Prostitution Report
from Cambodia

Day 1 After check-in at Scandic Hotel (near Independence Memorial) I went to Capitol GuestHouse and arrived there earlier than 1 p.m. to take the bus to Svay Pak – but no bus came. I was tired because of my long flight and not in the mood to take a moto. So I went the way back to my hotel along 63 rd Street. Coming from Capitol GH on the left side I saw short behind the Rue 178 some girls and I saw a poster on first floor with “massage”. When I looked at them they made sign to me to come in. It is a simple place with small cabins upstairs. Down you have to negotiate the price for a massage for about $ 3/h but they also talked already about “boom-boom”. Upstairs she started the massage and after 30 minutes she offered “boom-boom” and asked for $ 20 short-time, I offered her $ 3 for massage plus $ 5 for boom-boom. Finally we agreed at $ 10 complete price. It was ok, nothing bad but nothing to repeat.

Day 2 I was at Capitol GH at 11 am to take the first bus to Svay Pak. This place is also called K 11 and some Kmer say “Vietnamese town”, but best you always call it Svay Pak. There were also some other Western men waiting, but again, no bus came. At 11.20 some have already taken motos and the rest at 11.30. So I also took one of that motos for $ 2. Oh, I hate this motos because I do not feel safe. I see more danger on that motos than to fuck bareback. OK, the Kmer pay less, but most tourists pay that $ 2 and then my own horror trip startet... After arriving I gave the driver the $ 2 and he said “no we said $ 3”. I smiled at him, he smiled back and it was ok. He just tried. First time at Svay Pak I was prepared by several boards what houses are good : 15 – 14 –10 or 15 – 10 – 14. to “Home away from Home” (HAFH), this very known and always crowded restaurant. I took a drink to relax and to come to my own decision. The door of House # 15 was nearly closed and they did not show the girls outside. They were hiding, but why ? The girls of House # 9 looked really very young and finally I entered # 10. Two cuties came to me, they were Vietnamese like all girls in all houses. One was more pushy (Hang), the other one more silent. Because I had the problem to choice I finally took both for $ 10. I took a shower with Hang and the other one stayed in the room with my money (I came there with $ 90). I had a great time with these girls with some joking (and sex) and finally I paid the $ 10 for both plus $ 1 for each girl as tip. I enjoyed and when I counted no $ was missing (I did not take that risk again. Every other time I took my money with me). So I paid now $ 12 for BBBJ from both of them, kisses from Hang, a massage and sex. Two hours relaxing in the restaurant along with some other tourists (I heard Americans, Germans, French and Japanese). We all drank most soft drinks because we want to save our energy, ate and talked. I was sitting opposite house # 14 and I saw some very cute girls there. # 15 still no chance to see the girls. I walked around and finally entered # 18 because I want to try another house, not so known. The girl was nice but later I saw that she was somehow hardened. I agreed at $ 5 and took my money this time with me to the shower. She was nothing special and finally I paid $ 5 plus $ 1 tip. A wonderful moto trip back and my driver want to show me that he is good for racing. Somehow I survived.

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Day 3 At 8 o´clock I was at Sharkey´s. I read somewhere that there are only Kmer girls but this evening there was also a group of Vietnamese. Two young girls came to me and offered that I should take both of them to my hotel. One looked too hardened and I said only one girl I will take. We negotiated about the price (she $ 30, me 20, finally 25 for whole night – they offered me $ 40 for both and I said, $ 25 for the one). In Hotel we showered and then she did a nice BBBJ. Kisses she did not like and after some further foeplay she remained dry. So the sex with her was not very good (she still dry), that I had problems to come. I better made only ST with her and if I should like her I can always change to LT. Now I only wanted her away. I told her to leave (I am too tired and want to stay along) and payed her the full amount of $ 25 because I finished the agreement and it is not her fault if she remained dry. She asked if we will meet tomorrow at Sharkey´s and I answered : Maybe. Now I made plans for tomorrow : Svay Pak ? The best experience here. But that means : motos ! I slept first.

