Prostitution Report
from Russia

So Slava actually made it to BKK! I was travelling from a pussy desert called Chennai (the old Madras) in India where pussy is as rare as the Indian rope trick and they are so conservative they make nuns look like they are ravers. Now I know there are many experts on LOS on this board and I want to start my short report with the following health warning:

Most on this site know me from the Russia board. I really wanted to know what all the fuss was with Thai girls and so made this worthy detour from my trip to India. Landed tired but impressed by Bangkok airport – I expected something much less smart. Anyway arrived at Majestic Suites at 6am looking forward to my double deluxe REAR room. Ah ha says the very nice girl behind the desk we don’t have a rear room available only a FRONT room – what was the point I enquire ever-so nicely of booking it 2 months in advance? Anyway I was weary could I have my room? Ah ha they say it’s not made up! – at this point I was wondering if they had been trained in a Russian hotel. Eventually arrived in room – which to be fair was very nice.

Decided to walk around that day and get my bearings. Took a first look at Nana and was quite shocked about just how rundown and tatty it looked. Anyway spent first day wandering around aimlessly looking like a tit in a trance. Hit Soi 7 Beergarden and had a beer (!) decided on a nice looking Thai girl called Mei. Went back to room and enjoyed a fairly decent time with her BUT discovered that she didn’t like taking sperm in the mouth – strange I thought this must be a one-off – surely in touch a sex-driven place this must be unusual? I was proved to be wrong – more about that later. I offered 600 baht having read somewhere that this was the going rate – she kicked up so ended up giving her 750 – later discovered that, to be fair, she was right and most wanted 1,000 (which I paid thereafter). Here is Mei:

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Later after more looking around I hit Nana but just couldn’t handled the `hit` to my senses and just went for a drink in a local bar. Later hit Nana outside the disco and selected Yng for 1,000 short time. Yng was a nice girl – good sex but NO cum in mouth – strange I thought. Not like my little Devushkas in Russia who love sperma. Here is Yng: Day two looking around (again) and picked Jane from Beergarden – sexy, fun girl. BBBJ but NO swallowing – now this was becoming a habit! Here is Jane:

Anyway had to try a soapie – went along New Petcheburie (spl.?) road and hit the Embassy in the afternoon. Very poor choice of girls (around 7) but chose a cute looking girl called Nok. Now Nok cost me 2,000 and up to the room we go. I found the thing a boring experience and personally didn’t get a lot out of it. She wouldn’t even suck my dick without a rubber until I told her I was leaving – she changed her mind pretty quick then! Anyway sex was ok (ish) but NO cum in mouth… what is it with these girls – I started to realise I had been spoilt in Russia all these years – anal too was off the menu. Met up with Jay from this board and he turned out to be a great guy (always late but great). Nice guy to hang out with and we met most days after that. Met Pon in a bar near Soi 8 and she wasn’t the best looking but her attitude was MUCH better! Gave reluctant anal but - you guessed it – NO cum in mouth.

Me and Jay hit the Thermae that night and I picked a girl called Wan – same experience – okay sex same sort of conservatism about anal and CIM. Next day same with Tan from a Nana bar. Me and Jay then decided to hit Pattaya and hired a taxi for 1,200 and off we went. Arrived and located a hotel called Bella Vista – can recommend it. Clean, basic and 700 for the night. Hit bars – now Pattaya is something else – not my cup of tea but fun in a sleazy sort of way. Lot’s of geriatrics with oxygen bottles being dragged behind them and cute little Thais on their arms. Went to several go go’s but these ain’t really my scene – all look and no touch – and with bikini’s on… boring. It really is sleazy but interesting too – might go back one day just to live the sleaze for a couple of days but only for a fleeting visit. Met Dang at a bar and barfined her for the night for 500 (paid her 1,000). Really nice girl who was fun to be with – took it in mouth with no condom and took my load – wow I thought! Until she ran to the toilet complaining about the horrible taste – my sweet nectar `horrible` how can it be??? Here’s Dang:

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Went back to BKK and visited Soi 33 which – in my humble view – is cleaner and tastier than the more sleazy Nana, Papong and Soi Cowboy. Met with another WSAer and picked a really cute girl. Had a really good time for 2,000 – she stayed 15 hours – the best experience of my trip.Next day met Kim in beergarden Soi 7 – well actually standing outside beergarden – nice girl – no CIM. Here’s Kim: Loi was next on the list from Thermae – the worst of the trip. Strange girl, skanky when I got her home and kept looking around the room when giving me a BBBJ. Here's Loi:

Last day met Mojo with Jay in beergarden and took an older girl called Bee. She was a nice girl, good attitude did anal and gamely CIM – but did the running to bathroom trick.All in all a good trip. Visited all the main sites Nana, Patpong, Soi Cowboy and the rest. A short diversion to Pattaya. Interesting BUT does it live up to Russia?… no. Would I go back? Yes… if I were travelling to Asia I would certainly pop back over. Looks like I might be doing just this in 5/6 months.I guess it’s just taste – I love the Russian Devushka’s, they love sex MUCH more than my experience with Thais. I have NEVER known a Russian girls who doesn’t swallow cum, most do anal and boy do they LOVE sex!!!

I liked the time I had in LOS and will probably be back… didn’t like the Thais constantly trying to rip me off – love their smiles and friendliness. Liked the food, the temples, the hotel. Didn’t like their sexual conservatism, didn’t like all the drunken Brits everywhere and the damned heat! Had fun but would pick Russia anyday – just my opinion folks!

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