Prostitution Report
from Brazil

I woke up around 12:00 and started my day with my regular rutine by showering, shaving and walking over to Shopping Morumbi in order to change some money. This day was as yesterday quite cool and the sky was cluttered with dark rain-heavy clouds. The qute girl at the cambio recognized me now and smiled at me as I approached. I had a reservation for lunch at 13:00 so after changing the money, I walked quickly back to the hotel and asked for a taxi.

My lunch this day was at Jardineira Grill. Its location is quite practical just a block from W. Jardineira Grill is an excellent rodizio restaurant/churrascaria serving different kinds of meat cut at your table until you can`t take it anymore. They also have a big buffet with all kinds of salads and sauces to go with your meat. You get a small chip which is green on one side and red on the other side. If you want to be served more meat; place the chip with the green side up and if you want can`t take anymore or just want a pause; place the chip with the red side up. They also have a big dessert tray on wheels, but I skipped the dessert this time. After I had eaten I ordered a glass of Caipirinha to help digest the rather heavy meal.

When I had finished my meal, I asked for a taxi and was shown to the taxi line outside the entrance. It had started raining now, so it was fortunate that the line wasn`t longer. There was room for everyone under the roof in front of the entrance door. When my taxi finally arrived, the taxi driver seemed to hesitate when I told him my hotels address but he started driving. When we came to the Berrini neighbourhood he couldn`t find my hotel. He didn`t speak any English, so we were not able to communicate. He circled the same block a couple of times and I noticed the Nestlè building just a few blocks away. I asked him to stop, paid him and walked back to the hotel.

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I wasn`t feeling all that well this afternoon. It might because of the weather. I tend to get a bit “weather sick”, so when arriving back at the hotel I went to sleep and woke up around 17:00. I didn`t feel much better now so I took a couple of pills to cure my headache and relaxed on the bed trying to make up my mind if I were to keep my reservation at the Japanese restaurant Jun Sakamoto and then later go to Cafè Photo as planned. This might seem a bit stupid to you, but if I found Joanna, my intention was to give her back her earrings. However I had no plan of taking Joanna with me one more time, but was rather looking for some other good looking bird to take home tonight. I tend to prefer going to Cafè Photo on thursdays because this is the best day there. I also wanted to visit Jardim America, but figured I would have plenty of chances going there next week.

After about an hour watching some TV the pills had done their job and the headache was completely gone. After a shower I called the reception for a taxi which drove me to Jun Sakamoto where we arrived in time for my reservation at 19:00. Jun Sakamoto is a restaurant with a rather modern and simple yet stylish interior. The waiters are all dressed in black suites and send their orders to the kitchen via earpieces. They focus mainly on sushi which is not made in the kitchen but rather behind the sushi bar in the view of the guests as is regular at a Japanese restaurants. They have a well of different kinds fish available. I really enjoyed the sushi at this restaurant and believe I used almost three hours before I finished my meal and my bottle of wine. My waiter didn`t speak any English, so after paying he had some trouble understanding me when I said that I wanted a taxi. After some help from the guests at the table beside me, who spoke English very well, the waitor finally understood.

So when the taxi arrived I asked him to take me to Cafè Photo. The timing seemed to be quite perfect as I arrived at Cafè Photo around 22:30, about half an hour before they opened the second floor and the best looking garotas arrive. What the interior and exterior looks like at Cafè Photo has been fairly well documented on these pages before, so I will not go into that. I paid the R$160,- entrance and went inside with my four drink tickets.

Since the second floor hadn`t opened yet, it was quite crowded and the girl/guy ratio was about 3:1. I didn`t notice that many stunners yet, but one girl caught my attention. She was quite short with long, curly blonde hair and blue eyes. She wore a low cut top which showed off her pierced belly button and a pair of black leather pants. She had a very nice tan and the tan lines from her bikini was showing on her hips above her pants. She seemed to notice me checking her out but I didn`t want to choose a girl this early, so I went over to the bar and ordered a Caipirinha. I had some drink tickets in my pocket from yesterday and by mistake handed one of those to the bartender instead of one of those I got today. The bartender told me that this ticket was no good today. They identify the tickets by their color. The tickets from last night was white and the ticket I got this night was black.

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When the second floor was opened more girls had started to come in but nobody appealed to me as much as the blonde did. I went upstairs as did she and up on the second floor she came over to me and introduced herself and her friend. Her name was Patricia. I am terrible when it comes to remembering names, so I don`t remember her friends name as she didn`t attract me much. She was a brunette. I suggested we sat down at a table while one was still available. The girls told me that they were from Florianapolis and in Sao Paulo for two weeks on “vacation”. They would go home on Sunday.

I would like to comment on something about Cafè Phot which has not been mentioned to my knowledge but I have fallen into this trap twice and this was one of these times. The dim lights in this place and the girls tendency to dress up makes it a bit hard to get a good impression of what the girls look like in full lighting and without the clothes on. The same thing could be said about W on Rua Alvorada, but the lighting in Cafè Photo is even dimmer and the girls dress up even more. Its really hard to know if you have a hit or a miss until you get back to the hotel. The same could be said about the girls attitudes. It is difficult to know if you have a hit or a miss a Cafè Photo whereas at W or W Unico you can rely on the girls attitudes always being great and will provide a real GFE.