Day 4 I went to Capitol GH again and at 11 am I did not see that damned bus. One moto-driver knew what I was looking for and said – without my question – there is no bus to Svay Pak because of Sonkran. We agreed that he will drive me but I said that he should drive slowly. On the way he was so slowly (30 km/h) that I said he may drive a little bit faster. He fastened to 40 km/h, I paid the $ 2 and we agreed that he will pick me up at 4 pm. Now I was ready for house # 10 and Hang was ready for me. I had a great time with her for $ 5 plus $ 2 tip. Yes, I read in internet that you can get a girl there for $ 3 “and do not pay more and spoil the prices”. I met other guys who all paid $ 5 and they agreed with me that you should pay the current price and not the lowest (“You get what you pay.”). Time to relax and I had some nice conversations with other guys from various nations. One american newbie did not know anything about this place, not even the prices. I told him that I had a nice time at House # 10 etc. I also gave him one of my condoms. After some time he wanted to “make a walk”. After 45 minutes he came back with a smiling face. He has been in # 10 and met a girl there who “was a sex machine, really a sex machine”. Half an hour later he still shook his head without saying anything and kept on smiling. Again some time later it was time for me for the next round. But my Hang was no more there because someone has taken her to his hotel. OK, I choiced another one but I was not very happy with her. It was not her fault but I was too much concentrated to get Hang again. Later when leaving # 10 a girl came to me and said “I am Gun” and passed. I read already in internet about her and she may be popular but – not the kind of girl I like. The Americans I met before offered me a free seat in their taxi back to Phnom Penh but I made the date with my wonderful slowly driver before. So I drank two Whisky/Coke in the heat of the day and then he arrived. Back to Hotel and a lazy afternoon.

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Day 5 It is my last day in Cambodia. I bought a lot of CD´s and DVD including Playstation games. The price ranges from $ 1 to $ 2,50. They charge for Office XP Pro $ 6, a fair price I think. In the evening I was on the 63rd street again and entered another Vietnamese massage shop on the left side coming from Sihanouk Blvd. Situated on a corner somewhere around 174 th or 160 th street. It was the same place where a Vietnamese girl had stolen $ 20 out of my pockets two years ago. We agreed at $ 5 all inclusive and we entered a small cabin. She placed my jeans right near the door, I was always looking were here hands were. We undressed. I had a bad feeling there, especially because she always said, how to place my head during her massage. She wanted to place my head in a way I could not look to the back. Then I decided to take my money out of my jeans, turned and saw that the door was open – and then closed immidiately. I took my money. She stood up and said she would need a shower because it is so warm for her. She way only away for 20 seconds (enough time to tell that they had no more chance but not enough time to take a shower). During that short time I counted my money and it was still complete. Now I only wanted to get out of that place, said I am too tired now, paid my $ 5 and left. Later I entered the massage saloon I have been on my first day, took a nice Vietnamese there and I had a better feeling with her. She wanted $ 20 and I could not negotiate her under $ 15, so I agreed. She did a great BBBJ, I went down on her and her shaking during orgasm was real. It was also nice for me, even with the Cambodian condom ( I wasted my own one at the thieves place before). I paid her $ 15 + $ 1 tip. During showering my underwear felt in the water and because I did not want to go to hotel with my wet underwear in my hand, I just let it there. My drings I took in that five days in a bar named “Why Not” situated on 63 rd street on the other side of Sihanouk Blvd. I met there very nice and friendly Kmer girls who never asked for a drink or for taking one of them to hotel. They were just friendly, caring and helpful – maybe they are avaiable.

During that five days I have had 8 Vietnamese girls but I think with that Kmer girls you can have a GFE. Only my time was to short there. So my advice is >>> if you are in PP for a few days, you should take the Vietnamese girls >>> if you are looking for a GFE and you have some time, try your chances with the Kmer girls in normal bars, not in Sharkey´s or Martini.

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