Prostitution Report
from Russia

I got back from an 8 day business trip to Russia this week. Unlike Beachfrance, I cannot claim for whores on my expenses though.

I was first in a small town about 100 km south of Moscow. Not to be named, as my client there is a well-known company and I don’t want them embarrassed. Let’s say town X, of about 70,000 population. It sports one mediocre hotel, two restaurants and two bars. I was there three days. Each evening I went to the hotel bar and each evening it was dead. There was usually a middle-aged lady sitting at the bar smoking. At first I though she was working. Then I discovered what she was. She was the waitress. Why they needed both a waitress and a barman when they never had more than 3 customers in their cavernous bar, I know not.

So I decide to try one of the bars in town. Went there at 8 in the evening and it was even quieter. Just one other punter sitting eating oranges and drinking vodka. I sat and ordered my beer. Thought, “Shit – what a one-horse town” The other guy was chatting to the barman and then he tried to talk to me. My reply of “nie goveru po-russki – ya inestranits” didn’t put him off at all. He said of course he knew I was a foreigner as soon as I walked in. Now my Russian is pretty abysmal but we did manage to communicate for about 30 mins when his conversation changed to the ladies. He asked if I want a devushka and made signs with his hand indicating enormous breasts. “Bolschoi mama” was his exact phrase. I indicated my compliance and he got on the phone. 30 minutes he said.

About 45 minutes later a car rolls up outside with two young ladies inside. They certainly weren’t bolschoi mami. But they weren’t supermodels either. Sixes or sevens. The idea was that we go off with them. Throwing caution to the wind, I got in the car. I thought the guy in the bar would get in too. No – he stayed behind. I thought, "this is not a safe situation”. But what the hell. I’ve done stupider things before and I’m not drunk. I only had a limited amount of Rubly, one credit card and my passport to lose.

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We ended up in a nice apartment. I was told that it would be Rub 2000 for both ladies for an hour. Not having Rub. 2,000 with me I settled for the prettier one for 1,000. She goes down on me without undressing. I don’t want that. We both get naked and she has a good body. She had no need to be ashamed. After a while I get bored with having her mouth around my shaft and want to enter her. She said she has no condoms. Luckily I did, so we get down to the business. I’d give her 8/10. Two sessions within the hour then I’m back to the quiet hotel bar to watch soccer on the TV with the barman.

The next four days I was in Moscow. My client had suggested the Hotel Mezhdunrodnaya, of which I had never heard. In fact it’s good value. It’s very near Novy Arbat and only costs $115 per night for a double room. First night there I took the metro to CF. The place was full as usual. I got there about 10.30 and soon fell in with a gorgeous girl at the bar. Turned out her boyfriend was in the WC and she and him had gone their to celebrate their engagement!! Nice couple – chatted about 30 mins. Her English was much better than my Russki.

They went and then I had a good look around. There was plenty of choice, but in that place I’m not experienced enough to tell between regular, semi and full. So I surveyed the scene and eventually got a few come-on glances. None of which I responded to, or if I did, just half-heartedly. Then I espied a lovely, young, oriental-looking girl. I chatted with her 15 minutes before she mention her opening gambit of $150. I suggested 100 and she said 130. We agreed on 120, grabbed a cab and stopped at a local shop for some sundries (beer, cigarettes, cigars, snacks and condoms).

Now the trouble starts. The hotel goons won’t let her in. Then they want $50. No way say I and we are arguing for about 10 minutes. Eventually they agree for $25 but I don’t like having to pay these unnecessary overheads. Up in the room, she soon relaxes me. She’s good. We chat and drink and smoke for 20 minutes. Her English is not bad, although she claims she didn’t speak any six months ago. Then we shower together and I come out and lay on the enormous bed (Which later turns out to be two big beds pushed together) She starts to put condom on me for BJ. No I say. No problem, she takes it off again and I enjoy felatio “au naturel”. She has a very nice shaven pussy and I couldn’t resist returning the compliment. Made a good entrée before the main course.

