Prostitution Report
from Cuba

Arrived via Toronto-Santiago, Air Transat $377 cdn/$250 us. Had reserved a car through Apparently Air Transat is now promoting Santiago as a destination for Canadians in their travel books. Was confirmed for a small compact car at $41 usd +12usd insurance/day. Got to the airport and no sign of it. They screwed up. They drove my friend and I to Hotel Santiago where they told us we would have to wait for four hours as it was being serviced. Turns out they charged us only $36/day. I guess they screwed up again!

Started walking around and found casa's everywhere! Just look for the blue triangle. Decided to stay near Hotel Santiago which is about 5 minutes away from downtown. Downtown is very noisy. Casa rooms were $20 each (less my friends' $5 commission which he gives back to me). I have noticed that some casa's are jacking up their breakfast price - $4! Across the street from the Hotel Santiago is a nice cafeteria which serves excellent food, fried chicken $1.25, etc. We ate here and at the two rapidos for the most part. Food at the nearby Las Americas 24 hour cafeteria was horrible. Avoid at all costs. If your casa has a fridge, stock up at the local super-mercado.

Chicas: Many! Too many!

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Location: Bus circle near Hotel Santiago, bus stop near main Cuban bus station (guy on the horse statue), parque marti, parque cespedes, and plaza dolores. In the daytime watch out for the school girls in the yellow uniforms -> jail bait!

General thoughts and observations:

Averaged 2 chicas GFE/day. Half only asked for money for a taxi. At night, many good looking chicas found walking around parque cespedes. Going rate is $20 for the full night.

Several above average chicas were asking $60/2-3 hours, because
"that is what the Italian guys are paying now". Can you believe it? Can someone give these guys a lesson in economics?, as they are going to kill Santiago for all of us.

Chicas are mainly mulattos/ negros/ the odd light skinned gem. Many of the negros actually want to do anal.Hotel Tropicana disco is a dive. La Maison is ok. Why pay for the fashion show, when you can sit at the entrance or in the cafeteria and take your pick?Playa Siboney crawling with chicas and police. If you get a chica spend the extra 10 minutes driving to playa verraco - no police and many secluded spots to do the wild thing. Avoid playa bacanou as the beach looks like there was an oil spill there. Only people there are fisherman trying to sell you fish and lobster.Many underage girls working too. Always ask for their id! I had to bite my hand one time as we picked up a "Cathy Ireland" look alike with well formed tits. Her name was Cita and money was not even discussed. However, she could not produce her friggin ID, which led me to believe she might be underaged. Any thoughts on this?As well, missed out on a "Jennifer Lopez" look alike. She wanted to meet us at the La Maison Cafeteria, but we got delayed and she was already gone. Kick myself in the ass for that one.Some of the La Maison models hang out at disco Iris, off of parque marti. Their rate is $50 for the night, although they will not want to go with you to the beach as they appear publicly nightly.

When you are tired of fucking and sucking, I highly recommend a visit to Castle El Morro and the big rock Grand Piedra. Well worth the $3 and $1 admission fees for tourists.We took a 1 day trip to Holguin and it was freezing! Lots of wind. Not many chicas out. Scored with one, but the action all seemed to be in Santiago. So we drove back. Found a shortcut that only took us 2 hrs 20 minutes between Holguin and Santiago.All in all a great trip and worth recommending. For those who don't speak too much spanish, fork some money over and get a local guide, as not too many chicas speak English yet. The 2000 Lonely Planet is also useful for the detailed downtown maps. Have fun!

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