Prostitution Report
from Thailand

...So we ordered a cab and gave the man 1000bt for the 3 hour journey and arrived in Whore Utopia. We stayed in one of the Swadee franchise hotels, it had a pool, air con, a fridge/mini bar, double bed and a TV (all my usual stipulations) for 500bt a night - not bad. We sorted out our stuff and got ready to hit the town. We jumped on a taxi bus and got dropped on the corner opposite Walking Street. We strolled down the pedestrianised road and tried to take everything in. Smoke, alcohol, aftershave, perfume, food cooking - bbqs, frying, roasting, boiling, roasting.

The place was buzzing!!! Lights flashing, music pumping, people dancing, girls shouting. The pool at our hotel Katoy believe it or not We walked up and down trying to find the best place for a drink. As we walked into a big area with some pool tables, all the women from each bar were screaming for our attention, we felt like pop stars. We ended up just going to the nearest bar and ordered our usual SamSong and coke. We had a game of pool and got to know the locals in the beer bar. None of us took any women coz we thought that we may find some women for free in a night club, although I did tell one girl I would be back the next night to bar fine her.

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We got a cab to Hollywood's and brought a large bottle of 100 pipers once inside. We were having laugh with a load of girls and I thought I had scored a girl for free. I started kissing her and bumping and grinding to the music. Suddenly I was tapped on the shoulder by the older woman of the group. "It's 1000bt for the night and 100bt to me." What!!! Fuck I'd forgotten where I was for a moment. By this time I was well horny and it didn't bother me too much that I had to pay. I agreed and told my mates I would see them in the morning. The girl did not speak that much English but she knew what she was there for and she did not disappoint. The mamasan in the club had said she would do anything I liked and we definitely had some fun both in the night and the next morning. She had a lovely body and she did not mind having her photo taken which I wish I'd abused a bit more. The next night I didn't feel very well and really wanted to stay in - I had a bad stomach ache and kept having to go to the toilet, plus I started to shiver a little. My friends would not take no for an answer and said that once I was out and had a few drinks I would feel fine. We decided we wanted to see some naked flesh and went into the first gogo bar we came to - I think it was called Frozen.

The place was full of lovely semi naked bodies dancing round poles. There were hardly any punters in there so we attracted alot of attention which wasn't necessarily that good as we didn't plan on taking anyone. The girls were pretty average, with only one girl really doing it for me. She had an amazing body and was tall and beautiful. I probably would have taken her if I was feeling 100%But I started to feel ill again so I headed for the men's room. I had someone knocking on the door so I finished up. Before I could get out the door a topless girl joined me toilet - I'm sure she was there to give me some pleasure but unfortunately I was still feeling sick so I just left, annoyed with my lack of enthusiasm for sex - I must have been ill !!!

We decided to go back to the same bar as the night before and I looked for the girl I had promised to bar fine. She was not there - either on a ST or late for work. I decided to wait. In the mean time three freelancers turned up, all wearing sexy clothes and all up for having fun. We paired off with the girls we liked - mine had some FMBs (Fuck Me Boots - knee length boots) and a short skirt - my favorite. I had a few more drinks and started to feel better. The girl I was with didn't speak much English but that didn't matter too much as she wouldn't stop kissing me. We danced and had a great time. By this time the girl I was supposed to meet turned up and had to watch me with this girl. Oh well. We took the 3 girls to Tony's and the girl I was with started putting her hands down my pants in the club, which was nice. Three freelancers turned up FMBs and a short skirt - love it Girls playing pool Other girls available Just checking she's a girl Once back at my room I started shaking again - fuck it!! We got naked and got into bed - although the last thing I wanted to do was have sex. I was struggling to not be physically sick!! Unfortunately with the language barrier I couldn't get this across to the girl I was with. She kept grabbing my dick and yanking it. I so wanted to fuck her brains out but my condition was getting worse and I had to get her off me. I think she thought it was something she was doing wrong or I didn't fancy her or she wasn't turning me on. I had to get my phrase book out and show her the line that said "I'm sick!!" She got changed, a bit bemused and still a little confused. I gave her the money promised and she left.

My mates came in to my room in the morning and I told them what happened and thanked them for making me go out. They said I probably had food poisoning (alcohol poisoning more like) and it would pass. Now in a full on fever they told me the best thing to do is sweat it out. I turned off the air con and pulled the blanket over me and the boys went and had some more fun, while I started dripping. By the next day I was feeling better - the only problem now was that I had sweat rash everywhere!! Little red spots all around my crotch... under my arms and all over my thighs. I went down the chemist and got some ointment and some pills.

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That night we went to a gogo/show (up an escalator) where the girls came on in costumes and took their clothes off. I liked it but we soon left and went to the same beer bar we'd been to before. I bar fined the girl I had promised and took her back to my room. She directed me past a stall that sold belts and grabbed one without paying - basically the guy gave her credit on the back of the fact I was taking her home. The sex wasn't too good and I was pretty disappointed. The girl didn't have a very tight pussy and just lied there like a plank of wood. My mates both had girls themselves and the next day I hired a jeep and we went to the zoo and had some fun there. The girl I took was on the right but I wish I'd had her mate I got rid of the girl after the zoo and ended up just going to the beer bars that were right next to our hotel. There was quite a large area and it was quite dead. I played some pool with one of my French friends and the girl he had got (for free). The bar we chose had a really unconvincing, obvious katoy working there who looked like an ugly bloke in woman's clothes. We wondered how he ever got work but after while a guy turned up and started chatting to him. Within 15mins the two left together. What's that all about? Oh well each to his own... The highlight of the night was having two iguanas and a snake put on my head for a photo!! I had enjoyed Pattaya but the whole experience was marred by my being ill and crap sex. The trip also had come after 3 months of drinking, dancing and fucking around with loads of different women. I would definately go back there but by this time I was thinking, "Why am I paying girls in Pattaya when there's a girl waiting for me in Bkk that's beautiful, has an amazing body, speaks excellent English, doesn't charge me for sex and wants to do it as much as I do?" It was time to get to know this girl a bit more. I was also looking forward to seeing some proper beaches and being romantic. I was looking forward to getting to know someone a bit more. We all got in a taxi and headed back to Bangkok. Within a couple of days I was sat on a bus in my girl's arms heading for Phuket...

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