Prostitution Report
from Cuba

I flew into Cuba on September 21, 2001 from Toronto. Security at the Pearson airport in Toronto wasn’t as strict as I would of thought considering the events of the 11th. I arrived at Pearson Airport 4 hours before my flight (2:00 am) only to find out that the Air Transat Ticket counter didn’t open until 3:30 am. This aggravation was instantly remedied by a couple of Cuban ladies who lived in Canada and were returning back to Holguin to visit relatives. It had been 8 months since my last visit to Cuba and having the opportunity of seeing a Cuban chica’s lovely body made things a lot more bearable. Just looking at their sway in their shapely butt’s instantly became a mesmerizing experience. My flight from Toronto to Holguin was uneventful and I landed in Holguin late in the morning. I was greeted by a friend who will remain anonymous (I’ll refer to him as Dickie). We had arranged to rent a car from Holguin and drive directly to Las Tunas.

Las Tunas:
This was my first trip to the Oriente and did not know too much about Las Tunas, however, Dickie had been there before and told me that Las Tunas was like one being re-incarnated as a lesbian and visiting the island of Lesbos in Greece. In short, it was heaven. Las Tunas and its surrounding suburbs have a population of approximately 130,000 people. We initially came to Las Tunas upon the understanding that the local Carnival was happening that weekend. However, as things usually tend to happen in Cuba, the Carnival was postponed to the following weekend. We arrived in Las Tunas only to find that our casa we booked through a friend wasn’t available. It was quite easy to find another casa as a replacement. Our first night in Las Tunas consisted of going to La Roco’s bar for lunch/dinner; then “sightseeing” in the main park; and then visiting the local disco. La Roco’s bar is a “mini Johnnies in Havana” and La Bodeguita had decent food. One of the highlights of the entire trip was visiting what I think is the best disco in all of Cuba, the Disco Ensueno (Carretera Central y Saturno Lora). Admission to this disco is $4.00, however, included in the admission is 2 beer or soft drink tickets ($1.00 each). The locals hang out outside waiting for someone to accompany them in. I found this to be an excellent way of meeting new ladies while checking out the “lineup”. What I enjoyed about this disco was the “laid back” atmosphere. It wasn’t a hard core type of place like Johnnie’s in Havana but more of a meeting place for all the locals, not specifically for the jiniteras. This disco was very reasonable in price for drinks ($1.00 a beer, $5.00 for a bottle of local run, $13.00 for a bottle of Havana Club 7 year old). I can ramble on about this place but I won’t, but you should mark it down as a “gotta-experience-this-place” the next time you are in the area.

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Culinary fare in Las Tunas is a little above average at best. The restaurant in the Hotel Caribe offers decent food at a reasonable cost and I ate there many times with no complaints, however, I enjoyed eating at La Bodequita, a quaint little restaurant adjacent to Rocco’s. The food here was reasonable, service was fast (unusual for Cuba), and the scenery one obtains while peering out the windows was fast and furious.Most of the days were spent just walking around the main square and enjoying the sights. At night the main square becomes a meeting place for the locals and allows opportunities to meet “good girls”.

Roadtrip to Habana/Cienfuegos
As mentioned previously, the Carnival in Las Tunas was postponed by a week. On Sunday, while chatting over a bottle of rum at the Disco, Dickie looks at me and tells me that he’s decided that he has to fly to Habana to deliver some much needed medical supplies to a friend who was supposed to pick them up in Las Tunas. I looked at him with a glint in my eyes and said, “Why fly? We have a car…lets go for a road trip.” Sure enough, we set off early the next morning for our supposedly 8 hour drive to Habana. It was a beautiful day to drive and the scenery was stunning in some places. I heartily recommend this drive to all. One not of caution though…..the “autopista” aptly describes the condition of the highway…..real pissy in some parts. We experienced the delight of driving at 100 kms/hr into a crater of a pot hole in the middle of nowhere between the cutoffs of Santa Clara and Santa Spiritus. The importance of making sure you have a good spare tire in the trunk was highlighted with this event. We finally reached Habana 9.5 hours later. I stayed in a casa in Vedado and Dickie went off to some other section in the outskirts of town. I threw my luggage into my room and immediately walked a couple of blocks to what I consider the best paladar in Habana, Le Chansonneir (on Calle J, between 15 and Linea, tel. 321576). This paladar has superb food and a half decent wine list and although it’s expensive by Cuban standards, it is well worth the money. After feasting on roast duck and quaffing back a bottle of French wine, I retired back to the casa for a little nappie-pooh.

