Prostitution Report
from Australia

Street walking is illegal both for the girl and the customer. However it is tolerated in a small area of the inner suburb of St Kilda, to be specific on and in the streets off the block bounded by Barkly, Inkerman and Carlisle streets and St Kilda Rd, also on Grey St and in the carparks behind Acland St. Prices are very negotiable, from A$30.00 up. However note the girls are normally on the street because they are either too young, old or drugged to work in a legal brothel. There are some exceptions.

About 60 legal brothels exist. They are dotted all over the greater Melbourne area. There is no red light district as such. The brothels are nomally stand alone buildings situated in the middle of an industrial area. Prices don't vary a lot. What tends to happen is that the lower class ones start off with shorter minimum periods. For instance, 15 minutes with massage, oral and sex for $55 at a "cheaper" establishment in the working class suburb of Oakleigh, to $100 for 30 minutes of the same in the upper class suburb of Brighton. Anything you may want is usually available for extra if you ask. The quality of girls is usually better looking in the longer stay houses, but not always.

When entering a legal brothel, it is usual to be introduced one by one to the available girls. If none please, you may leave. Exceptions are the high class establishments Top of the Town and Daily Planet. At these establishments you pay half, then go into a large lounge. You may spend as much time there as you like chatting to the girls. The second half of the fee is paid direct to the girl of your choice. If you leave without choosing a girl, you loose your "deposit". On the other hand it must be said that both these establishments have large numbers of attractive women to choose from.

There are illegal brothels also, but I don't know anything about rates.

Escort agents are also legal if licenced, and many advertise "sexual services available". Rates range from $130 to $200 per hour, and may vary according to how far away you are. Half hour rates are available, but are usually only $20 - $30 less than the full hour rate.

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