Prostitution Report
from Cambodia

This will be Discofly's magnum opus; the longest post I've ever done, hence my procrastination in the last 2 weeks since my return to the States. The way I think I'll write this is to just go with the 'stream of conciousness' flow. I'll try to recount events in linear order, and I'll pause to add tips or reflections that I think are relevant as I write about the experiences or think about them, rather than just try to outline and seperate the sex part of the story from the practical information many members can benefit from.

First, little background of the circumstances that led to me going to Phnom Penh in the first place. Well, I had 4 weeks off, and as I am wont to do, I decided to go to Asia. I did my first week in Hong Kong and Singapore, and when I checked into the Orchard Parade Hotel in Singapore, while the bellboy was showing me to the room, I managed to pick up a two Vietnamese girls offering their services, but I took only one because she was extremely beautiful, and since it was my first pussy in weeks, it was great. Afterwards, reflecting on her beauty, I thought about how I knew that there are many Vietnamese prostitutes in Cambodia, and I thought: "Discofly, you really need to go there!"

Well, Singapore ended up being a fine vacation, but I know the Thai scene very well, and I was horny, yet on a budget, so I made tracks for Changi Airport, and was soon aboard a Thai Airways plane bound for heaven--er, Bangkok.

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One ting that was to be different about this trip was that for the first time, I was to meet a guy from this site. A certain shady characer who lurks 'round in the parts and goes by the name of Rockhard. Now, as many of you know, I'm a veteran of the Thai sex tourism scene, and it's been a while since I've tried new things since I've tried many things, and settled into my prefernces. I know how to get what I want for the right price, and get a good sexual experience. The fruits of experence and knowledge, if you will. But I knew one thing: without knowing the language, I would never be able to understand more about Thai culture, and I would not be able to understand the girls better. Maybe that's more than I should want to know, but I've fucked a lot of prostitutes in Thailand in recent years, and I did have a certain curiosity. Well, Rockhard speaks Thai, and I decided even I could learn a thing or two. Maybe I could get a better understanding of the girls, and even if i didn't, I could at least get some better fucks if I picked up some of the language from him!

Well, after I had picked up a couple of girls and cracked a few nuts te first few nights, feeling satisfied, I gave Rockhard a call and we made a time to meet at his apartment. Of ourse, 30 minutes before I was supposed to come over, he called and said "Hey Discofly, I've got a short time, call me back in an hour," but was I pissed? Hell no! I leaned back in my chair and said, "Ah, Discofly, you've come home again." There was a certain beaty to his diversion. I nearly cried with happiness. Within a few hours, I was over at his terraced pad, and after a bit, we were off to Clinton Plaza, where he had spent a lot of time recently, while most of my trips were still focused on Nana. I'll post some pics of the girls I fucked in Bangkok, etc., as soon as I can get around to another trip report, but we had a good time, and started talking about a whole bunch of shit, including other places we travelled for sex, and the next day when we were eating lunch at the Nana Coffee World (some very fuckable girls work there, especially one--but they are nice girls), he mentioned that he had not left the country in over 30 days, and was therefore overdue for a visa run, and it would probably be Cambodia again. This wasa Monday or Tuesday, and it would be Friday-Monday trip, and he suggested I go along. I hemmed and hawed a bit, and he said "Discofly, as much as you've come to Thailand, you really have no excuse for never going to Cambodia." We parted, and I told him I'd think about it, but as time went on, I realized he was right, and the fact is, I always wanted to go--even since before I ever set foot in Thailand, so when he called me the next day to ask if I was going, I told him I was in, and we discussed logistics.

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Rockhard went to Phnom Penh via Bangkok Airways on Friday morning, and I arrived about 6pm the same evening via Thai Airways.

**********1st digression: Although I skip the taxi desk upon arrival in Bangkok, I made no such effort in Phnom Penh. You pay the taxi desk US$2, and the taxi $5 for the 30 minute low speed ride into town. I soon realized that even though Cambodian riel, Thai baht, and US dollars are all accepted currencies when transacting business, the US dollar was the preferred currency, and consequently, it's really the only currency you need. However, if you buy something that is not an even dollar amount ($2.50 for example), you'll get you change in riel. So 50 cents change is 1900 riel. Moving on.

Rockhard had suggested the "Golden Sun" hotel, and we met there.

