Prostitution Report
from Russia

Just wanted to add my impressions of Moscow girls. My hobbying has taken place at the beginning and end of my trip, as my girlfriend flew in from the North and took up the majority of my 18-day vacation:

Chesterfields (Saturday 04 August): Met "Coolguy" for dinner (ordinary bar food) and we linked up with another WSA member "John" afterwards. Over the time period 2300-0100 HRS, we checked out about 40 working girls as they sauntered in. Many of them were young and cute, maybe about 4 who were outstandingly beautiful. You can have a helluva fun time going through the Chesterfields stable!! We hung out with some expatriate guys and their girls, enjoying the music and girlwatching. There was a bit of discomfort, as one of the expat's girls, cute 22-year old Elena, was making goo-goo eyes at me all night: following me around, watching who I was talking to, asking me to dance. She wasn't really what I was looking for, but would have done in a pinch. She finally took off in a huff. "Coolguy" had talked about his adventures trying the lineups, and I was eager to give it a try. However, time was running short and as I was going to the back for the john, one of the girls I was chatting up followed me to the back.

"You are leaving?" "No." "I want to come home with you." Tanya was a good-looking girl; 25, 5'9", 120 lbs, with long dark blonde hair, green eyes and a great, longlegged swimsuit model's body. The Viagra had kicked in and I was rarin' to go, so we agreed on $70, and off we went! My apologies to "John" and "Coolguy" for not continuing the night with them or saying goodbye, but the little head was doing the talking at that point! *smile* Tanya had a little English, so we chatted a bit at my place and took in some cheap Russian champagne before showering up for some fun. What a killer bod on this girl! Good, tight pussy, and was compliant about everything except anal. We did some hard fucking, chatted a bit more, then she went into a long, great, sloppy BBBJ. She wasn't keen about swallowing, but finally did after some coaxing.

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We cuddled a bit, then she slipped out around 6AM. Tanya was a really nice time; I saw her cruising around Chesterfields in the several times my girlfriend and I went there to eat. It was cool of her to be discreet when she saw my girlfriend, as she would give me a small smile when she wasn't looking, or a light pat on my ass in passing. Chesterfield gets a good "two thumbs up" from me! Car, thanks a bunch for taking the time to post info about it and the girls working there; given the number of guys reading and asking about Chersterfields, it'd be nice to read more trip reports.

Lineup Adventures (Sunday 19 August): The girlfriend is finally gone! Quite frankly, the girlfriend sex was getting.... too girlfriend-like. Boring, with the subsequent relationship issues to deal with. Put her on the plane at 1800HRS and went looking for a cab around my Metro station at 2100HRS. I lucked out in finding a friendly cabbie who spoke good English and taking a cue from what I heard, agreed on 500 rubles for 1 hour of cruising. Off we went! The funny thing was, there were 2 large lineups within 5 minutes walk from my apartment. Talk about one-stop shopping!! As for my first lineup experience, I couldn't help but feel initially panicked when 40 girls converged on the front of our cab when I asked to see all the girls. I thought this was the time when I'd get mugged! *smile* Prices were 50, 70 and 100 dollars. As Car noted, there were some really good-looking girls who were probably snatched up quickly after we left, so get there as the sun sets! Lots and lots of good-looking young girls to choose from.

Tall, petite, fleshy, slender, whatever. As we drove away, a police car stopped us (ambush?) and asked for a ID check. They seemed disappointed when they found no girl cowering in the back, and let us pass with a polite "Spasiba". The second lineup was a bit different. We asked to see all the girls, and they materialized out of a mob of girls by price. "50 dollar girls" (?) was shouted in Russian, and about 20 girls quickly and efficiently formed a line in our headlights. There were some really pretty girls in the $50 lineup (how do they determine prices? It wasn't by looks alone, that I saw). The $70 and $100 girls lined up in similar fashion and while there were some nice-looking girls in all the price ranges, I was looking for blondes after 2 weeks of brunette. I found the girl I wanted after Dmitry took us out to the highway to the airport. Natasha was 5'3", maybe 95 lbs with short pixie blonde hair and a cute smile. She lay down in the back as we drove to my apartment. I scanned for police as we drove, and used a technique of pretending to look the other way at something interesting if I suspected a "speed" trap. Developed out of necessity over 2 weeks, as my girlfriend was unregistered and my look screamed "foreigner", regardless of what I was wearing. Anyways, after appropriate showers I wasn't disappointed at the body that was hinted at under a loose dress. Excellent, with nice broad shoulders, small waist, surprisingly full breasts, and lean athletic long legs. She was a good kisser and gave decent BBBJs. For 3 great "finishes", an excellent, fun value for a $100 girl.

The downsides were that Natasha spoke only Russian, so the downtimes consisted of quietly watching Russian MTV and snoozing; and she was a bit too submissive for my tastes. It was a great experience to try a lineup girl, but I won't repeat it for my last 2 nights in Moscow. Even with Viagra, there's only so long I can keep it up, so I like to joke and talk with the girls between rounds. Kinda tough when you don't speak Russian! So downtimes can be quite boring when you're with a quiet girl. Tonight, I'll try NightFlight and post the results tomorrow. If any of you want the mobile number of my cabbie, email me. After a plenitude of rude, surly Moscow cabbies, he was a breath of fresh air. Friendly, easygoing and speaks decent English. Once again, thanks a bunch to Car for posting the lowdown on Moscow lineups!

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