casa!

8. I still cant believe how it is in SDC!
There are still many things that I still cant believe about SDC, that with the mountains all around SDC, it has to be one of the most scenic places in Cuba, especially at the east end of town by the “ Castle El Morro “ in the Punta Gorda area, besides the R P B on the west side, and the huge mountain on the far east side.

And this city is BIG, plenty of things to do and places to go, and how at the beaches there is absolutely no question about chicas being at the beaches. You almost can’t understand that chicas can’t be at the beaches in other parts of Cuba.

And mostly what I find hard to believe is how initially, when you first cruise the city, and it seems like there are so many mulatta & black females, many not attractive. And yet, really it is very easy to pick up many very attractive light skinned latinas, and of course mulattas & blacks, with very little effort.

And with all this so few guys go there, even very experienced vets of Cuba. And so little has been written about this unexplored Jem, until bisdell came along!

But the weather is always very hot in SDC.

9. Coming back.
This pertains to Americans, about crossing the border. What I do is drive from the airport in Toronto back to the US, I do this thinking that even if US customs sees me get off the plane from Cuba, I do not get on an US American bound plane, and since that is how some US Americans were getting caught as the US customs would say to them, that they just seen them get off of the Cuban flight. I hoped to avoid this by driving to and from the US. And it did seem to work well, But now after 9/11 , at the border while driving thru, they give you the third degree, shakedown, interrogation, with 2 or 3 customs agents asking you multiple questions and thoughouly searching through your car. However if you bring a copy of your birth cert. And just your dr lic. Hide your passport, do not produce it. And get rid of all traces of your trip to Cuba. You should pass through, but be forwared things have changed dramatically from my encounters with US customs.

But conversely, my encounter with Cubans customs changed also, when i asked them not to stamp my passport, they said no problem, and I did not have it stamp coming or going this time. However they spent about an hour and a half going thru my Laptop, and coping several programs, I think the copied my XP also!

10. Next time!
I think next time I will bring a digital camera, and just hide the piece that holds the pictures in my luggage I check in. They thoughouly checked my Laptop for any Porn, coming and going. And having been a resident of the US correctional system for a short part of my life, I am not to eager to find out the taste of the Cuban correctional systems cuisine anytime soon. I am not sure it will agree with my palette.

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