Prostitution Report
from Thailand

This part is all about the time I spent with a girl who was a marketing and IT student who had relatively rich parents (or someone funding her in Bkk). She was definately not a working girl but I did have pay for most stuff when we were out as is expected of most farang, although she did put her hand in her pocket now and again. I thought I would tell you all about it coz I'm sure you could get a working girl to do what I did, which was to take her down to Phuket for about a month.

....I'd pretty much run to a budget so far and tried not to spend too much on things like hotels and food so that I'd have more money to spend on women and drink. But now I had a woman that did not want any money from me and I saw no point in getting drunk when I had a beautiful 23 year old horny babe that was ready and willing. So I decided to push the boat out and pre-booked a decent hotel in the middle of the main area on Phuket - Patong Beach. We got on a bus and endured the 17 hour journey (500bt each), arriving around lunch time!! The room was quite plush and spacious and so it should have been at 1700bt a night. We unpacked, had sex and drifted off to sleep together.

The view from our room
I woke up, early evening, nudged my girl and had sex again. We got ready and headed for the nightlife. Patong's beach front has loads of seafood restaurants with all their fish, crabs, lobsters and tiger prawns on offer, lying on a bed of ice. We sat down and I went and chose my lobster - it was great. Around the corner are hundreds of beer bars. The atmosphere is really lively and there were many women about. Alot of the bars had a big section of a tree sitting on a stand - the game was to hit a nail into it with the wrong side of a hammer. We found a nice bar with a decent pool table and ordered our drinks. The girls that were working there seemed a bit miffed that the only bloke to walk into their bar had a girl already with him. I had a few games of pool and decided to go home to shag my woman and get an early night ready for the next day of exploring the island.

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Phuket Beaches
I hired a bike and we decided to head south and explore the island. We passed many beautiful beaches and settled for one that had some sunloungers and an umbrella. I'm not mad keen on sunbathing or sitting in the sun all day but everything was so nice I just laid back and enjoyed relaxing. My girl was really cool about everything. Normally (I hear) Thai girls hate being in the sun as the darker their skin the lower down the social ladder they are deemed to be (something to do with farming). Anyway she just put on a total block sun screen and went around in her bikini which she looked great in. We had alot of fun in the beautiful clear blue sea and white sand. She kept saying that she wanted to have sex in the sea and other places outdoors, an idea that I was fully prepared to explore. We finished up the day by watching the sun going down, it was amazing. The next day we hired a Harley style bike and went north. We stopped at a beach and my girl went for a walk around a rocky outcrop. She came back saying she'd found a place where we could have sex. I grabbed my camera and followed her. I took some great photos and we jumped into a rock pool. With a quick glance around to make sure no one was watching, I pulled her bikini bottoms to one side and started pumping in and out. She had her legs wrapped around me as the water took her weigh. What a wicked buzz. I saw a crab scurrying around while I was banging away. Suddenly we saw a couple who were climbing the rocks!! Not knowing how much they'd seen we stayed in position and waved hello, hoping they would just move on. We did it twice and it has to be one of the most daring places I've had sex. Excellent!!!

The rock pool we had sex in
After 3 days it was time to head off to Ko Phi Phi to do some scuba diving. We got the ferry and booked into a lovely room that cost 1900bt. It was right on the beach and had a pool (which wasn't really necessary as we were right on the beach front). Phi Phi was a paradise island with no cars or motorised transport. The populated area in the middle is made up of bars, restaurants, scuba diving shops, fast food vendors, hotels and chalets, internet shops. Scandinavian fit blonde women walked the streets (no they weren't hookers) in bikinis and the place was really laid back. The first night we had dinner in a place right on the beach with the sun going down in the background.

