Prostitution Report
from Russia

Just returned from my fourth trip to Russia this year, 17 nights in Moscow... I finally began my travels to Russia back in February after viewing CAR and other's WSA pictures. After my other three trips, I realized that I was getting into a big rut and I was determined to break out of some of my earlier patterns. The problem on every trip is that you absolutely know that you can find a beautiful girl by going to XYZ club, so I tended to return for the sure thing. So this trip, I began my first weekend with my usual recipe of a night at Chesterfields. Wound up with an asian girl(mother/father from Korea) from Uzbekistan. Great sex, but not a good start at breaking out of the pattern.

On the second night, early in the evening, a cute young girl asked for a light. I didn't think much about it until later when she walked up and asked for another light, then asked if I wanted to dance. After a few dances, I asked her if she was "working", she said no, but I wasn't sure if she understood. So, I asked her if she wanted to come home with me, OK, so off we went!

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Turns out she was visiting family from a small village 300 kms east of Moscow for a week. Great night of GFE sex and the next morning still no mention of money. So, I gave her 100 rubles for taxi thinking that would lead to a request for cash, but none came... so I slipped $50 in her pocket and told her to buy something nice for herself. Sunday, I called a friend from an earlier trip for a nice night of GFE sex. Obviously in a major rut!

Monday, finally decided that I had to make something happen or they'd bury me at CF. So, since it was in the middle of a blizzard, I decided that I'd head to a lineup. Since I'd seen several point girls around the Garden Ring, armed with my trusty flashlight, I decided I'd walk to them rather than hassling with a driver. This first attempt proved that I had forgotten much from earlier postings by CAR and others... As I walked up, there were four girls standing in front of a car and one was really cute so I locked her up. Very nice, GFE sex until the next morning. I forgot to take pics, but thanks to my friend, zergut, I'll share one of his with you. The next day, I wondered if I'd just gotten lucky... Like they say, "a blind hog finds an acorn occasionally!" So, the next night, the first lineup had the night off, must be a union requirement, so I went to a second one that was nearby. Soon realized that rather than just four or five girls like the night before, 25+ girls lined up... found a very cute 18 y.o. Picture looks like a little extra baby fat, but reality was that the body was very tight and slim and only her cheeks were plump. No english, but very nice GFE sex.

OK, so now I'm starting to get a little cocky with the lineups! Decided I'd do Xpat night at CF before I hit the lineups. After several hours at CF, wandered over to the lineup. Nothing really jumped out at me, but decided on a cute girl with a nice smile... BAD MISTAKE! If you look up "sweat hog" in Websters, you'll see the picture. Total broad ass about as wide as a chevette. OK, so I thought 2 out of 3 isn't too bad. Fourth night, I have to go back to see if reality was the SH or the first two cuties. First row of 20+ girls was not impressive. After I told the chief, "nyet", the next thing I knew, there was a short line up of 6-8 different girls. One really jumped out at me and I grabbed her for the night.

She wound up staying until after 1:00 the next afternoon. Didn't care for oral sex, but otherwise was a great experience and alot of fun. I wound up spending the next two nights with her and spend a great deal of time with her over the next 10 days. HOWEVER, after the third night, I was beginning to feel like I was missing out on some of the other fresh produce standing out in the cold. But first, here's an anon pic of this plum!In the middle of all this, I accompanied my friend, zergut, to his last lineup of his trip. He hooked up with a cute redhead that I lusted after, but made the ultimate sacrifice. However, I was looking for her for the next ten days.

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So, headed back into the cold, no luck withthe "sto" group and asked for the $70 group. Stashed in the group of 15, was a very cute, small/trim 18 y.o. with a tight body and very nice breasts. The best GFE sex of the trip. Forgot to take pics, but outstanding session.Next night, after hitting several clubs hit the lineups and found a semi-cute blond for the night. Not impressive, but still a 4 for 6 record.Finally, on my next to last night, I finally found a cute little redhead that I had sacrificed to a friend earlier in the trip. Very nice GFE sex. Here's a couple of full body shots in my apartment and, since my focus was on her body and not her face, I've included a nice face shot taken by zergut.

So, after 9 or 10 visits to lineups and 7 hookups with 5 big successes, I must say that I am totally convinced that lineups are everything that others have said they were. I can't wait until the spring and summer for the lineups without the winter gear! Now, in between trips to lineups, I had plenty of opportunities to meet with a couple of non-working girls that I've been communicating with over the past two months. We also visited many new clubs(to me), including one, Slava, that we were the only westerners in the entire club, but the loudest music I've ever heard and filled with beautiful girls. There are a couple of points that I need to make... first of all, I must admit that I was very skeptical of lineups since I began visiting Russia. Even when touted by such credible sources as CAR and others. SO, big time apologies to CAR, Russia Joe and others that have touted lineups in the past. I now realize that this option adds an entire new opportunity to find beautiful girls. IMHO, lineups provide the best chance of finding a great GFE with a girl relatively new to the business. All of the girls, even the sweathog and the semi-SH, had great attitudes!

Secondly, after a suggestion from my Georgia Banker friend, I purchased a local GSM phone for emergencies. Turns out that I used it several times a day to contact girls or find people I was meeting, and, all the time, having peace-of-mind that I could make and receive calls anytime. Total cost, less that $95 with $20+ of calling time included. I later discovered that CAR had recommended the same thing a couple of years ago.

All in all, a great trip that has left me with great anticipation for my January trip.

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