Prostitution Report
from Thailand

Well, I am in BKK right now and so far so good. I leave in an hour for PP but I thought I would stop and make a post before I leave BKK.

I got in late last night due to the NWA flight being delayed and then immigrations was extra busy. By the time I got checked in to the hotel it was 1:30AM. Barely enough time to pick someone up (or so I thought).I am staying at Nana Hotel and I am pleased. Good clean room, good price, OK breakfast (edible) and close to everything.

At 1:30AM I headed across the street to Skoolgirls or something like that at NEP. I had a cute girl on my lap 10 minutes later and was negotiating. She started out at 3500 baht. Yeah right! I negotiated with her and offered 1500 LT but she wouldn't budge from 2500. At 2:00 the place closed and the lights went on. I finished my beer and started to leave when she approached me clothed and offered 1800 baht. I said OK but she says to go pay the bar fine. 300 baht. They were closed but I went ahead and decided to pay. When I tried to pay they said 600 baht. I didn't want to pay that much and hell, the place was closed so I said forget it. I would try my luck outside.

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Outside NEP it is pretty cool at 2:00AM. Women everywhere. I finally decide on two sisters (or so they say) for 1250 baht each for three hours. We go to the hotel and they perform only OK. The older one tries to get out of sucking me but I tell her she can leave if she does not suck. She tries to charge extra I tell her no way she can leave and I will walk out and get someone else. She says OK and then proceeds to give me a crappy BJ on the head of my dick only. I tell her to go down further and when she does she gags and runs to the bathroom. Luckily the younger one is even prettier in the light of the hotel room than she was at NEP (maybe a 7), and she is really taking care of me while the older one is in the bathroom. Finally the older one comes back out and I proceed to let each one ride me. I took turns with both of them and had to change condoms each time I switched girls so I went through 5 condoms in total. Damn, I don't think I brought enough to continue at this rate. I'll have to pick some more up.

I get off and the girls want to stay all night for 2000 baht each. I say no I want to sleep and then the older one begs me to give them 500 more baht to make 1500 baht for each one of them. I tell her no way. She keeps begging so I tell her no because she gave a lousy BJ and she couldn't get me off (the younger sister rode MUCH better). This pisses her off and she calls me idiot, idiot. I tell her not to call me names because I held up to my end of the deal, I paid exactly as agreed and I was very nice to them (I even bought the older one a hamburger). She calls me idiot again so I tell her to leave and that I am walking her out and will tell the hotel that she is causing me problems. When we get on the elevator she gets scared and becomes very nice to me again and they both walk with me to pick up their ID's being lovey dovey the whole time.

This morning I had a great oil massage finished with a great oily hand job just across the stret from Nana Hotel. Pretty good way to start the day at 9AM. It was 1000 baht total for the handjob and one hour massage.

I am off to the airport now to go to PP in Cambodia. Paid more for the tickets then I expected - 7800 baht, but I went to several travel places and this was the cheapest I could get them. President air's flight times didn't match my schedule so I had to use Bangkok Air.

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