View from the restaurant on the beach front
On my second day there I bumped into someone I had met 8 weeks previously in Chiang Mai (its a small world). He had a pretty bad time with a Thai girl he found - long story which involved him loosing a lot of money, partly down to him taking some drugs that her and her mates had given him, nutter. I was glad that I had my girl to shag when I wanted without any hassles. She even stayed in when I told her I wanted to go for a night out with my mate. Anyway me and my girl did a PADI course together, swam hand in hand with leopard sharks and had a fantastic time. We got the boat back to Phuket and signed up to a better, much cheaper hotel that had a bar in the pool (1200bt/night). We went on a day tour to the James Bond Island and the floating village, very interesting. My friend met us a day or two later and we decided to make a mad dash for Ko Pang Nang just off Ko Samui, for a "full moon party". We left at 2pm and got to the last ferry at 6pm, but only just. Once on Samui we found a large speed boat to take us across to Pang Nang, arriving at about 11pm just when the party was getting started. We got wasted on buckets and other stuff and had a wicked time with 7000 other people from all over the world on a stretch of beach about half a mile long. Every type of music was catered for and I almost pulled a few girls there. We danced and partied hard til the next afternoon and then passed out until about 4pm. We worked out that we had no money and missed the last ferry to Ko Samui where everything we needed was in the car. Someone gave us 1000bt which we got food, a room and the ferry the next day at 7.30am. We raced back to Phuket and just made it in time to give the car back.

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Bar in the Pool - wicked Full Moon Party The next day and still the party was going strong

My friend was quite shy so when we were in a nightclub (in Phuket) I convinced him that all he had to do was show the slightest bit of interest in a Thai girl and he would have a good chance of getting her for free and if she charged it would not break the bank. He went and spoke to a cute looking girl and she told him she was with someone but to meet her up stairs. He ended up kissing her and getting quite frisky with her but she still had to go back to the guy she was with. He gave her my number (he didn't have a phone) and told her where we'd be going later and she said that she would try and meet up. My girl got tired and went home and I said I wanted to party some more so me and my mate went in search of an after hours drinking place. We got to Bamboo bar and unfortunately it got raided by the police so I went home. He told me the next day that the girl he was kissing earlier found him and they fucked all night. He said it was good but the second time they did it he hurt her coz she had such a tiny little pussy...(sorry no photos). What can you do.

Interchange Tower Pool on the 13th floor

My girl had to go back to school and I had done pretty much everything that I wanted to so we decided to go back to Bkk. The 17 hour bus journey was not something I was looking forward to so I booked us on the plane (about 2000bt each) and we were back in Bkk that afternoon. I was really hoping to move into her plush apartment which had full sat tv, en suite bathroom, a proper kitchen, communal pool, etc. but her parents said they didn't want me there. So I ended up booking into the Interchange Tower ( which was about $15000bt (9000bt plus bills) for a month (about 500bt a night). It had a like a kitchenette which I brought a few things for, a large room with a balcony, nice bathroom with a bath and power shower, sat tv, air con, a phone link so I could go on the Internet and a pool on the 13th floor. It was on the skytrain and was a 50-70bt cab drive from the Sukhumvit depending on the traffic. The thing I wanted to get away from was living every day around the Sukhumvit. It can be really in-your-face especially when you have a girl already and don't want girls trying to get you to take them home every 5 minutes. I was getting enough sex from my girl and I really didn't need or want to have sex with anyone else. My girl was a really good cook and I got to taste some beautiful, proper Thai food - things like steamed white snapper (fish) and great red curry. I even had a a go at a green curry which turned out pretty well. I cooked some food from home which was also good. The great thing was that it was also saving me money as I didn't have to pay for meals out all the time.

What on the menu tonight? Sweet and sour chicken served in a fresh pineapple, steamed white snapper and rice - gorgeous I like a girl who knows her place - at the sink with her knickers down

My girl moved in with me and I had a pretty good time just lazing around not doing much in the morning while she was at school. She'd get home and join me in bed. After a good session we'd go to sleep and then wake up and do some stuff, swimming, bowling, shopping, etc. Then we might go out for a meal, or go clubbing, or go to the factory, go see a film or play pool in the evening. I brought her some really sexy outfits which she would happily model for me while I took photos. As she posed I would get aroused and put my camera down and have sex with her in all kinds of positions. We had sex on the balcony quite a few times and just about 50 yards from it was a raised freeway which had cars racing passed. If you were driving and looked in the right place you would have seen us going for it. One time at night one of the roads was being blocked off and it had some Police on it. We could see them while we were at it and if they had looked up they would have seen us, ha ha.

