Prostitution Report
from Brazil

As any one of us visits a particular city, it is very easy to go to the same club twice or more. This could be within a few days, weeks, months, or even a year apart. Many times we get to know the girls quite well. Although both sides know the game, there can be a certain amount of desire that a particular girl has for an individual guy. What happens quite often after we select girl A the first night, we want girl B or C for a change, even if from the same club. If girl A has had a great time with the guy the previous experience, the next time he comes in the club, and she is there, she will want him again. If he selects girl B or C, they now become the “ugly girl,” even if they are best friends. The next time the guy walks into the club, even months later, girl A will ask him why he chose the “ugly girl.” She will remember everything, from the clothes they both were wearing, to how her hair was fixed. Girl B or C is now so “ugly” to girl A, that the memory is etched permanently in her cavernous cranium.

This will go on even between the best of friends. This background was obtained through personal experience, and so it was with caution that I started on a slight change to the normal routine, and that was to go to a club with my girl and add another girl of both of our choosing for some fun. It was understood between us that it was only fun and games, and I had agreed was not to fall for the other girl or see her outside of that night, and my girl was not to get jealous, or as the girls say in Latin America, have “green eyes.”

This story took place in Sao Paulo recently. After getting some sleep upon arrival, and taking care of some personal matters, I ran into a co-worker. Since my girl J was not going to come over until close to midnight, we decided to take a walk along Rua Augusta, have some dinner, and go look at the skanks. We hit a few places, had a few beers, and enjoyed the inexpensive entertainment. One place we walked into charged us R$20, but said that included two drinks each, sodas or beers. We paid, walked in, and there was only one girl in there.

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We decided to split, and my friend asked for the money back. As this conversation was starting to go downhill quite fast, I felt it best to cut our losses, and just leave. But no, he had to get belligerent with them, and was about to start breaking things over $7. I grabbed him and hauled his ass out of there, and finally convinced him that it was our fault of paying before looking. He had had about enough of this area, and so we went to O’Malley’s, a local Irish pub.

While at O’Malley’s, another co-worker walked in with an absolutely stunning girl on his arm. Small waist, big tits, nice attitude, and a pretty face, all combined to send a shower of compliments her way from me. We made some small talk and then said adios, and headed back to the hotel. J arrived shortly thereafter, and we retired to the room for some fun and sleep. The next morning business had to be taken care of, and I ran into my co-worker from the previous night, the one with the babe on his arm. I again complimented him on his girl, and another co-worker started to laugh and said he is ready to trade up. That adds some more truth to the quote, “No matter how good looking she is, there is always someone who is tired of her.” I couldn’t believe it. That evening we met for some beers, and guess who was still around? Yes, the babe. I laughed, and we all had fun teasing her. She thought it might be fun for a guy and two girls as well, and I told her about J and I going out to look for some fun.

It is amazing how these Latin girls get into this stuff with two girls getting it on with one guy. Later on, everybody went their own way, and I went back to wait for J. While waiting for her in the hotel lobby, a group of three girls walked towards the exit. I stopped them, made small talk, and got the phone number of one, “E,” and told her that I would call her the next day. J came in shortly thereafter, and we headed out. Here is where it starts to get interesting.

I was surprised that she did not have someone lined up, but instead she suggested we go to Millennium and find a girl there. That was a bit of communication mix up, as she thought I wanted to go to a club, and I thought she was going to bring a friend. Anyway, we decided to check it out as neither of us had ever been there. Although the club is a bit pricey, it is top notch. R$70 for entrance, which includes a few drinks. They do ask for identification. The club is beautifully decorated, simple, elegant, and is very open and there is a lot of space to move around. Before long the word got out that we were looking for another girl to join us, and a pretty blonde showed up at our table. She and J started talking right away.

The price for the room was R$100, and R$300 for her. A hot tub was included in the room as well. She planted a huge lip lock on me, and I could see J was uneasy. I re-assured her, and kept on re-assuring her that this was just for fun, and that she was still #1 with me. She seemed relieved, but was still a bit uneasy. Anyway, we went to the room, and it was beautiful, with a huge bed, and a giant hot tub, and everything spotless. There was a small pass through door for drinks and food as well.

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We all got into the tub, and everybody really got into it, then retreated to the bed. The blonde was sitting on my face, and shortly after that, I went to kiss J, and she balked. She said to me without the other girl hearing that, I was not to kiss the stinky girl in the pussy, and then kiss her. I had to clean up first. In my mind I was busting up laughing. We have gone past the “ugly girl” to the “stinky girl.” LOL. She then told me later that the girl was beautiful, but stinky. I was cracking up, but respected her wishes. All in all, it was a great time, but I still thought J was very uneasy about being with a girl she did not know. Funny though, the two girls traded phone numbers, so she must not have been too “stinky.” On top of that, she and the other girl really got into it for a while. That was kind of wild to see. We called it a night and headed back to the hotel.

J had to leave the next morning around 10:00. After she left, I had breakfast and then called E who I met the night before. We had a problem with the communication, so I called her back in about 5 minutes, and with the help of a bellman and a R$10 tip, he translated for me. She came over at 2:00 and stayed for about three hours. She was not the prettiest, but damn affectionate, and got me all worked up. She and her friends worked at Romanza, and I almost asked her about another girl that worked there, but held off. I figure that the word will get out that she was with a guy from the U.S. who paid her well. My friend will find out about it soon enough through the BGN(Brazilian Garota Network). E stayed until about 5:00, great gal. After she left, I headed out to get a bite to eat, and take a walk down Rua Augusta again to do some damage control with the club owner that my friend had words with. They were not open yet, so I will try again on my next visit. I stopped by a Sauna Mista, and had some babe play with me for a while. It was a nice finish to a great weekend.

I don’t care what these girls say about not having green eyes. They all do, especially when they have been with you for a while. I think the only really fair way to have two girls is to go out by yourself, and find them in a club, or call an escort service. J was into it, but very reserved. Maybe it will be different when she picks out a girl herself, a friend that she knows. She could see that I was enjoying myself, maybe too much in her, “green eyes.” Next time might be a different story.

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