Anyway Patricia spoke a little English and her friend spoke English quite fluently. They wanted me to come with them to their hotel room which they shared in a hotel just a short distance from Cafè Photo. They quoted R$500,- each for the entire night. I really wasn`t interested in the brunette, so I told them that I was really only looking for one lady who would stay with me the entire night for around R$350,-. The brunette discovered quite soon that I was more interested in Patricia and left us. So Patricia and I decided to go to her hotel for the rest of the night for R$350,-. So we headed outside to get a taxi and she told the driver to take us to Hotel Chevalier.

Hotel Chevalier was a small hotel or more like a motel quite near Cafè Photo and I learned that they rent out their room by the hour and show porn flicks on TVs in their rooms just like a motel. At Cafè Photo I would have guessed that Patricias age would be around 20 but in the lighting in the hotel room I saw that she was older – maybe around thirty and after she had showered and came out with no clothes on I found out that her body didn`t seem as hard as it had seemed earlier either. The sex with Patricia was nothing special and after about two hours she showered, dressed and told me that she wanted to go back to Cafè Photo to get her friend. She told me that I should stay at the hotel and she would return. She had promised her friend to come back for her she said. I knew of course that this was a lie and told her that I wanted to leave too. I was kind of glad that I didn`t have to spend the whole night with this lady as she was nowhere near what I would call a GFE.

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Down in the lobby it turned out that we had not used Patricia and her friends room, but she had instead booked us into another room or maybe she and her friend wasn`t staying at this hotel at all. Anyway I had to pay for the room. It was R$70,-. She gave me her phone number and told me that she would like to see me again during the weekend before she left for Florianapolis and wanted to know if I could take her to the restaurant A Figueira Rubaiyat as she had always wanted to go there. I told her that I was going to Rio during the weekend so it would not be possible. We kissed and went into separate taxies. I told the taxi driver to take me to W Unico. I figured that it might still be open as the time was around 02:00.

When I arrived at W Unico, I was again greeted by the same big imposing black guy from my previous visits and he recognized me. He asked me to wait outside the restaurant while he fetched Alexandre. While I was standing there all the girls, Washington and Gustavo left the restaurant with some customers and entered a Van and took off. Alexandre came out and told me that they had closed. I asked him if the would be open the next night and he told me that only the house would be open on fridays but more girls would have returned from their carnival vaction.

Alexandre called a taxi for me and when it arrived told the taxi driver to take me to my hotel. I considered my options and decided to go to Bahamas. I told the driver to take me there and he obliged.

At Bahamas I paid the entrance and was given my key. Consumption and the use of their suites are charged to this key and you pay as you leave. The garota fee is negotiated between you and the garota and paid directly to the garota. When I entered the place it was really crowded and a black girl was performing a strip tease show on the stage. I ordered a Caipirinha and circulated the place looking for a new sweetheart. Some girls were dressed only in skimpy bikinis while others where dressed in more normal clothing.

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After the strip show was over I soon discovered that a really stunning morena about twenty, with an innocent looking face, a sexy smile, dressed in a tiny pink bikini and with one of the most well shaped bundas I have seen was my number one choice. She was a 9 in my book, but her bunda was a borderline 10. The problem now was that she was occupied talking to another guy. I decided to take a seat close to them and see if they had hit it off or if they the would walk away from each other. After a while he left and I grabbed my chance by walking over to her and asked her if she wanted to have a drink with me. She smiled her most seductive smile showing her perfect white row of teeth and answered “Yes, of course”. She introduced herself as Juliana and she spoke fluent English. We talked for a while and she told me that she was indeed a true Paulista and had been working at Bahamas for about a year. I just had to admire her ass and told her that it was just incredible. She seemed to enjoy the compliment and sat down in my lap starting to rotate her hips. This of course had its effect on Mr. junior Kublai Khan and I asked her how much she wanted for two hours upstairs. She told me R$500,- but easily came down to R$350,-. So we left for the room upstairs with me walking after her up the stairs with a great view of her rear end. She noticed my stare, stopped and started grinding her ass against me leaning backwards while her tongue was deep down my throat.

The room was covered with mirrors on all walls and gave me a nice view of her physique from all angles. The sex with this bird was great. I am a reall ass lover so doggie with her was unbelievable. She provided BBBJ but no CIM. I didn`t ask for anal.After sex she wrote down her phone number on a piece of paper and we agreed that I would call her on Sunday. We would go out to eat and return to my hotel afterwards.I was really tired now and kissed her goodbye before returning my key at the exit and paying for consumption and the use of the room. I don`t remember what the price was, but it was below R$100,-. I requested a taxi and went back to my hotel for some sleep.

Next morning I got a phone call from work which made me interrupt my vacation and gome home. Unfortunatly I forgot all the names and phone numbers of the ladies I had met during this and my previous trip to Brazil in the drawer of my bedside table at the hotel. I never made it to Rio and never managed to do the anticipated visit to Jardim America but I will be back and have already started planning my next trip.

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