Prostitution Report
from Australia

I travel quite often to Sydney for business, so what I am after on these trips is more than a quick suck-n-fuck. I love Sydney and I love the girls here. The city epitomises the lucky country image of Australia. There are many places similar to Langtree's and The Boardroom in Sydney. However, as I spend much of my time attending business functions (and since Sydney is a wonderful city to spend time in with a beautiful woman), I prefer a discreet escort service. I am looking for a place which can provide intelligent, cosmopolitan, well-traveled ladies who are as comfortable attending a stiff business dinner as they would be spending an afternoon sailing on the harbour.

In my mind, the best place by a long shot is A Woman of Pleasure. situated in the Rocks, right in the heart of Sydney. This is a classy establishment in the true sense. Their website should be your first stop- it is very informative and is constantly updated; you can even chat to the girls on ICQ! You can also read feedback from satisfied customers- I believe most of it is genuine and I have personally contributed to the feedback section. First-time visitors must make an appointment, and in any case, only three girls are usually at the premises at any one time so bookings are essential (although as the website attests, there are about 30 girls available who work at different times). Pictures of the girls are not available, but there are detailed descriptions- trust me, these are very accurate.

Without compare, the ladies here are of the highest quality. Unusually for escorts, the ladies are exceptionally intimate- they all french kiss and are superb companions, not just sexually but on every level- they will treat you well and they behave like girlfriends. I have fallen in love with many of the ladies here.. Often, I will book a lady for a whole weekend if I am able to extend my business trip!

If you are greedy, you can book more than one lady, but since each and every one of these girls is the ultimate professional, time spent alone with one is already a fantastic experience. I spent probably the best hour of my life with a busty blonde and a leggy redhead- pure indulgence!

Prices- A$170 per hour for one girl- are well worth it as you get value for real quality. If you want to see more than one lady, advance bookings are essential.

Bottom-line: a trip to Australia is mandatory. Once you're there, the choice is staggering. Whatever you decide on, be safe and have fun- you won't regret it!

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