Prostitution Report
from Argentina

Was just in BA for a week, came back last Sunday and had a great time with the local ladies. Went to a place called "Nuevo Estilo" at 687 La Pampa in Belgrano, phone 4784-1248. It's like a cross between a local bar with pool table and US style strip club. Lots of local men and all the chicas are good to go. There were about 15 girls, some in the 6-9 range and most of them stripped so you could see what you'd be leaving with. The club has its own "albergue transitorio" which is how the Argentines say "short stay motel" right on the premises. They charge you 50 USD for the room and the girl charges 100 US for 1 hour. I went with a nice local girl named Sylvana who had a great body and really nice personality. It would be very helpful to speak some Spanish which I do but I'm sure you'd make do with English. We showered together and Sylvana started playing with my dick in the shower. She had a great "touch" and really turned me on. At first in bed she slapped on a condom for the bj but it was a great bj anyway and then we fucked in various positions except she didn't put out the ass, "la cola" as they say it in BA. After I came the first time we rested for a few minutes and then Sylvana got me going again and I came a second time. The quality isn't as good as Black or Playwoman but good enough and the girls were very friendly.

I had an experience at Playwoman with a gorgeous, tall, but dishonest Brazilian girl whose name escapes me. Basically she gave me the feeling I was being rushed and at the end she decided for herself to take a tip from my money without asking me. She did this by holding my 2-$100.00 bills because I didn't have the right change to give her her $150.00 so she assured me that she'd pay for the room out of my $200 and give me all the change. She didn't. She pulled a fast one on my and only gave me part of my change, claiming that I came twice so she deserved a tip. If she'd asked me for a tip I probably would've given her one because she was really great in bed except for the rushing, but she pissed me off because she just appropriated my money and it was late in the morning and I needed the change for the cab ride back to Belgrano.

In general I'd say that the talent at Playwoman isn't a great as I remember it from around the same time last year although there were several very tasty looking honeys. Seem like the going rate is $150.00 for 1-1/2 hours although I was with an awesome girl from Mendoza last year for 2-1/2 hours for $150.00 Guess that's inflation.

In chatting with lots of people around BA I was told that you can really drop a load with some really nice girls from the ads in Clarin for $20.00. Hard to believe but enough locals told me about this that the next time I go down there I'm definitely going to check it out. I'm sure for these girls it would be totally necessary to speak good Spanish to understand directions and addresses to their apartments.

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