**********2nd digression: I would definitely stay at the Golden Sun again. The rooms are US$15, and very clean. They have hot water, air conditioning, and western toilets. Those 4 characteristics are my minimum requirement, except when I'm at the beach, where air-con is waived. The only drawback to the Golden Sun is no elevator. Rockhard warned me about this before, and said when I check in, ask for a lower floor room. They told me the room (#18) was on the 2nd floor, but in fact it was on the 3rd floor. At first I was a little annoyed by this "error," but when I saw the room, all was forgiven. It had a large, very pleasant balcony, that was not avilable on the lower floors, where Rockhard was staying. I could have stayed there a month, really. The hotel is very central, but also rather quiet as it is a block and a half away from one of the main drags. Anyway, after we showered and changed, we headed out for the famous "Sharky's Bar." It's basically not an obvious whore joint, like the Thermae in Bangkok, but in fact a normal looking sports bar type place, with pool tables, a band in the evenings, and an extensive menu to go with the drinks. We went out to the balcony and ordered some food and drinks, and settled in as we scoped out the scene, and were approached by a bevy of Vietnamese girls hanging out in the bar looking for customers for the night, and flirting with the Khmer waitresses and bartenders.

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********3rd digression: Some of the staff at Sharky's are available for sex ($5 bar fine), and some are not. It's difficult to discern which ones are, but the best I could determine is that the bartenders were not available, but the waitresses, who wore traditional silk outifits, were available. It was my first night there, and I knew the Viet girls were fuckable, and it would be no challenge, but I didn't know that about the staff, and I soon became obsessed with the idea. I had this eye contact thing going with a waitress, and asked Rockhard if she'd go, but he didn't know either. He guessed that the staff would be more selective in which customers they go with, if they go at all. That pushed my hot buttons, and I immediately clicked into 'conquerer' mode, without any thoughts about the potential repercussions. Though I had come to Cambodia for mainly Vietnamese girls, I decided a Khmer girl would be in order for the first night, and not just any Khmer, but only a Sharky's employee would do. That was it. I was determined. Come hell or high water. I barfined that waitress (in her mid-late 20s), and we took a moto back to the hotel room.

************4th digression: I won't go into a blow by blow account of the sex action on this trip because if I'm going to write erotica, I'd prefer to get paid for it, and besides, everyone's sexual experience is different--you can't gain any practical knowledge from that, so instead I'll focus on the trip report format, and give as many pertinent details as possible. Anyway, we fucked and she was good, but after the first fuck, I wanted more. After I cracked a nut, we were laying on the bed, and I was thinking about sending her out, and going to look for another girl for my next ejaculation, but I decided, first of all, I didn't feel like going through the search process again, secondly, I like to be a cheap bastard when I can, and if I could crack 2 nuts for the price of one short time with one girl, why pay 2 short time fees for 2 orgasms? It's value/cost averaging at its best! Thirdly, I was starting to get horny, and decided it was just as easy do do it then and there. After I came a 2nd time, I was faced with a little bit of a moral dilemma. I came twice in one short time.......should I have her stay the night since she was good about fucking me a 2nd time? Or should I just get rid of her and just pay her short time? Well, once of the Discofly's tendencies is to find a compromise when and where it's warranted & earned, and I thought that was the case with this girl I had just fucked. First of all, she wasn't as hot now that I had cum twice, and the lights were on (bruises on her leg), so I decided I really didn't want the GFE enough to have her spend the night with me, but since she was a really good fuck, had a good attitude, and fucked me twice, I would tip her.

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**********5th digression: Now, the standard price in Phnom Penh is US$10 short time (1-3 hrs), and $20 long time. Rockhard also informed me that we men are expected to give the girl another $1 for the moto ride home. Well, I decided that the 2nd fuck was worth a $5 tip, so I paid her $16 in all. She turned into a complainer (not a bitch), and started saying that she was Cambodian, not Vietnamese, and she was more special, and I should pay her more, etc. Now after cumming all over her tits twice, the Discofly was obviously not still hard at that particular moment, but he always stays firm, and so she was shown the door. It's very important gentlemenm to remember this $10 or $20 pricing structure. It's debatable whether it was appropriate for me to give her a $5 tip for the 2nd fuck, but I certainly wasn't obligated to do it, so remember that. The pussy is cheap in Phnom Penh. I forget this girl's name, and I don't have a picture of her, but I did get photos of the other girls.

The next morning, Rockhard called me at about 11am, so we could go to lunch at Rendez-vous. So we met in the lobby, hopped on the back of our motos, and off we went.

