Prostitution Report
from Brazil

Returned yesterday from my latest Rio trip, relaxed if not refreshed. This report summarizes information some of you may find useful regarding garotas, accommodations, other entertainment, and my guide service experience.

Four of us went on this trip: my friend R and his girlfriend; and me and my girfriend. Our girlfriends are generally cool with this type of trip, as it gives them the chance to pick up the cute young beach boys around Posto 9 -- something they do with alacrity.The big event of the trip was intended to be a festinha at VIPS in their Millenium Suite. The original intent had been to invite a group of WSA members to help us out, but work intervened (my friend works for a porn production company, and we had to do interviews and auditions at Millenium instead of just have a party), so only Bwana Dik joined the four of us and the nine Brasilian girls.

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Six of the girls were from Karla Models, who lived up to their reputation for punctuality by arriving early (!). Those not familiar with Brasil cannot appreciate what a shock that is. Four of the six were good performers: From the first group of three, Tatiana was the star. Short (4' 11"), hair to the bottom of her ass, and so kinky even the other girls refer to her as perverted (in an admiring tone). Bwana dik performed yeoman duty with all three, upholding the honor of the regiment while the rest of us were setting up cameras, putting out refreshments, auditioning other girls, and generally not using the Millenium Suite for its intended purpose. I finally broke free to entertain Tatiana, as the girls were complaining about being neglected; she is wild. Unfortunately my Brasilian namorada was also at the party, and suggested we make it a dupla. Turned out her definition of a dupla was that she and I have sex while Tatiana watches. Fortunately I really enjoy sex with her -- she has the best voluntary control of her vaginal muscles of any woman I've ever met. By the way, the rate for the women from Karla Models was R150 each for three hours, multiple partners; plus a single taxi fare for the three of them. The second shift from Karla arrived, and we swore we would show them more attention than the first group. They were all good performers: Claudinha has been reviewed by many others on this board, so I'll just confirm that she is attractive (about a 7, which is fairly high by my scoring), sexually competent, outgoing and enthusiastic, and has GREAT all natural breasts!

Karen was pick of the litter, though; high energy, great oral sex with two of us at once, definitely a bit kinky (during idle moments she picked up a large acrylic dildo we brought and slid it in and out of her ass while smiling invitingly at us), and looks at about the 6.5 level. Of the six girls from Karla's, she would be the first I'd invite back again. When I became too involved with Karen, my Brasilian namorada invited me to a dupla with her and Claudinha. Being incapable of learning, I agreed with the predictable results -- Claudinha sitting next to us trying to find some way to reach in to participate. Meanwhile my American girlfriend was doing photography and video at the same time and laughing at me. Joyce was the third girl in the second shift: not particularly attractive and extremely skinny (no shock absorption at all around her anus, so you could see bruises left from prior customers), but sexually competent with a good attitude. As you may have noticed, I assign considerable weight to the attitude. Since my Brasilian namorada was upstairs at the time, I was able to enjoy myself with her. Bwana Dik, of course, was rogering all of them with an energy I don't think I had at half his age. In addition a couple friends of my namorada showed up mid afternoon; nothing exceptional.

No anal sex, would not let their faces be photographed. Here's one posing on the upper deck: We tried out the regular sex chairs in VIPS this time (scary); and the Millenium Suite also has a black lounger that is fantastic -- no matter what position you try, it fits you; and it gives and rebounds to your rhythm like it was made for the purpose (which it probably was). The four of us all wanted to figure out where we could buy one. The total cost for renting Millenium: R450 base rate plus R280 for 8 extra guests (note we has 14 extras -- in my experience with VIPS, they have never charged me for more than the minimum number of guests you are required to guarantee for a high end suite). So about $250 USD for three bedrooms, three bathrooms, three sex chairs, two small pools with waterfalls and one big pool, and spectacular views. Plus sound systems, "living room" area (good place to stretch out for the girls to give you massages), and parking. The outdoor railing is great for looking out over the Pacific while having your girl from behind (so you can both enjoy the view).

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My namorada tells me Suite Rio is also great, and I like Suite Brisas as well -- both are lower priced than Millenium. The next day I was out bodysurfing at Posto 9 on Ipanema, in the big waves the storm had kicked up, when the top dropped out of a wave and I was ground up, beaten about, and kicked out with a dislocated toe. So the rest of my trip was spent being pampered by my Brasilian namorada while the rest of our crew was out playing. Not bad -- she is determined to get my abs in shape to match the Brasilian boys, and put me through some good workouts. While recovering on the beach from my accident, though, I noticed one of the girls from the previous day at VIPS, there with her husband and four year old daughter. She gave me a nice wink; since she had told me her husband did not know the exact nature of her job, I decided not to crawl over to see her. Incidentally, Barbara Reis apparently quit Karla Models on April 20, which is a loss to us all. If anyone finds out where she went, please post the information. Second incidentally: if you really want to see faces of the models before making a choice, they will send a girl to your apartment with the book for 40 reais ("taxi"). That proved useful to us in picking the girls for the festinha; and if you like the girl they send over, she'll stay a couple extra hours for the usual rate of 100 reais. Then you can look at the book while resting between sessions with her. One more mention of a garota before reviewing other topics: my namorada brought over a friend (Cacha) the first night. A paulista, like my namorada;

very attractive in a classic porn star way, with impeccable English. She splits her time between Sao Paulo, where she hosts/does interviews three nights a week for a TV show there that sounds similar to HBO's Real Sex; and had just appeared in one of the higher quality nudie magazines the prior month. An independent, like my namorada, with a similar rate schedule: R200 for two hours. Breast implants, I'm sorry to say, but a very polished performer sexually. If you want to spend that amount of money, I'd certainly recommend her. On to music. We tried numerous music venues while in Rio, but there were only two I'd recommend: the Lapa district on a Thursday through Saturday night; and Mistura Fina in Lagoa (Av. Borges de Medeiros, 3207). Lapa has many small hole in the wall places with live music, and while some is North American junk (lots of Hippy hop, trance, and house), there are also places with good brasilian music. Warning: anyone over 30 sticks out in Lapa, as it is the university district. Mistura Fina has live music six nights a week, with the feature act upstairs --

when I was there, it was a jazz fusion quartet that was really excellent, and that incorporated a number of Brasilian influences. The crowd is older, upper middle class; you'll want your garota to dress like she is not just plucked out of Help. The various night clubs in Ipanema are fun for dancing, but have high cover charges and could just as easily be in Berlin or Boston -- nothing uniquely Brasilian about them. We used Don and his sister for guide and support services. We didn't ask Don for a lot, but when we did he was unfailingly helpful. His sister, on the other hand, bore the brunt of all our logistics support needs ("we need 70 kilos of food and drink at VIPS by 2:30;" "we need someone to babysit us for three hours while we deal with a misplaced passport issue;" "I have to get these pages faxed back to the US immediately;"

"can you meet me in an hour with four Cialis tablets?") and did so effectively, cheerfully, and promptly. She gets four thumbs up from the group, and a unanimous vote to use her again for the next trip. My time in Brasil is worth too much for other pursuits to be doing that stuff myself. I'll leave you with a recommendation for the Ipanema Towers Hotel (details on another post), a wish to meet more of you on the next trip in August, and a picture that is worth several words.

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