Prostitution Report
from Argentina

My friend took me to a club called Catto's Disco, it was pretty good. When we 1st got there I thought I'd be getting some action without paying. Alas not so. As you can see from the pics the girls were pretty hot, so I guess they can charge for it : )

I ended up taking the girl in the black and white stripy pants back to my friends places for $150. She was generally quite affectionate and made me feel very at ease. When we got back we had a shower together, I was pleased to see that she was well shaved only having a nice tuft just above her slit. After the shower we did a 69 - no condom yet... We did that for maybe 5-10 mins then she put a condom on me and rode me for a while. Her pussy felt good but not amazingly tight. Then we changed position to doggy and went at it hammer and tongs. I said I was gonna cum soon and escaped my grasp whipped the condom off and sucked me off till I came - she didn't swallow though...

Overall she was dynamite! We did it again in the morning, and it was a more chilled pace but still very nice.

On the second night I was there we went again to Catto's. The group of girls I'd met the night before were already involved with some other guys, which was a shame cos I kinda figured birds of a feather flock together ; ) But I soon found a different group of girls who seemed pretty cool. One was very aggressive, and pretty much dominated over her friends. She suggested a night with me but was asking $200, I pointed out that I'd had some damn good sex already for less than that and doubted she could measure up to that price, though she was a babe (the one on the left of the 2nd pic with the pink skirt). She assured me she was worth it but said if I was disappointed I could haggle (her English was excellent). So off we went. As soon as we got back she was straight on her knees giving me a fine BBBJ - maybe she would justify her price after all! She then pushed me down on the floor and kept swapping between BJ and rimming, damn it was good : ) She then made an excuse and went to the bathroom, she told me to lay naked on the bed for her. She came back in naked, the girl last night had been very nice but this girl was stunning! She sat on me and thrust her breasts into my face, then grab my dick and started to descend. For a second I panicked about the apparent lack of condom, but was too far out to really care. As I penetrated I thought it felt a bit strange, but she was so damn tight I just laid back and enjoyed it. Then I looked up and my GOD! I was fucking her in the ass! I'd never actually done this before but sure as hell want to do it again ; )

Must say the whole situation was so horny I didn't last too long. We rested for a while then I started playing with her again. Although the damage would likely already have been done (if she had anything) I chose to use a condom this time. We heard my friend come back and she actually called out to him! He opened the door slightly and she said that he could join in for a further $100. She was a maniac! He actually declined (he was pretty wasted). But we carried on regardless. After that we went to sleep. She woke me in the morning by sucking me off. She asked what I'd like to do before she left, and well I wanted to try anal again, and she was very compliant. This time I did her from behind at a steady pace. After we finished up she had a shower, got dressed and left.

If these 2 were anything to go by then Argentina is a fantastic place if you can afford it.

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