*********6th digression: Here's the deal with the moto drivers and transportation around the city in general. There are no metered taxis. You can hire a taxi, but you'll have to negotiate the fare beforehand. Riding on the back a motorcycle (called a 'moto'), is much more economical. Typically, the ones you'll be able to hire are 100 or 110 cc bikes--pretty small really, but they do the job just fine. You can pick a new moto guy every time you want a ride, or you can have one guy at your beck and call. If you get a different moto each time, you should pay $1 for every ride, whether short or long, in the city. This is obviously a good way to go if you don't plan to take many trips. For a long day full of rides, you'll want to have the guy wait for you at each stop, paying him at the end of the day. You'll be his only customer that day. When we went to lunch on Saturday afternoon, we were there (because of rain off and on) for about 4 hours, and were surprised to see our moto drivers still hanging out on their bikes waiting for us, just 25 feet away. The first day, our drivers waited for us everywhere, and were on duty about 13 or 14 hours--wherever we went, they wre there and we paid them $10 at the end of the day. I don't think you'll ever need to pay more than that for a full day, and less if you have him for less time. The second day, we paid our drivers about $7 for 5 trips over 8-9 hours. Don't be shy about asking your driver to wait for you; he'll appreciate the business. To my mind, going moto is the way to go. For short trips in town, use the all day method, and for long stays, it would be cheaper to to $1 to a different driver each time, because that way you don't end up paying for waiting time, which in effect, you do when you have one guy. You can also rent a moto for yourself. But if you are a foriegner travelling alone, there is the possibility that you will be a target for muggings and other petty crimes (expats are reportedly bigger targets, but it pays to be safe in a decidedly unsafe city). To protect yourself, put out a few extra bucks per day and get a bigger bike so you can outrun thugs. Rockhard was in this situation once. Very few local people have bigger bikes, so if you rent one, you are buying an added measure of safety, particularly if you will be travelling alone. All you need is cash, and a passport as collateral. The roads in Phnom Penh suck. Many paved roads were paved decades ago and are now so covered in dirt that they look like dirt roads. This only applies to the main boulevards though, as the small roads are all dirt. Potholes are everywhere, and massive in Phnom Penh. Be forewarned of this fact if you decide to rent. That's what I know about transportation, so let me move on.

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Anyway, we went to Rendez-vous, where we met another friend of Rockhard's that also lives in Bangkok, but goes so frequently that he keeps a Phnom Penh apartment. I learned a good bit about the city from him, particularly the dangers and risks and how to protect yourself, but mostly just heard some great stories. Anyway, it's an ideal place for a meal, really, even though the clientele is more tourist & NGO people, rather than whore-mongers like us. It's a bit expensive by PP standards, but still affordable and in fact quite cheap by western standards. Anyhow, we got to talking about the night ahead, and I expressed an interest in going to Martini's after they suggested it, and so the agenda was set. After an afternoon of chilling out seperately, we hopped on our motos and headed back to Sharky's for some Jack Daniels and our our delicious evening meals (Sharky's has a great menu), stayingd for less than 2 hours, and then we went off to Martini's, which was a full 15 minutes away by moto.

I honestly can't remember who I heard it from, but someone told me this place was really going to be weird like a scene out of that crazy intergalactic bar in Star Wars. It sure was interesting, but wasn't that wild. When you walk into the bar, immediately off to the right is an entrance into the disco area, which isn't that big, but it's a seperate room so that the loud music doesn't distract the other patrons. Walking straight ahead you get to the bar, where all the drinks are reasonably priced, and all the girls are trying to make eye contact with you, and many of the less beautiful ones, in a desperate attempt to somehow get your attention, will go right up to you and start with the banal small talk that never changes: "How are you? What's your name? Where you from? Business or holiday?" Sometimes these girls are annoying because you're really looking for the hot ones (the hotties are there, and emminently findable at Martini's), but these uglies distract your attention. Further in past the bar is a table and chair area to the left, and to the right is a larger table & chair area with a giant outdoor movie screen that reminds you of what drive-in movies in America used to be like, except you don't drive. Movies every night apparently. At the far end of the bar is a really good dinner concession stand. Try the Japanese dumplings for $1. Well, there was a cute girl that Rockhard had fucked on a previous trip and he encouraged me to take her because she's attractive, got a good attitude, sucks a mean dick, and "sh knows what's expected of her." I demurred, and decided to have a walk around, and a snack. Back at the bar, I ordered another drink, got distracted by a girl I didn't want to take, and caught the eye of a petite little thing named Dani, who had a great smile. Here she is.

I really liked her instantly because I knew she had class. She wasn't one of these 'gutter whores' who likes to loudly and obnoxiously prance and dance around, wagging her tongue suggestively at you, implying she'd suck you, and wiggling her ass at you. Those girls are usually more show than go, and it's a sign that they are very hard core. Dani, on the other hand, spoke decent english, was very sweet and affectionate, and seemed to be just what I was looking for. before too long, I was getting ready to go, and Rockhard came over to the bar, and I informed him I would be taking Dani, and he looked at her approvingly, but was having a hard time deciding which girl to take because one girl, as I recall, was playing hard to get, and he was in a quandry. So, he started trying to get my girl--the litthe shit! He said "she knows I want to fuck her. When you go back to the US Discofly, I'm going to come back to Phnom Penh and fuck the shit out of her." "Not tonight Rockhard," I said. I had to stand between thw two of them and he just said "you're smart to keep her awy from me." Well, he finally made a very good selection of his own, and we were off.

