Prostitution Report
from Cuba

Was originally scheduled to fly into Santiago on Sat Nov 10th but was booked on Canada 3000. Hola Sun in Toronto switched me to a Sunday flight on Air Transat so had to take a 2.5 hour bus ride from Holguin to Santiago. Had an interesting chat with Bisdell on the way, who by coincidence, just happened to end up sitting next to me.

I had reserved a casa through, but due to the change in flight dates, apparently the message that I would be a day late didn't get through in time and my casa was rented to someone else. No big deal. The taxi driver showed me a place near hotel Santiago that was quite nice. Had an upstairs patio to sit out on. Key for the front gate and my room. Had a refrigerator and hot shower. Meals were available and were quite good.

After unpacking and having my first crystal, (the refrigerator was stocked with a dozen), went out looking for a quick bite to eat. I was starving and tired since I hadn't slept much in the past 24 hours. Met a cuban guy named Jaison while walking up the street next to Hotel Santiago. As I said I was hungry and tired so I told him I'd buy him a pizza if he showed me where the closest cafeteria was. It wasn't too far away. After finishing our pizza, he offered to introduce me to a chica. I know I'd have no problem finding one on my own and really wanted to have a sleep first, but said what the hell, lets see what he has to offer. Off we go for about a fifteen minute walk through some small little streets. He tells me to wait and he goes off to get her. After a few minutes he comes out with a gorgeous little 18 year old. Great body, pretty, seemed nice. Asked her if she wanted to come to my casa, she says yes, but she wants to go to the disco. Okay, but I've got to take a shower and change first. So we grab a taxi back to my place. We have a shower together and do the deed. Then we head out to tropicana disco. Had a nice time there, stayed late, then we went back to my casa. She stayed the night, and every night except one night when her mother was sick.

I really intended not to get attached to one girl. But she was really nice, spoke good english, and we had a great time together. She showed me around the city, acted as an interpreter whenever I needed help. My spanish is virtually non-existant except for a few words here and there.

Some important things you should know. We walked around the city hand-in-hand and on many occasions walked right past police officers. We were never stopped or really given a second look. She explained that is was better for her to hold my hand in front of police, that tells them that she is not bothering me and I am willing to be with her. Police are more interested in stopping girls who are bothering tourists that don't want their attention. One place she wouldn't walk with me was through the downtown parks at night. She thought that might be dangerous for her since there are many girls in the parks trying to pick up tourists. Maybe Bisdell will have some more insight on this situation. Anyway, this was totally opposite to what I experienced on other trips to Holguin and Santa Lucia where the girls run and hide when police are around. Anyway, we went to a couple of discos, spent a day together at the swimming pool at Hotel Versalles. They have a good deal, it's five bucks per person to get in and spend the day there. For that price you each get two beers, a coke, and a quarter chicken dinner. She doesn't drink much, so I got all the beer.

I took lots of pictures but she's not a pro and I don't want to reveal her face online. However, I do have a couple of pictures where her face is mostly covered. Here they are for your enjoyment.

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