Prostitution Report
from Australia

Commercial sex in Brisbane is illegal, so be careful when seeking your adventures there!

1) There are a few strip club in Brisbane that u can visit. Try 'Red Garter' at the Valley. When u are inside, u'll see angmo (Caucasian) girls taking turns to dance on stage. Be patient, order a drink and scan through the stripteases. Find the one you like and tell the "mamasan" you want that particular girl to do lap dancing. The girl you choose will come to you and lead u to a room with big sofa. you sit on the sofa and the girl will tell you what u can do what u cannot do. Then she will STRIP infront of u. WOW, its a great View! It cost abt A$50 for a 20 mins section. Depending on your luck, sometimes they'll let you touch them. After the whole show, I know u sure 'bei tahan' and need to release.

Come out of 'Red Garter', turn left and walk to Junction of Burnswick st and Ann st. Turn left and walk along Burnswick St. Along this St., around 10pm-12am, u'll see a few single angmo pros standing along the walkway. Walk slowly towards her and if she ask u "looking for a girl' then u are hit! It cost abt A$ 100-120 per session. She'll bring u to a motel nearby and u sttel from there.

There another strip joint call "The Players" it is a more classy strip club. Everthing is the same. But sometime you can find a few hookers outside the club. Normally, there'll be 2-3 hookers sitting outside talking. As u walk past, stare hard at them until they ask u "ai my". I believe u don't want to get a tight slap on your face if they are not hookers.

2) If you want to have a massage, go and look for Brisbane free weekly newspaper, such as 'City', 'Westside' , 'Northside'.....There'll be ad on massage girls. call them up and ask for the price. Normally, a 45 min massage will cost abt A$50-60. Mostly they will be nude and after the massage, they will HJ for u. Some will offer FJ but you have to ask them first, abt $120-150. include massage.

I'll have 2 reconmendation, but don't know whether are they still there. One is call Lura and the other is call Flame. You have to go to their place, some will do house call. Check out the Yellow pages for some more. Especially those which only print the ph nos only.

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