Prostitution Report
from Russia

This is just my small account in Moscow. From a Black man point of view.

Ok I got cold feet the last time I plan this trip in October and ended up in Brazil instead. So it was always on my mind to get to Moscow. I had kept in touch of a couple of girls I meant on the Internet and told them I was coming down in December. They agree to fly down also to meet me in Moscow. One girl was from Siberia, from a city called Novosibirsk, Russia and the other girl game down from a city called Kyrgyzstan, Russia, so when I got back from Brazil in October, I book another trip to Moscow for December 24 to the 30. First of all I know you guys are saying this guy is crazy going to Moscow in the winter and I agree with you. Never, Never, go to Moscow in the winter, that is my opion because I’m from sunny California, so it was a big change for me. I could not even go outside the apartment and take a short walk, my eyes was hurting and my ears were hurting 3 min. into my walk. I had t turn right around and go back to the apartment. Ok on to my trip:

Ok I got to the San Francisco airport Air Lufthansa 455 Boeing 747 flight time to Frankfurt for stop off was 10 hours 45 min. Dawm what a long flight, it was worse than going to Rio, which takes me 5 hours to Miami and 8 hours from Miami. So I had to go to Frankfurt Germany first and had a 4-hour wait for my flight 3242 Lufthansa to Moscow, which took 3 ½ hours from Frankfurt. Ok plane landed at 6:00 PM December 25 dawm I’m tired from a killer flight but no problem I’m looking forward in meeting this girl coming from Novosibirsk, in 3 hours.

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Going though customs was an easy and pretty much look at your passport and invitation letter and take one photo from your invitation letter. Guys make sure you go to the Red line because that is where you need to declare all your money and items such as laptops, camera and …etc …etc. I called a guy from this board and he recommended going though a guy name Rick for apartment and driver to the airport and back. Of course I followed his advice and everything went to plan. I meant the driver about 6:45 December 25 and I told him we need to drive to the other airport because I have a friend coming in from Novosibirsk. No problem off we went, traffic was hell it took us two hours to get there. Remember I just got off a plane so I’m really tired now after 17 hours travel time and now anther 2 hours to another airport in traffic. No problem but it was worth it when I got there. I ran into the airport looking at the picture I got from her on the Internet. When I finally saw her I told my self hell yes it was worth it. Here in the middle of Moscow, this 5’ 7” blond hair blue eye college girl is smiling at me and came to me with a hugs and kisses.

Remember guys I’m a United States black man in the middle of Russia and of course everyone is looking and I just laugh and off we go to the car. We got to the apartment and she wanted to take shower before we go out to eat dinner. Russian women take long showers, no problem I in and out of the shower in 10 minutes. Going out side 10:00 Pm at night was hell because of the weather but no problem we had to eat. I called Rick, and we recommend going to a place called Courvoissier. Really nice restaurant and cheap also. But you have to read Russian because the menu is in Russian, no problem because my date speaks English and Russian. Dinner for two with drinks cost me no more than 14 dollars out the door. We stayed there for about 2 hours then we left to Doug & Marty’s Boar House, of course this was my idea. I wanted to check out the local talent I have read and heard so much about on the board. Well guy’s maybe I came at a bad night. The place was crowed but I was looking for all those model type girls I have read about. I saw a lot of 6 and 7, but only maybe 1 or 2 9 and 10s. I see a lot more 10s in Rio, Brazil on any night of the week. Like I said maybe I came on a bad night, lucky I had a date already. We dance and drank and headed back to the apartment around 4 am. Getting a cab to my is crazy. Your standing out there in –10 weather it’s really cold with your hand out like a hitchhiker to hail any one who will stop.

I think we were out there for about 15 min. in the cold. Next I will rent a car, any way back to the report. Ok got back to the apartment, shower again and finally we are alone and talking, remember guys she is not a prostitute but a collage student so I pretty much had to use all my powers of seductions. Ok no problem 3 hours later I’m happy and everything goes to plan. We wake up about 1 PM again off taking a long shower again and I’m in and out in 10 min. It’s about 3:00 PM taking off to another restaurant that Recommended and it’s cold has hell again my ears are num. No problem we finally reach the restaurant It’s called Korchma they server Ukraine food, very good and cheap, out the door again 15 dollars for two. Ok it’s about 5:00 Pm we head back to the apartment again and had a nice session again. We wok up now its about 1am, and we decide to head out get a bite to eat and go to another disco. Russian girls love discos, no problem I’m game, I just hate going out side in the this kind of weather. Headed to this club I heard about. Went in and it was crowed wall-to-wall honeys, I was shock and happy at the same time. So this is where the locals hang out. To many 10s and 11s walking by, I was kind of mad I had a date already no problem.

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This is for for the black guys reading this, in these clubs the girls are either going to have nothing to do with you or go crazy over you. So in a way us black guys have the advantage, you will know right away if she is in to you. Again me and my date dance and talk all night, went back to the apartment around 5 am. No problem another nice session. She was leaving today and had a plane flight at 9:30. So my driver came and off we went to the airport saying are good byes I will miss her.

Ok no problem finally back at the apartment calling my driver telling him I have another girl coming in from Kyrgyzstan. No problem, I wanted to stay in the apartment and get some rest while the driver go and pick her up. Ok guys I get a call around 2 PM it’s my driver telling me we are here come down and open the door. No problem I go down and open the door and my mouth just drop. Here stood a 6-foot black hair green eyes, looking like Zena the warrior princess. She was a little cold at first but after some talking and playing she finally loosen up. I’m not going to bore again on what we did, I pretty much took her to the same places I took the first one. Also had to use my entire conversations why she should sleep with me to night. It took some time but at the end every thing work out. She spent two wonderful days with me.

It’s my last night here and Rick and his friend offer to take me to some of the night life I miss most of the night life because of previous engagements. So we ended up at this club reminded me of a frat clubwoman and men dancing everywhere. Every one is having a good time. I stayed there for about 3 hours and meant some good people. This was my last night so I did not wanted to go for a local to night. Ended up at one of the line-ups had this cute Russian girl from Moscow. We did everything from BBBJ to everything else. Really had a nice time with her but now it was getting close to leaving time. It was 4:30 in the morning and my flight leave at 7:00. So I told the girl to go and I called one more girl that I was suppose to meet in Moscow. She had just returned from a big party that she gave for her job. She agreed to for me to pick her up and me and her drive to the airport together to get to know each other. She was a dream come true. I will meet her again when I come back next month.

Over all about Moscow, its not user friendly but will I do it again hell yes. You have to speak somewhat the language and not be shy. I will post some pictures of a few locals I got with, and some of the Red Square.

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