Prostitution Report
from Cuba

Just got back from 1 week in S de C , fuckin great, im a complete newbie to cuba, who speaks little spanish, although i have been studing spanish for 2 months, after the past week in santiago i speak much better spanish now. I have been a member of this websight for 2 months, and have read a lot(all) of postings on this sight, plenty of chicas & casas everywhere in and around santiago,and the towns around there, i have to say cops where not a problem at all anywhere i went, as it did not matter, because the chicas i wound up prefering where the ones i met out side the discos and town square, the pros/semi pros just where not nearly as much fun or as good fucks as the ones i would pick up hithicking to and from work in the day time which i now have about 20 names and #s in my little book, i found that if i picked up a hithicker and i didnt like here i would just give here a ride to where she wanted to go, when i did feel i liked here and if she spoke even "poco ingles" i would tell here that i wondered if she could give me "lesscions in espanol" say $5(1 chica) or $10(2 chicas) for 4 or 5 hours, and i was serious about the lessons, i have to do it for my buss.

here in chicago, i work on/buy houses and do major constuction to the houses, and im hiring mexicans now becuse they work so good, but i have to speak good spanish, and it costing me $70.00 for 90 minutes of private spanish lessons, so this was great way to pay for my vacation, in the savings alone, i would show the girls my lesson books and most of the time it made them feel much more comfortable, and i had some outstanding times with most of them, they wouldnt dress like the chicas around the discos(who where asking $50.00), they dressed more sweet and innocent looking, but still very pretty, when i picked them up later and most where there when i called & picked them up, this may seem like more work than i should be doing, but after the lessons when i got there clothes off, most looked just as good as the chicas around the discos, except most of sex was much better in the GFE way, i mean i fucked this 1 girl 5 times in two hours, she was fucking beautiful, here ass was to die for, here freind was there to and i liked here even more, it was out of this fucking world, i got along with these 2 chicas better than any of them, i fucked them all night long (no lesbo stuff) in the morning i gave them some of my t-shirts, i was leaving that afternoon, and they asked for $5.00 each, i told them no, and they started to say OK,when i told them i have to give them $20.00 each,(please forgive me ozz),man it was the best sex i ever had,(i got both there #s and adresses and even dropped them off so i know just where they live), and i have probaly been with about 500 woman in my day! i am not bullshitting, at least 500, most of them bought and paid for.

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i am a whoremonger in chi-town, and have 2 beautiful regulars who are housewifes. Most of my lessons/dates with these girls/women went outstanding,(i usally gave them $10-20 in the morning), the discos where good(they mostly asked for $50 but would settle for $20 for an hour or two) but not really GFEs.(no more discos for this guy down there). Now this is what worked for me, but to each his own. I do want to say another thing about the jinteros, this one sold me some cigars, 2 boxes $30.00,(canadian customs said they where some of the best ones they seen ) and yes he wanted to be my freind, all the same bullshit lines you guys decribe, but he gave me(for free)5 cassette tapes of cuban popular music, and ALL the chicas went fucking nuts over these tapes, and wanted copies desperatly, i mean they where in heaven listening to these tapes, they would ask me how did i get these tapes and i would tell them "yo soy cubano" and they would laugh there little heads off, and this would brake the ice nicely!!!! I know about the jinteros, but with these tapes it made a nice atmosphere for the chicas, and before i left i went and gave jintero $40.00 for the tapes and i am currently making copies so when i go back ill have something the chicas really dig.

Now i have some things to tell you about that may be off some importance to you if you go down to this other end of the island! After my encounter with the 2 hotties on my last night with no sleep and combining that with about 5 other sleepless lesson/dates nights. I FUCKING FALL ASLEEP AND MISS MY FLIGHT OUT OF S de C!!!!!!!! this was a major fucking mistake for an american that credit cards do not work in cuba! now when your at the other end of the island you have to get to habana to get the fuck out of there! big problem! phone lines dont work for shit from one end of the island to the other, i do manage to get the fuck out of santiago to habana , but i have to hang at airport for 8 hours waiting for any cancellation to come in, get to havana and get a casa wake up early 7am an start call the travel agancy, phone lines down there to, get in a cab go to downtown havana, dont know where to go , and running out of money! a jintero ran his ass off finding where my travel agency was (CUBAMAR)not cubacar, man was it hard to fucking find, had to go to the phone co. itself to find the address, i made it there bought the ticket(they where the only ones who would charge to the canadian travel agency who would then charge my american credit card) with 4 minutes to spare before they closed on friday, and would not open til monday , and i only had $60 left, i mean this jintero saved my ass and i could only give him $5, but he has e-mail at hot mail an i am going to send him some $, fuck i would of sucked his dick for saving my stupid american ass, i mean sometimes these guys can be a lot of help!

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