Prostitution Report
from Australia

One luscious beauty I have stumbled upon works under the name of Kirsten (or Kristen). Lovely blue eyed blond with a wicked sense of humour. She has all the features to endear herself to the business ... nicely shaved where it counts, well built and able to use her body to provide the maximum pleasure.

The first time I met Kirsten was a solo booking and when she came into the room there was no fooling around - but lots of fooling around. A 'girl friend' kiss followed by some gentle wrestling, clothes off and she was massaging first the back and then the stalk quick as a flash. Rubber suit on for the little fella JT (which by now was much much bigger!) and straight into the mouth - what a tongue and what suction. Really was a pleasure to experience and I had to lie back and think of England. The old joke about how a Frenchman holds his liquor (licker) .... by the ears!! always comes back at these times as Y gently lifted her head from the stalk. Kristen seemed genuinely disappointed that I needed a rest!

After a couple of moments composing himself, young JT was stretching his neck again and Kristen hopped on (after lubricating the young fella liberally) ... very gently she lowered herself on to the stalk. Now I'm not all that big but it was very flattering to have some one groan quietly as milimetre by milimetre the rod disappeared up her well shaved twat. Watching JT do his little trip of exploration heightened the pleasure while I just lay back stroking the lips of the cave into which he was disappearing.

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With the stalk well and truly embedded, Kristen started to grind in a circle one way and me? I ground in a circle the other way! Up and down, round and round. I was in so deep by now I thought I could feel her arm pits but she kept on grinding and groaning, groaning and grinding. After several of minutes of this and not wanting to shoot my load too soon, I suggested that I might like to have a go on top. K readily agreed to this and disengaged herself - again very slowly and groaning flatteringly all the way as she held on to the base of my dick to stop the raincoat from coming adrift.

Like a hunting eagle with its eye on a little pussy I hovered above her as she lay back on the bed with her knees spread wide while she lubricated herself this time. Of course I had to help with this job (being a gentleman) and once discretion got the better part of me I tarted to shaft her from on top. She loved the deep thrusts the best and gave me plenty of encouragement. When I got close enough she even nibbled my ears - what a turn on! So as a reply and while the ole boy was shafting, I placed my hand down to find her clitoris and started massaging it slowly at first and then with more and more vigour ... K went wild and bucked around like a little heiffer.

Doggy style seemed to be the way to go and it was only the faintest suggestion before Kristen was on all fours with her pert bum stuck in the air looking for more. And in came ole JT like a scud missile!! I only regret that the angle of the dangle grating agianst the angle of the recepticle made so much friction that after a minute r two I finally ......aaaahhhh!! I couln't hold back and dropped the load into her welcoming cavity!The session took about half an hour because of my excitement with K a willing conspirator and coach.We spent a while comparing notes and having a quiet chat about all sorts of things.

K was a real sweetie and it was only at later meetings that I found about her wicked sense of humour and her skills in the other things which she introduced to our later sessions.

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