Prostitution Report
from Thailand

Just returned to East Coast - 20F and 12 inches of snow last night - how I miss the LOS.

Day 1 - The Incredible Bar Girl Neural Network. Jump off plane and pay the toll way to arrive at the Landmark Hotel at 11:30. The plan is to run over to Nana and grab a piece for some hungry sex. Decide to start in AngelWitch on the second floor. A newbie friend of mine met a girl there and stayed his entire trip with her and now wants to send money (yes, bad idea). Now I have a former gogo bar girl who retired and now cuts hair (expat confirmed) - sort of my BKK girlfriend who thinks I arrive in another week. Now 12:30, walk into AngelWitch, 3 steps, Bang - walk right into one of the girlfriends best friends. Strange how all these girls know and remember you. Since I don't want to blow up girlfriend I run outside to call her about my surprise early visit to BKK (but leaving tomorrow). My buddy grabs something - I want to eat a pistol - my newbie friends girl is not working today (yeah right - fucking another already). Head to girlfriends house for some good sex.

Day 2 - Off to Pattaya. Take private car to the Siam Bayview Hotel. Check in, run over to Soi 6, the Blue Hawaii Bar - get blowjob to relax from Pot. Petite and cute as anything - had her before - great personality. Then over for an oil massage at the place on beach road before you enter walkabout street. Fucking girl keeps babbling to her friend who is massaging my friend in the next stall. Massage is sucking as she is just pushing the oil around. I tell her to stop and head downstairs still oily and demand another massage girl. Much better. Grab a nap and head to Walkabout street at about 11. Started in Rock Hard A GoGo which was surprisingly weak (Sunday night now). Headed into the big box area (inlet on Walkabout street) holding a whole bunch of gogo's on the left (about 5 beer bars in the middle). We stopped first into Paris (i think this is the name) as a buddy of mine had taken a drink waitress from there. Today however her lesbian girlfriend is working and she is not allowed to talk to her. Yes gentlemen those short haired dykie types are alll lesbians and tend to take the weaker willed gogo/waitress girls as their bitches. We quickly head to the back right gogo. I grab some Pony tailed cutie (probably popular with the japanese crowd) and head back home. Great english, eager pole smoker, engaging lay - would have taken number but she was headed to Hong Kong in 2 days. Cost - 2000 baht. Cuddle and crash.

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Day 3 - The Tiffany show. After an uneventful day (watching the fountain in the mall for hours - and the hot action walking by)my friend makes a date with the hotel receptionist who he has seen before. She loves him despite knowing he is a monger. To his credit he has never banged her. He decides to take her to the Ladyboy Tiffany show - I go with one of her friends. Call me Gay or whatever but these girls are hot. I completely register them as females and want to fuck em all - hard. However I did see the Crying Game and if some cock came out the illusion would be over - also a post-op wouldn't cut it either. Typical tourist fair show we drop our dates off. Then comes the dare. I get dared to go into the ladyboy bar next to the marine disco on walkabout street. He of course comes with me. We have a fun time goofing with the LBs who want to go with us to "make like a lady". We discuss for about 30 minutes whether a blowjob would be gay. Our LB friends are smoking - I am drunk - but then my constitution kicks in - some lines are not meant to be crossed. To atone for my prior gay thoughts I fuck some pussy very hard that I grabbed out of Marine Disco.

Day 4. Go-Karts and Zoo.
We spend the day gokarting and feeding the Croc's at the zoo. Beautiful weather - great day. That night we meet up with BestMate from this board and his friend. Have a few beers and head over to Tony's disco. Grabbed a meaty thai girl (not fat at all but not skeleton thin like most thai's) with a fake diamond on her fang tooth. I love Thai girls when they have those long fang teeth - so tonight is fetish night. Back to the hotel where I dogged this girl for about 40 minutes. Couldn't come so I sat on her chest and wanked my money shot on her tits.

