Prostitution Report
from Russia

Thought I would share my experiences in Russia for a week this November. I can’t really add much new practical stuff to what Car has so often posted on here, but all that he says is good advice and I suggest that a first time visitor to Russia, as I was, reads the old postings and takes a few notes. ……. Anyway, down to the more interesting stuff:

I tried out the line ups that you will have read about. This is a lot easier than I had expected – just go to the side of the road, stick your arm out, and within 2 minutes a car will stop (usually a knackered old Lada). I had previously worked out how to pronounce, in Russian, "I want a girl tonight", by using a Russian phrase book. This will come as no surprise to the driver – and once in the car (sit in the front) negotiate, as best you can, the price. Money is not a big issue for me, so I guess I paid consistently over the odds but 100 roubles seems to get you most places. The driver will then take you to a line up. Its as easy as that. The line ups are obvious once you work it out – a girl or two standing at the side of the road (but not waving their arms to flag down a cab) will direct your driver off the main road, maybe round the back of a block, and then, amazingly, a host of girls will appear from cars and vans. Its unreal! They walk in front of the headlights, and you tell the driver which one you are interested in. She comes over, and a close inspection will reveal if you made a good choice. If not, just indicate for the line to walk past again. I got the driver to do the talking and $100 seems like a good price for the night to me, so that’s what I paid.

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This was my first girl from a line-up – Ukrainian (not Russian hence has to work in line-ups) name escapes me, but a fun girl, eager to communicate by Russian phrase book, sign language and drawing pictures! She was an easy convert to having her picture taken; and seemed to want to pose a lot! Interestingly, very eager to have sex in every room in my apartment, which I kinda like! Good, competent sex and laughed and smiled a lot. I think they are just so grateful to get in from the cold (it was about –15C). Stayed all night, and left around 8, I think. The next place I tried was Chesterfields. Exactly as it is described in the postings on here – good atmosphere the nights I went, always plenty of girls, very easy to sort out the working girls, and even those I took to be regular girls were approachable and happy to chat (if they could speak English of course!).

Now this girl was the best I had in Moscow by a long way – Julia. Met her in Chesterfields, she was dancing by herself. She was a student, or so she claimed, and was easily persuaded to come back to the apartment. She wanted $250! I obviously said no, and offered $100. Eventually she settled on $100 for sex and $50 "for world peace"!!! Honest, that was the bizarre conversation I had at the bar with her!

She was WONDERFUL. Complete GFE material………… really passionate kisses, basically she fell on me as soon as we got in the apartment. The sex was absolutely fantastic – I will spare her blushes but we must have spent a good 20 minutes in a really energetic 69 before we got down to he serious fucking; wow…………… still gives me the horn just typing this stuff in! She stayed all night, and every time I could I fucked her……… she was really into cuddling, kissing, diving under the covers to suck me off, insisted I watch her masturbate (hey, its rude not to!) and man, was it a GREAT night!

Anyway, here is a shot of her pretty face (cute or what?) and here is a shot of her masturbating…………………… (I told you!)

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