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********* 7th digression. We had one incident. We made sure to ride together as much as possible, especially at night, for safety reasons. When we left Martini's with our girls, it was nearly midnight, so safety was important. But on the way back, Rockhard's motorbike had a problem with the chain I think, or something getting stuck in the wheel, but whatever it was, we were forced to stop in the road. Not far from us, there was a group of 7 Khmer guys huddled together, hanging out on the street. While his driver was fixing his bike, Rockhard pointed them out just so we'd be conscious of them in case they tried to mug us. Nothing happened, but that incident highlighted to me, more clearly than anything, the very real risks of being a foriegner in Phnom Penh at midnight. Always be aware of your surroundings in this city.

Back to Dani. Saturday night was a blast, and Dani was such fun to be with, I decided to have her for all night. Here's what she looked like the next morning:

I have a picture of when I was fucking her, but it didn't turn out so well.

The next morning I sent her on her way ($21), and Rockhard & I got together for lunch. We discussed going up to Svay Pak (pronounced "sway pah" I believe) but decided to put off anything until the next day. That evening (Sunday), after yet another delicious meal and a few rounds of pool at Sharky's, I became emboldened and went over to Martini's by myself. I don't remember Rockhard showing up that night--I think he stayed behind at Sharky's, but his friend who we'd been having lunch with, did show up, and managed quite easily to convince to take 2 girls for my last night. I couldn't get rid of Dani because I was hot for her still, but decided for my 2nd girl, on this girl named San. Dani told me this girl goes only short time, and I said that would be fine, and after she leaves, I'd fuck Dani all night and since Dani would stay long time, so I was looking at a $32 night. San was even more beautiful. I fucked her for the visual. It was great to look at her gorgeous face while fucking her, and even greater to lick her heavenly pussy. I wish the pictures turnd out better, because she is much prettier than these pictures show, but here she is:

Here is another pic, of Dani & San together.

Unfortunately they didn't do a real lezzie only kissing each other. Dani said San wasn't into it, but if i picked another girl, she'd do it for me. Boy, I miss Dani right now, and her eagerness to please! Here:

Well I busted a nut with San, and she was gone within an hour and a half with $11 of my money. I'd say it was well worth the price! I thoroughly enjoyed Dani and had her for another nice long session, and cracked a nut with her too, before falling asleep. But the next morning I was ready to send her away after another morning fuck. It was Monday morning and I had cracked my nut 7-8 times since Friday night, which was more than I was used to. So I paid her another $21 (no tip, even though I adored her), and said goodbye to Dani for a final time. Rockhard and I met for lunch and I said I wanted to chill out during the afternoon before my 630pm flight, and just wanted the moto guy to take me around. Rockhard was up for that, and went with me, every once in a while saying we have to go to K11 (Svay Pak), insisting we had enough time, but really we didn't, so we ended up not going (next time for sure), but got a great tour of Phnom Penh. Here are some pictures:

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Here is a photo of some girls in front of a shack in the Tuol Kok brother area:

We got off our motobikes once to try to go in one of these to look around to see if we wanted to fuck any, but the first one we approached closed the door as soon as they saw 2 foriegners coming, so we went and got a drink down the street, and hopped back on our motos, deciding the other girls in front of the shacks weren't appealing, so we finished our tour, and headed downtown. Rockhard lead the way to some massage parlor, and unfortunately I have no idea where it was--maybe Rockhard can fill in the details. I realized we had only a little more than an hour to fuck and get back to the hotel in time for me to take a taxi to the airport. The girls were all laying around couches in the massage parlor, and I went in and sat next to a very pretty one. Really nice. We were told it was $7. It seems cheap, and it is, but it's more expensive than the $2 & $5 whores in the shack brothels, and this was a proper massage parlor. Much nice than a shack, where I never ended up going. Nevertheless, I was so tired, I couldn't be bothered to put in the effort to make myself crack yet another nut. I think I was distracted and worried about the time, too. So I fucked her good and hard for 10 minutes, then gave up and headed back to the hotel. I hope I can go to this place again but I need to rely on Rockhard's memory, because for the life of me, I couldn't remember the location. A number of attractive girls were there, and mine was really very pretty. Rockhard said his was too. We were both ready to get back to Bangkok, but also longing to be able to stay longer. We talked about Saigon, too. Might be interesting, but going to Cambodia certainly whets your apetite for Vietnamese girls!

Well, that covers many of the details of my 3-day trip to Phnom Penh. It's about 4:30am here on the east coast and I need to get to bed. I'm tired so I might not be remembering everything at the moment, but if I remember more, I'll drop it in this thread, and as well, any questions can be dropped here as well, and I'll be happy to answer. I hope Rockhard will add commentary and a few pics from the trip too, which was the last weekend in July, by the way. This report was several hours of labor, so I hope you all like it and learn a lot from it, and I hope it encourages some people to check out the Phnom Penh scene. It rocks. Take it sleazy fellas.

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