Prostitution Report
from Thailand

Well I made it to LOS. Left SFO on 24 Dec 0015 hours. After one medical emergency stop in Japan to let off a passanger, a 3.5 hour wait at the Japan airport to open so we could take off again. A one hour layover in Hong Kong and then a 2 hour layover in Singapore because I missed my connecting flight to BKK. Total travel time 27 hours. First three day in BKK saw me make a few rookie mistakes. Part of the reason was from jet lag and no sleep. For the first two days I have about 4 hours sleep.

Nana Plaza is every thing that has been said. The first night I pick up a sweet thing. Bar fine 500 b and 1500 b long time. We discussed all that was on the menu, or so I thought, then off to my hotel, the Ambassador. We stop to get a bite to eat. Once at the hotel she gives me a really nice message. We then take a bath together then to bed. This is where I find out she does not kiss of bbbj. She just wants to put on condom and get it over with. I say no that is not what we agreed to. I offer her 800b and tell her to leave. She gets huffy but does leave. Would not have done that with prior knowledge from the board. Next day I go to Annies Massage off of Soi 2 between Soi 4. 1500b for a great 2 hour massage with a near gfe experience. The girl was about a 7 with great enthusiam. Was me every which way she could with every part of her body.

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Wonderful place. That night I meet up with a friend meet on the board at Long Gun in Soi Cowboy. He bar fined his regular and friend and off we went to eat then over to Angel Witch in Nana Plaza. We stayed their till closing. What a place for a newbie to hang out a great show. At 2:00 I watched the mad rush from the bars. So many women!!!!! I was to tired to play and too many drinks at Angel Witch so called it a night. The next day off to Eden's. Every thing that has been said it true. I showed up at 2:00pm, talk with Mark for 15 minutes then made my pick. 2 hours of just sex with to great women. Third night I sleep a bit then roll out of bed at 1:00am. Head to Nana's for 2:00 am roll call. I find two decent ladies and agree on price then head back to hotel. Now for the bad news, everyone, when they warn you about ladyboys listen to what they say. I did not have a clue until they told me. One says, "You know like Ladyboy?" I say fuck no, and kick them out. Lesson learned.

The next day I was off to Pattaya. Two nights here so far. When they board says wall to wall ladys and bar you think ok. But really, WALL TO WALL!!! I am in heaven. I meet up with a friend from Santa Barbara who lives here now with his wife, an ex go go girl. I have meet his friend and bar owners what a experiece. The first night to hope a hottie and had a great time. Got 3 hours sleep got up to play 18 holes of golf. We walked the course with our two young caddies. Only female caddies here. Great time. Got home took a nap till 9:30 and out with the boys again. Found the same hottie bar fine her and her girl friend for the night. Great sex then sleep and more sex. Nice to wake up with one girl sucking your dick and the other one sleeping. I start rubbing her ass she gets up takes a shower plays tag team while the other takes a shower.

This is great. A couple of points. bar fines currently our 1000b till midnight, then 500b. Long time was 1500 plus tip. I got an ear infection, whet to hospital after golf. Filled out papers, saw the doctor, got pills paid 680b ($ Total time 35 minutes. The US could learn from this. Thanks to everyone for all of the input. It has made the expierence so much better. I leave on 9 Jan so I will provide more reports later. I hear that they will have 3 feet of snow at Baby Dolls in Soi Cowboy for New Years.

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