Prostitution Report
from Brazil

I havnt been to Rio in a couple of years but I cant believe it's gotten that expensive... Here's some info on other cities, I was there 10 weeks. Since I was there so long if I couldnt fuck for free I wasnt gonna fuck alot so alot of this info is about regular clubs. Note that I rented a car, which was key and alot of these cities are dead outside of the weekend so you dont want to spend a week there. That said, here's Danieli from a city called Joinville, which is 1.5 hours south of Curitiba. Met her at "the" disco in town... Metro.

Joinville has a few pro spots, among them Marlenes & Sexe (same owners as Sexe in Curitiba) but I never went so cant tell you about it first hand. Alot of the folks are of german decent and the architecture is very german if anyone cares.

Didnt take pictures in Florionapolis but that was also a great city, the island has 42 beaches, praia Mole was cool and dont think i've ever seen more good looking girls on a beach so small... me and my buddy hooked up with some girls from our apartment complex and fucked them there... (talk about cheap) We went to one club with pro's if I remember the name I'll post it, but the girls werent all that.

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Other great pick up cities were Bauru (lots of colleges, Vila Madalena, Cervejaria Monche were good pick up spots on the weekend. Pro scene was not amazing but cheap, Mona Lisa & Delerious were ok but a long drive) Araraquara (pretty small city, Cafe Cancun, regular disco, was fun again on the weekends, great massage at Status for 50 reais) both of these cities are in the interior of the state of Sao Paulo. Curitiba was also alot of fun among the regular clubs we hit were Cristal & Terra Cafe. Poco de Caldas in Minas was small but cool, Peoples & La Roca were the in spots and our hotel was 10 reais a night! dont know about the hookers. Curitiba has been discussed but another spot worth mentioning is Cafe de Madrugada where the pro's head at 4am... lots of talent for 100 or less reais. Cool hotel was Lyon, 36 reais a night in the center of town. As mentioned Belo Horizonte has some great clubs, Sagitarius, Crystal... the girls are relatively cheap but the clubs are expensive...i.e. like 100 reais each.

In Sao Paulo there is great nightlife, on the pro end Rua Nestor Pestana off Rua Augusta has 4 or 5 clubs... Kilt, Erotic, Cocktail, Big Ben. These girls were 100 reais (bare in mind you'll spend at least 50 at the club on drinks ala barbarella)

If you are adventerous, you can leave the center of Sao Paulo to some of the neighborhood clubs and you get a big discount, full service is like 30 reais for 1/2 hour in the club. I went to one in Pinheiros which is a decent neighborhood, Estacion Pinheiros was on Cardeal Verde, there are a few of these cheaper clubs on the street. Mostly 6's but a few 8's and one 9... if your in the area.

Wish i was more active with the camera... left the best looking girls undocumented. Bottom line if you have some time and want to do a little hustling for free pussy check out some other cities.

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