Day 5 - Off to Phuket
On all my trips I like to bounce around a bit and it's been a while since I've been to Phuket. I had avoided before since after the Bali bombing and it's high Muslim population - a blonde american farang would be a good target. Start in yes the gogo (Rock Hard) on Bangla - my buddies runs into the "sister" of an old gogo girlfriend of his. She will only do him short time since his girlfriend would be back shortly. I get a little turned off by the girls here. Lot of girls getting banged out all the time. For a gogo girl this is the place to work - many many customers looking to overpay. Some lookers but very busy like mannerisms - lacking the fun element. My friend finds and takes his prior girl (he was perhaps her first or second customer when she started working the Rainbow room in BKK) - yeah 5 minutes of her yelling you broke my heart nonsense and off we go to the Tiger disco. I'm drunk at this point and grab some petite cutie from rail - bounce around on the dance floor for about 30 seconds and head back to hotel. My girl is hammered as I am - we start getting into it and she is like a corpse (had to check her toe for a tag) - I say fuck it and tell her later and pass out. About 2 hours later I feel her hand pulling my hard cock into her. It get's in for one full thrust and I wake up and realize - NO CONDOM - I pull right out and run into the bathroom. To make matters worse she had her period. OUT OUT OUT - I give her 500 to avoid an arguement, withhold my desire to punch her in the head and throw her out.

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Day 6 There goes the stomach and OMG
The next morning I run to the pharmacy and take 4 zitromax (chlmydia) and 1 cipro (gonorhea) and hope for the best. If she has HPV I am fucked but I do what I can do at this point. Of course the drugs screw up my stomach but it's better I want to minimize my risk. We rent motorbikes and tour the island - fun day. That night - the gogo for beers - back to Tiger. I see a very sexy girl toward the entrance - jet black hair - witchy eyes, nice smile. We start talking and she tells me she is new in town. She was living in Samui with her english boyfriend and just moved to phuket. OK whatever. We drink and dance and head back to my room where she tears our clothing off. I'm standing on the bed and she starts to devour my cock. Yes we are talking deep throat here. She gets me so excited I do something I never do with these girls - munch her very shaved pussy. The fucking is insane. She senses I'm ready to come and pulls off my condom and says come in my mouth. Err, ok. She drains me. Gentlemen in all my years of mongering with over 250 thai girl notches this girl gave me, by far, the best blowjob ever. I gave her 2000 baht (1500 is regular for phuket).

Day 7 - Could this be love.
Next day I walk into an excursion store and run into the receptionist at the hotel where I had stayed a 18 months ago. We remember each other. It is her day off. She is petite and average looking compared to the working girls. But she has a budda smile and the nicest disposition. I rent a car and we spend the day going to out of the way resturants, watching the sun set, going to the yearly fair at the Wat. That night I take her bowling, she comes back to my room, we chat to 1AM. I hug her good night. She leaves and I get the first night of good sleep since arriving.

Day 8 - Hit some secluded beaches by motorbike. Pickup my hotel girl from day before and watch Elvis show and eat dinner. I could really marry this girl perfect in almost every way. I guess the Dark Side has not completely taken me. Back to hotel for some chat. She heads home at 1 - I wait for my friend to return at 2. OK I'm horny now so time for some street fishing. Walk along Patong Beach - avoid the many ladyboys - and find 2 girls who "woke up late". Too shy to take them back to my room and get busted by my nice girl I go to there room and bang em out properly. They even ate each other. Leave room at 6AM.

Day 9 - Back to bkk. Meet girlfriend and buzz around patpong. Great sex as always.

Day 10 - Day at Pratunam shopping and with girlfriend. That night sneak out for meeting with my friend and head over to Priveledge "no-hands" resturant. Cute Isan girl for me feeds me and starts massaging me. Look over across room and my friend already has his cock out. Not to be outdone I take my pants off, get suckie, then fuckie. Talk about desert.

Day 11 - shopping with girlfriend and near encounter with my Priveledge food girl. She walked right passed me but thank buddha she was looking the other way. More girlfriend sex and off to airport.

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