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Then we sat smoking, chatting and drinking for a good half hour before the next bout. After that one we were both hungry and ordered something from room service. It’s great to sit and eat an expensive meal with a young and naked girl. I wanted to take her picture in that state. But she only agreed to photos with bathrobe on. Here she is choosing from the room service menu.

Well after eating we had another drink and a smoke and then went at it like rabbits again before falling asleep in that big bed. I woke about nine and woke her up too. She seemed a bit crabby. Not like the bubbly girl from the night before. I ordered some coffee in the room, to try and get her attitude better. It worked after a while. She started smiling again and then went into the bathroom for 15 minutes. Coming out again looking gorgeous and wearing only a smile. This got me excited again and we had another good session before she said, at about 11 am, that she was ready to go. I checked that everything was still there and let her out.

I was sorry to see her go – she could have stayed all day from my point of view. She has a nice personality and a great body. Large and very firm breasts and long and shapely legs. She told me that her parents were both from North Korea but she doesn’t even know the language. If that’s the case, there must be wealth of untapped talent trapped inside that crazy country. Damned waste!

During our nocturnal discussions she told me that it’s easy to get girls into the Marriotts (which I already knew from experience). She also mentioned the Radisson as having no security goons demanding backhanders. As I had a date with a regular girl I know from St. P that evening, I stayed where I was but arranged to move to the Radisson the next day. The evening with this girl was lovely – expensive meal in a very nice restaurant with a gorgeous, intelligent young lady, 24 years my junior, followed by dancing into the small hours. To my disappointment though, it stayed plutonic. Some you win – some you lose.

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The next day I had decided to go to HF. I have been to Moscow a few times but never had an NF girl. I had read on this site that everyone should try one at least once. So I went to Pushkinskaya Station on the Metro and walked up and down Tverskaya Ul a little. Going into NF about 11.30, as the girls were pouring in. I was approached by numerous girls but I wanted to make my own choice. I went up to a stunner and bought her a drink (orange juice – she didn’t drink alcohol) and chatted. She was from Ukraine, big tits and small arse. She wouldn’t come down below $200 and wouldn’t stay all night. Also her elbows betrayed the age of her face. She was older than she looked. Don’t trust girls who don’t drink either, so I kept looking.

Eventually I agreed to take a pretty blond girl with voluptuous lips and big bedroom eyes who agreed to stay ‘til morning for 150. We left in a taxi but when we got to the hotel, the goons wanted money again, but this time only Rub 500. I gave them 300 and we went up to the room. She didn’t want to bathe together so I locked away my valuables while she was in the bathroom, before I went in. I like to get to know them a little before getting down to business so she sat naked on my knee and we chatted a while. I said she was so beautiful I wanted a photo to remember her. She was adamant I couldn’t do this but eventually agreed, not to naked pictures though. She produced some sexy underwear from her handbag and put this on. Unfortunately, my amateurish efforts with the camera don’t do her justice. I shouldn’t have photoed her from so low down. The lighting was poor too.

After the photo session we eventually got down to the business. Now I really don’t understand these girls. She was very good – tickling my genitals with her breasts as I lay back on the bed and then using her tongue on my balls for a long time, going down under them and working for ages on that sensitive area between balls and arsehole, eventually rimming my arse before putting her tongue in it - exquisite !! But then she did that whore’s trick of putting a condom in her mouth and rolling it over my cock as she went down on me. I was too far gone to complain at this stage. But why? Anybody knows why they will lick your rectum but want rubber over the penis?

I had two good sessions with her but after that her attitude changed. She became a pain. Not wanting any more and not talking much and looking miserable. I didn’t want that, so I sent her out. It was about 4 am – too late for her to go back to NF for another punter. But I didn’t care. I was tired and wanted to sleep and didn’t want the hassle of having her around any longer.

The next night I had different plans but I’ll write about that another time.

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