Prostitution Report
from Australia

Perth on the west coast of Australia seems to be the entering point for most Asians coming to Australia. There are several brothels and massage parlors with asian girls. Lot of asian girls come here on a student or tourist visa and work for few months then go back home. Most Aussie girls are big and a little heavy. I have been spoiled with the little Asian girls. A lot of different nationalities, what ever you want you can find it, though the quality is not great overall.

The local newspaper, Western Austalian, has an ad section for brothels and massage places. Have had good experience with most of the massage places. Also the massage places seem to come and go so I won't try to be specific, here to day gone tomorrow. As with any place depends on when you go and who you get. Evenings seem to have the best choice and quantity of girls, and more customers. Day time can be a nice treat, first in line for the day and still fresh. When you look in the paper most of the first few columns will be numerous ads for brothels. These ads will sound like individuals but if you start calling some of them you will quickly realize they are mostly brothels and the same brothel over and over. The first 50 or 60 ads will all be from about six different brothels.

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Escorts: Hundreds of escort ads, most gilrs actually come from brothels. What you say you want and what shows up are two differnet tings. Usually $AU300 for an hour, you get to pay for the driver and time away from the brothel, etc.Massage Private Houses and Parlors: Usually AU$150 is good for an hour FS and BJ all with condom. This is my preference, better service by smaller private operations, no big overhead to pay for. Most of the Massage houses are in Victoria Park, just east of the central business district. Easy to get there by taxi or evan a bus, and then a short walk, you will need a map book to figure out your route.

Massage and Jerk: More of these places popping up. Most will say no sex in their ads. The girl is naked, no touching and give hand job. Sometimes if you pay for an hour they will try to jerk you off twice. For me not interested in these services. The massages are usually better but no fucking.Langtrees: AU$300 will get you FS one hour. Well known but the high end of the market.Double Dees Sweethearts: Total waste of time. AU$150 got me in the room for what should have been one hr FS but instead turned into no you can't touch, no I won't do that, that is extra. Had I paid for the extras I would have spent over AU$300 for the same service you can easily find for AU$150.

Aphrodities: Not much selection AU$200 for an hour, service was good.International Massage: AU$150 for an hour, good service and decent selection of young girls. Young in Australia is under 30 and over 20, 18-20 are very rare. Small massage tables to fuck on, not great.La Cherie: AU$200 for an hour, good service and double beds to fuck in, nice place.Casey's: Didn't stay, nothing evan worth trying. Dirty little place.Most of the brothels are in East Perth, easy to walk from the central business distric or take a taxi.

Perth does have a lot of freelancers all over town and some strip clubs. Prostitution is open and accepted for the most part. Never any hassle with the police or rip off scams. All in all not the greatest place in the world for pussy, but there is a lot available.

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