I woke up at midnight and I instantly thought of the Tikoa bar where I met a sweet young blonde, 8 months previously. After taking a shower and getting myself ready I proceeded to walk to the bar. I think I may have taken 4 steps when the sky’s opened. Within 2 minutes the streets were flowing like rivers and I made a hasty retreat back to the confines of the casa. The rain continued for well over three hours and I decided Tikoa’s would have to wait until the next evening. I woke up the next morning to find that I had company…..some little creatures prancing around in my bathroom. At that point I decided that I needed another casa and waited for Dickie to telephone me. An hour later, Dickie phones and I tell him about my company and I say to him that I’m going to tell the owner that I have to go to Cienfuegos that day as an excuse. Although I was talking to Dickie on the phone, I sensed a glint in his eyes when I mentioned the word “Cienfuegos”. Alas, another road trip was on the horizon.

Our drive to Cienfuegos was uneventful. I had heard of many reports of luscious young vixens hitchhiking on the autopista and saw very few. Alas, my letter to Penthouse forum would have to wait for another time. We arrived at the infamous Jorge’s casa early in the evening. Unfortunately, his casa was full, but he invited us to sit down and have dinner with him and afterwards he took us to a nearby casa. Jorge is a class act. Although his casa prices are at the higher end for Cienfuegos ($20-25 a night), I would heartily recommend his place to anyone who visits. After taking a quick shower, we decided to take a stroll down the Malecon on a warm evening. I noticed a few differences in the town since the last time I visited. It had become more “touristy”, almost to a point it was “Disneylandish”. They even had little trains that ferried tourists up and down the Malecon. I also noticed a decrease in police presence on the Malecon which allowed us to use our photographical skills. Being of Greek origin, I was instantly attracted a young lady who had the most shapely butt I’ve seen in decades. Then the unthinkable happened again….the voice within me said, “you stupid jerk….you can’t speak dick all Spanish and she can’t speak dick all English”. I looked at Dickie…then to the heart-shaped ass of the chica…..and then said to my voice within, “go f**k yourself!”. Needless to say, I enjoyed a few hours with this young lady and expelled myself from that voice within.

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Return to Las Tunas
Once satisfied with a quick Habana/Cienfuegos fix, it was time to return to Las Tunas for the infamous Carnival. Before arriving in Cuba I thought that the Carnival was to be the highlight of the trip. Although the carnival was festive, I noticed a remarkable increase of chulo’s and jinitero’s on the streets of Las Tunas, even in the space of a week I had left. I was of the impression that Las Tunas was flooded by out-of-towners seeking to pray upon the tourists. It was unfortunate, because that was the beauty I saw in Las Tunas before the carnival. We spent the rest of the weekend enjoying the splendors of the Carnival and the disco.

I was “solo” for my last four days, so I decided to travel to Holguin. I was able to arrange a ride by private car ($25.00) and the trip took just less than an hour. Bogey’s report on Holguin is again right on the money and there is no need to re-hash his findings. The previous 10 days of partying and carousing had taken a toll out of this 45 year old body, so I decided to take it “easy” for the remainder of the trip. As I was to find out later, sometimes taking it easy has its advantages. I noticed, while sitting at an outdoor bar on the main square (Begonia), that there were an abundance of “fair-haired” maidens in Holguin that piqued my curiousity. I became acquainted with two Canadians while quenching my thirst on the patio and was invited over to their casa for dinner that night. I arrived at the casa where we had an excellent meal and I was introduced to a neighbour of the owner of the casa. Joanna was just what the doctor ordered….what is commonly referred to as a “good girl”. Rather than getting into anything of a graphical nature, I can confess that the next four days were extremely fun and satisfying.

I’m off to Cuba in March again and I think I will concentrate most of my “studies” beginning in Ciego de Avila and meandering eastwards with the following itinerary: Moron, Camaguey, Las Tunas, Holguin, Bayamo, and Santiago. Much has been written on this board about Santiago, so I should be in good shape “research-wise” for that town, however, I need some info on Ciego, Moron, Camaguey and Bayamo (ie. good clean casas, and nightspots in each).

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