Prostitution Report
from Thailand

I'm in the middle of my first trip to Thailand, and here is the start of my trip report. I will update it as events unfold, and when I get a chance to download any pictures.

Prelude: I was on a business trip to Taiwan, and decided to take advantage of being so close to Thailand to extend my stay by a week of vacation. My work was completed Friday afternoon, Sept 26. I got a flight Friday night instead of waiting until Saturday. I wanted to make the most out of this trip as possible!About the only flight available got me into Bangkok at 1:05 am. Which, by the messages on the board, would have gotten me to the Majestic at around 2am. I made my reservations online on Tuesday.Thursday, they send me an email, telling me they're full! So I emailed the Nana. They also said they were full. So I sent a message to the board, asking for advice. Everyone told me not to worry. The Nana always says they're full, and there are plenty of hotels in the area. I was also assured that there would be plenty of action available, even at that time of night.I had planned on getting a haircut before I went, but after seeing a post about the Baron, I decided I'd get my haircut there.

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Day 1: So, I put my worries aside and didn't book a hotel. My flight got delayed, so my flight didn't get in until 2am. Thanks to the advice of WSA (God I'm glad I joined this site!), I knew what to do.I went right to an ATM, got some baht, went out the doors, past the guys telling me they'd give me a ride, and went to the metered taxis. Hold him to take me to the Nana Hotel, and off we went.As we were driving, I thought I saw a big building that said some thing like "Atomic Instute of Peace"...I know I don't have the name exactly right, but it made wonder what the hell that was. Anyway...The taxi eventually turned down a small street with many people milling about, including the main reason I came here: hot asian chicks! The Nana parking lot was so crowded he had to keep beeping his horn to get people to get out of the way.So, I went into the Nana Hotel with my one bag, and they tell me they're full. Damn. So, I started wandering around. Tough to do with a medium-sized piece of luggage with wheels on a busy street. I saw the Majestic, so decided to see if they had lied about being full. Nope, they're full too. The girl was very nice though, and started calling around. After the fourth or fifth call, when everyone said they were full, I was starting to get a little worried. Apparently there's a convention in town (APEC?)Finally she found a place that had a room for 950 baht: The Nana Inn. I wheel myself down there. It's not that convenient to get to. Passed by the Grace Hotel, made a note of that.I got to the Nana Inn, and got my room. I decided to book it for two nights, since it was already after 3am, and I didn't want to have to worry about checking out in the morning. Seemed like an ok room. Had a minibar, etc. Then, within a minute after getting there, I saw a nice fat cockroach crawlin across the potato chip bags. Nice.I took a quick shower, changed, put everything in my suitcase, locked it, and put it in the closet. Headed out the door with 3000 baht in my pocket, figuring that should more than cover what I was looking for (some drinks, and a ST).

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Stopped by a 7-11 and got some Durex condoms, then went to the Nana parking lot. Find a nice looking one, who wanted 800 baht for ST. I said what about 600..and she said yes. She didn't understand English too well, and I understood no Thai, but she knew enough English to be able to talk cash, and ST vs LT.She asked me where I was from, but only smiled when I tried asking her questions on the way to the hotel. Not a good sign, but I kept my hopes up. We got to the hotel, and she showed them her ID, and it was off to the room.

When we got to the room, she immediately started taking her clothes off. That's when I noticed she had some of the most ugly feet I've ever seen. Now I'm not a foot fetishist by any means, but geeze, I was a little put off by them. Heavily calloused, and big fat toes. I'm guessing she was a farm girl, and was barefoot most of her life. But I have no idea what I'm talking about.She showered, then I showered. When I came out, she was under the covers with her towel still on. I climbed in and pulled the towel off her. Her breasts were saggy, and her stomach had stretch marks. So I decided to concentrate on her face, which was very pretty. But she turned away, and wouldn't look me in the face the whole time. She wouldn't BBBJ, and really resisted oral even with a condom. She was very reluctant to do anything other than missionary. With the only thing going for her being her face, which was turned away, Mr. Happy decided he was bored and went to sleep.So I tried to get her to do a little more oral to get him back in the game, but she didn't want to. That's it, I said to myself. I'd have a better time with my hand, so I said we were done.

She took another shower, and when she came out, I had her 600 baht. She looked at it strangely, and said 800. I stuck to my guns though, and said that she had said 800 at first, but then I said 600, and she had said yes. She seemed to be a bit confused by this, and started getting dressed. I put the money on the bed next to her, and busied myself with figuring out how to turn the TV on. She pensively looked at the money, took it, and left, with a quiet goodbye.Looking back, I think she genuinely thought we had agreed on 800 baht, because of her limited English, so I felt a little bad about that. But only a little.I was really tired by this point, and had lost interest in getting off, so decided to not "take things into my own hands" and save it up for the next day. So off to sleep I went, hoping (*really* hoping) that what I just experienced was the low point in my trip.

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