Prostitution Report
from Argentina

Just returned from a quick trip to BA. I was able to get a room at the Best Western Embassy for $50 US. This will be a short report with only the essentials. I am a self employed consultant doing work primarily in Argentina and Brazil. I visit both countries up to four time a year. I like Argentina very much but for real raw sex and passion I must choose the morena girls of Brazil. Now on to the report. I picked up a girl at Orleans after visiting several other clubs in the area at about 1:00AM and took her back to the hotel. Very rare for me to pick up girls in clubs and never on the streets. Gave a $20.00 hand out to get past the front desk and off to the room.

This girl spoke only Spanish and said her name was Alyce. Very pretty well dressed in a red designer suit. She seemed somewhat out of place when compared to the other talent available. I bought her a drink and decided to sit a while to let some time pass. It was a Tuesday night and the place was not too crowded. I wanted her to think I would be her last chance to score. We agreed on $50.00 US in Orleans for a quickie. However, in the room she asked for $100.00 to stay the night. By this time I was ready to get down to business and consented to $75.00 plus a tip. Well she stayed until 10:00AM and I gave her $100.00 for a job well done. On Thursday I called Platynum. A brunet named Ailem first asked for $200.00US for 2 hours. I said no thanks. Tried several others and was quoted $150. Could not get Ailem out of my head and got her on the second phone call to come over for $150.00. This gal was as pictured and had the perfect figure, very playful, loved to kiss and spoke some English. There was no hurry at all and she did everything I asked. The session lasted between three and four hours. The best was yet to come. On Saturday I arranged for a blond from Platynum to come over. She had the most beautiful blue eyes. A little more weight than appeared in the photo but very shapely.

Her $200.00 request was nenotiated down to $150, somehow I thought I could have gotten her for less. No anal but BBBJ. Many positions before we both dropped off to sleep exhausted. She said she would come back the next night for $100. I asked her to come at 9 PM for dinner. She performed even better and stayed until noon the next day. She consented to take me to a place for dinner and dancing the next night. We returned to the hotel after 2AM and completed another round of torid sex. This time she really let go. Maybe it was the drinks and dancing but I was liking every moment. This was the first time I have had an Agency girl do the GFE thing. This was my day of departure and I asked her how much I owed her for the previous night. She said you decide. She was very pleased with my decision. I got on my 9PM flight and was asleep before the plane lifted off.

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