Prostitution Report
from Argentina

Here's a summary of my experience in Buenos Aires in April/May 2001 with some of the nightclubs/boites:

Black is close to the Alvear Palace, the top hotel in B.A. It's a multi-level nightclub with a mirrored bar and attractive female bartenders. Black is one of the top places in town and my hotel concierge gave me a free admission pass. Women are all on the upper-end of the 1 to 10 scale, some very attractive, shapely, and generally well-dressed. I paid $75 for my drink and a girl's and we then left the club together. Her fee was $200 (she asked for $300). Once she changed to street clothes and we entered a taxi, she appeared to age 10 years. She was quite pretty but once the make-up came off and the sexy, body-hugging disco outfit was abandoned for a sweater and jeans, she lost a lot of her original allure. This is generally a problem with all of the clubs. They're dark for a reason.

Play Women is a free-wheeling, raunchy bar with a small stage show. Many of the women were very sexy and wild-looking. The girl that I hooked up with was truly porn-star quality, without the silicone--exotic, very attractive, and a sensational body. Cost of my drink and hers was $60. Her fee was $150. Unquestionably, she was outstanding in every respect.

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Cutty Sark is in the Centro area. It's more of a mid-market club featuring an English-style bar and as many as 40+ girls at times. Most resemble young hookers in training. This crowd isn't as sophisticated or as upscale as what you find at Black or Play Women. From a distance, some of the girls appeared quite pretty but upon closer inspection, most were fairly ordinary. Still, it can be a fun place and someone appealing could appear. Drinks for me and a girl were $30 and the one girl I had charged $100. At Cutty Sark, no one hassles you and the girls don't approach you unless you invite them.

Cattos is a crowded nightclub where the girls were unappealing to my taste.Perpilo, across the sidestreet from the Marriott Plaza, is an English-style bar, very dark and formal. Businessmen in suits and ties frequent the place and there are always girls at the tables. The women weren't exceptional so I just had drinks and hors d'oeuvres.Cafe Orleans is worth checking out. It's located on a busy shopping street near the Galerias Pacifica shopping center. Girls sit at tables in the windows, from morning to night, looking for customers on the streets and in the bar. It's very public and open. Most of the girls were a bit too "street" for me--some looked really tired and aging--but the novelty of the place makes it worth visiting.

Those were the highlights of my trip. There seems to be a club around every corner in B.A. With 17% unemployment in Argentina, it's not surprising that many middle-class girls with day jobs or going to university are looking for extra money.

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