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People back home wondered why I was staying in Bkk and not moving on to Australia like I had planned and the reason was I coz I was having sex when ever I wanted and enjoying myself. One day I played with myself in the morning while my girl was at school and then had sex with her 6 times throughout the day, two times in the pool!! She seemed to be quite impressed as I think the logic of the Thai girl is that the more you want to have sex with her, the more they are doing things right. We did it in the pool a few times - it was on the 13th floor but there were 19 floors all together. Basically 6 floors overlooked the pool which made getting caught more probable, which made it more exciting. Anyway one time we had finished what we were doing and looked up a little bit after and saw someone looking down. We didn't know if they had seen anything but everytime we when for a swim after that there would be about 3 or 4 heads popping out their windows so that put a stop to that.

Pictures from the 13th foor pool area In the back ground Thailand's Tallest Building (Baiyoke Sky Hotel)

I've painted a pretty rosy picture of life in Bkk with my woman but things weren't totally brilliant. I must admit I totally lucked out with the girl I got. She was a student with her own money, she even took me out for 1500bt meals and brought me clothes, she spoke brilliant English, she had an amazing body as you can see with all the photos she let me take, she was a great cook and I had a really good laugh with her when I went out to nightclubs, she wanted sex as much as I did. If I had one complaint it would be that she didn't have many interests or hobbies. We also had a few arguments and she even slapped me one time coz she over heard me tell my mate about the sex on the balcony. I had trouble with a working girl who (the girlfriend of one of my French buddy's) telling her I was going with gogo girls as well as her which was a total lie. Actually I all the time I was with her (2/3 months) I was completely faithful which is really hard to do in Thailand. It was annoying with with this hooker poisoning my girls mind but I sorted it in the end.

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One of the things that we did alot of was take photos. She was very photogenic and loved me taking pictures of her and for her to see them straight away. She used to come home with some new clothes to try on and take some sexy photos. I even went shopping with her one time - I wanted to buy her a nice skirt or dress. I was aloud to go into the dressing room where we also had some fun as she wasn't wearing any knickers. We got some strange looks as we walked out coz we were in there quite a while and I'm sure there must have been noises even tho we tryed to keep quite. She didn't even buy anything in the end!! I think one of the reasons she like me having her photos was that when I was away from her I could look at her photos and I would be reminded of how hot she was and want to get back to her as soon as I could. Plus I could then show all my friends the photos of her and they would all tell me how hot she was and how lucky I was to get a girl like that. While I was living with her I put on a load of weigh and started looking really fat, my girl didn't mind coz she said it ment I was happy and content with life, which I was. Whether that's true or not I did start feeling like it was getting out of hand and I was actually looking forward to going back to work and being active again. She did eat alot though and I'm sure she was fattening me up to make me less attractive, especially in the UK.

I'd spent about $8000 in 5 months and had a fantastic time. I have thousands of photos - it was like every day was a weekend for the whole time I was there. After a month of living in the Interchange Tower my funds were starting to run a little low and it was summer in England and I had a few weddings to go to and wanted to see my family again. So I booked a cheap flight 13000bt ($300) and said my good-byes. I left it that I was going to go home and come back in 3 months with loads more money, but my friend was going to Eastern Europe and I decided to go with him, spending all the money I earnt. I have now had to work another 6 weeks to build up enough money for a couple of months in Thailand. My girl is pretty pissed about me going to Europe and I've told her I'm coming back but I'm not going to stay with her for long. To tell you the truth I don't really care too much, there wasn't an amazing spark going on for me. I had a brilliant time with her but at the end of the day there are loads of girls like her in Thailand and I want to meet a few more of them... Actually alot more of them (should be fun for a few months), before I go and spend a year working in Australia. Life could be worse...

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