Prostitution Report
from Argentina

I found an escort service with the url and used their services twice. Both time the ladies were the ones on the site, but looked much better in the pics than in person. I saw Barbara and Romina, instead of 8's (on my scale) they were more like 6.5-7. They were very pleasant, but if you are THAT picky, you need recent specific recommendations. Barbara speaks very limited english and Romina spoke none. I enjoy their services, even though they both looked better on the website. Just add 10 lbs. and make an allowance for make-up.

I went to Catto's because of one report with pics of outstanding talent. That wasn't the Catto's I visited. Think Las Vegas Caberet in Havana, only much tackier. Talent was completely lacking, most 6's or lower (and that's being generous). Maybe I was there on the wrong night at the wrong time (Fri. 2:AM). I was in the mood for love at this point and found a friendly Brazilian. Cost of Catto's $40 for 3 beers, $100 for lady and $20 for love motel nearby. That place might be hit or miss and I didn't bother with Hook or the other place across the street.

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Newport, Black, etc. were a different story altogether. Stunning women, even more stunning prices. If you are a high roller these are the places for you (think Macumba in Havana). Ranged for no-way to drop-dead. Bar bill is at least $60 and I was drinking beer and they all ask for $300 (negotiable). I ended up paying half of that. Remember this is a "class" joint, not a farmer's market. LOL. All the places on restaurant row didn't seem too busy that week. I found Black to be over-rated considering the $20 cover. I also checked out, but didn't stay at Hippopotamus. Looked promising with high-level talent, but I was way too tanked that night. I think the place across from Password is a chica bar too. Il Magu, it is a pizzaria as well. The bar was two doors down from pizzaria. Not too sure about this one, but judging from the super aggressive touts promising "free" beer and chicas I would suspect.

B.A. News and Pacha were glitzly danceclubs, just like home. Didn't appear to be any obvious pros, so you have to assume there aren't any unless proven wrong.Classified ads are strictly for advanced level players only. Plenty of ads in the papers, but unless you speak good Spanish, you are out of luck because you must discuss services, rates and directions over the phone and they DO NOT speak english. Prices are much cheaper (they are priced for locals), except for the VIP or executive level places. I one for a daytime quickie. One word of advice, I tried to stay within Barrio Norte/Microcentro because I did not know the city that well and am not that trusting of strange cities.

Ivonnn's bottom line: Had fun, but nearly broke the piggy bank. You get more bang for your buck in Cuba, even though the food in Havana sucks. Don't go out of your way to pursue the hobby in B.A., but if you happen to be there...

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