Prostitution Report
from Argentina

I got back a few days ago and would like to thank tangoman and el mujerista for their invaluable advise in their posts. Although I've been to Cuba too many times for my own good, this was my first trip to B.A. and was somewhat confused on the information contained in their reports, but everything became clear as soon as I got there.

I will try to write this report so that the absolute newbie will get it. First item of note is the economy is in the toilet, no consumer confidence at all, restaurants and stores are empty even though there are alot of people in the streets. I stayed at an aparthotel in La Recoleta with a kitchen 2 blocks from Patio Bullrich, 3 blocks from the supermarket (they deliver) and a 10 minute walk from Newport, Black, etc. I found it to be a good deal @ $80 per night considering the location. It is a long-term stay apartment building targeted to visiting businessmen. I had no problems with bringing back girls, but I was very discreet.

In Buenos Aires you must learn to figure what kind of bar you are in, there is confusion in the B.A. posts. Here is my spin, first you have discos like Pacha or B.A. News. They are danceclubs where there are few or no pros. Next are bars or lounges like Kilkenny or Shamrock, same deal as discos. Places like Newport, Black and Password are refered to locally as "nightclubs" or "men's clubs". Think Johnny's in Havana. Same deal, only a little more low-key. Everyone still there? Once you figure this out, you are pretty much there.

Availibility of talent varies with the following factors: budget, language skills and time of day. B.A. in general is an expensive place to pursue the hobby. Easiest way to pursue it would be to sit in a nightclub like Newport and make like you are in Cuba. Pros: you see what you get. Cons: the cost, $60+ for the bar bill plus $150+ for the lady. Now this is where even a marginal grasp of Spanish pays dividends because next up are escort services, depending on the website, you get what you see, except that the pictures on the internet are usually better than what shows up at your door. Cost is about $100+ for short time. You need to negotiate over the phone and give/get directions and most do not speak english. Also in the same vein are classified ads in the major papers like Clarin. Try the B.A. Herald, they have fewer ads, but it is an english language newspaper and I hope that if they advertise in it, they should speak english. I was quoted full service quickies from $40+. Decent Spanish is essential for this one. BIG drawback for incall/outcall is that almost all the ones I dealt with shut down around midnight, whereas Black is open all night. Cruising the steets was beyond what I was willing to do.

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