Prostitution Report
from Australia

For those travelling to Australia, the adult services scene can be rather interesting. I can provide most quality info about the scene in Sydney, although a few business trips to Melbourne have given me enough experience to know what can I get and where to go for it. be warned that prostitution is legal in NSW, ACT and VIC, but not in QLD (not sure about NT or WA - although i think it is). Most reputable places will insist on using protection (ie condoms), and in my opinion, you are nuts not to demand use of one. Then again, I have heard there are lower-standard places that will provide unprotected sex (highly unregulated/illegal places, mostly privately owned by some asian illegal immigrants, and advertised through some local newspapers)

A rough indication of prices:
FULL SERVICE ESTABLISHMENTS: Around $200 per hour RUG'N'TUG (ie. Massage with hand job): Around $150 per hour OUTCALL SERVICE: Around $220 per hour (and sometimes expect extra for travel costs) PRIVATE ESCORTS: Anything between $250 and $5,000 per hour - and many times not necessarily directly correlated to quality levels.The reviews below will be biased towards full service (ie. fully inclusive sex) operations, either outcall (escort coming to your place/hotel) or in-house (brothels).

My two favourite places are 'boutique brothels', consisting of rather classy houses with about 4 bedrooms and about 4 to 6 girls to choose from at any one point in time. Both establishments follow a similar 'marketing strategy', catering for the gentleman that is interested in GFS (Girlfriend-like Sex). Both establishments have web sites with descriptions of the girls, in most cases rather accurate. Although both establishments are 'by appointment' only, I would highly recommend them. The girls there are classy, smart, and very sexy. I have been many times in the past to these establishments, and have never been dissapointed. The establishments are:

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1) Coco's of Milsons Point. (
Located on the Northern end of the Sydney Harbour bridge, about 5 minutes down hill from Milson's point station (Turn right when you come out of the station, then left down hill. About 50-100 metres after the big sign for the North Sydney Olympic pool, you will find a rather large park on your left, and some houses on the right. Some of the girls I have seen there (some may have left - check their roster at the web site): Date:5 Jan/2000 Name: Lisa Description:19 year old; good body, tight snatch. Studies Arts and wants to get into performance. Nice girl, good fuck

Date:many times, between June 2000 and January 2001 Name: Hillary Description on web site: Hillary is a real stunner, one of the classiest you will ever meet. Bearing tremendous resemblance to the actress Terri Hatcher and in her late 20's, she has a beautiful face, sultry black eyes and shoulder length dark hair not to mention a tall, slender, perfect size 10 body. Combined with her graceful, smooth manner and intelligence, Hillary is interested in Tantra - a truly wonderful experience - no wonder she is so popular. Comments: Mid 30's, has a fantastic body, small tits, large nipples. Not really like Teri, but still very attractive. Very erotic love making, knows tantra and is happy to practice with regular clients. Wonderful personality, unreal sexual skills. She will blow your mind away!Particularly good at blowjobs and sex with woman on top.

2) A Woman of Pleasure (
Located in the touristic neighborhood of The Rocks (right next to the Sydney CBD), this is an establishment that can be a bit difficult to find out. Again, by appointment only, and they will not publish the address , nor give it to you, unless you have made an appointment. The descriptions on the web site are rather accurate, and I would trust them (except for the age bit - they tend to substract anything between 2 to 5 years of the real age of the girl)

Some of the girls I've seen there:
Date: May 1 /1999 Name: Layla Description of her on web site: This gorgeous blonde is an absolute stunner. She whirls in regularly from another state and is not to be missed. Layla is 22 years of age, 5'5" tall with a sensational body. Beautifully toned with a large size D bustline, a wonderful all over suntan and beautiful long pale blonde hair framing a very pretty face. Fun and sensational Comments: The description is fairly accurate, and when I visited her, she blew me away. She was the first girl I saw at this establishment, and was an absolute stunner! Gave me unreal oral sex , and wonderful GFS. Visited her few extra times after that

Date: 11 Jan/2001 Name: Miranda (Now Audrey at Coco's) Comments: Interesting girl; Cat lover, purred her way through. A bit of saggy tits, but fantastic fuck. Very enthusiastic, was determined to make me come twice in the 45 mins slot. So enthusiastic, she went over time, and ended up rushing to the shower and making the room.

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