Prostitution Report
from Brazil

Upon arrival in Sao Paulo, there was some doubt whether or not J and I were going to get together, as she still had family problems going on, and I was not able to get in touch with her for the last few days. One phone call, one message left, and then got some sleep. I had to get up early the next morning to take care of some other matters, so did not want to stay out too late. Around 7 or so, I walked out along Rua Augusta for some dinner, and to do some damage control for my co-worker from his previous visit to a club along there. After meeting with the manager and smoothing things over, I had a beer or two while enjoying a pretty girl that was hanging around. I wanted to save myself for J if she eventually called, so just played with her for a while, tipped her, and left.

Walking down Rua Augusta was fun as usual, but some of the clubs were closed due to Labor Day being celebrated. Even working girls need a day off. While walking back, I passed a small salon, and inside was a very pretty girl getting her nails and toe nails done. I stuck my head in, and ask if we could talk when she was finished. She said yes, and indicated that it would be about 30 minutes to an hour. At the appointed time, she was finished, and came outside to talk. I figured J was not going to show tonight so the magic word of “Hotel” was spoken, and within short order, we were in a taxi to her place, as she wanted to change into an evening dress.

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I asked if she worked in a club. She said no, but was working as an escort. I waited outside with the taxi driver while she went in to change. She came out in a very nice evening dress, and would look great on your arm at dinner or any other function. The taxi driver’s eyes lit up as she walked toward us, and he spoke his approval as well. Registration at the hotel was painless, and we retired to the room. Here is where this becomes interesting.

I took a shower, and afterwards she was showing me her photo on the website: and was looking at a few others as well. About this time, I was starting to get a headache, and finally figured it out that is was from the beer. I don’t know if any of you have gotten a headache from Bohemeian(sp?) beer, but it seems like every time I have some of it, I get a splitting headache. I had experienced this before but could not pinpoint it until now. That is the only alcoholic beverage I had that night, and it was beginning to hurt. This was after only three beers as well. It was not enough to stop the action, as she was a very affectionate girl, but enough to start me thinking about this. At any rate, she was great. Her tits had a problem though, and it looked as some doctor did a hatchet job on the underside. They were very sensitive, and I had to be very careful with them. That and the headache were the only drawbacks, as we had a great time.

Well, right during the middle of all of this, J calls, and I was really surprised that she did. I talked to her briefly, told her that I had a headache (true) and would see her tomorrow night. She wanted to come over, but I thought it better not to have her over that night. Back to Alexia, for more fun, and my IM pings as I had left the computer on. Ignoring that, a few minutes later, the cell phone rings again, and it is another girl that I met a few weeks ago who knew I was going to be back in town. They never forget. I just told her that I was occupied, and that was it. The time with Alexia was quite nice, and we parted friends. Now I felt somewhat guilty about J.

After a quick clean up of the room, I called J back, apologized to her, and said that my headache was really bad (it was), and said that I had fallen asleep and was a bit out of it when she called. I invited her to come over and sleep with me. She knew that I had to take care of some things early the next morning, and she did as well, so we agreed to meet the following evening. The green eyes were not going to rest though, as she had to ask who I was sleeping with tonight. Hobbying 101…deny, deny, deny. I just told her that I was feeling lousy, which was still true, and not to worry. She bought it, reluctantly.

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The following day I had lunch with some old friends, got some sleep, and waited to meet J and her friend later that evening. After the previous encounter with the “Stinky” girl, I was just going to give the dupla a rest and just enjoy my time with J. Yet it was her idea to bring over her friend to go with us, so who was I to complain? Her friend was pretty, and was excited, and so the three of us went off to dinner, and then to a hotel.

All in all it was a great evening, until I found out that J’s friend was a complete lesbian. She was the “man” in her four year relationship with her roommate, and did not want me to touch her tits, and J even told me that she wanted to have them removed. I looked just to make sure there was not a dik hanging down as well. Now what? I made the best of it playing around with two naked girls, and we still had a good time. But next time J wants a dupla, it sure as hell will not be with a lesbian. What a waste. We dropped her off at the Kilt, I was beginning to feel sorry for the poor guy that might take her home later on.

The next day was very relaxing with J, and we had some good laughs about these past two visits. She never forgot the first night though, and asked me three times who I slept with. She finally relaxed a bit, but I’m sure it will come up again. These girls never forget. The past few days were very unique and at the same time, very normal for a fun time in South America. Sao Paulo is great for beautiful women, plenty of places to choose from, and fun times. If you go there, you will have a great time.

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