Prostitution Report
from Thailand

I just thought I'd write down my experiences from Thailand seeing as I have a bit of time on my hands and I've enjoyed reading other peoples experiences recently. I hope you like and learn...

My background - I'm from England and wasn't a member of this site before I got to Thailand, although I did loads of research and found out as much as I could about the whole working girl situation. Stickman, Bangkok Tonight and the Pattayaland sites were my main sources. I was 30 when I left and I enjoy going out having a few drinks with my mates and dancing in nightclubs. I've never been that good at chatting to women and find it a major hassle when I'm out having fun with my mates. I hate having to come up with all that sweet talk and shit you have to go through to only end up with a phone number, a kiss on the cheek or a promise of a date. I wanted to go out knowing that at the end of the night I was definitely going to get laid and Thailand seemed the perfect place...

View from the roof of the Royal Asia Lodge
So I decided to just fly out to Thailand and have some fun, with no particular plan. I found the Royal Asia Lodge (890bt/night) on the web and arrived there at about 5-6pm. I unpacked, had a shower and headed straight out to Nana Plaza. It was about 9pm by this time and I went into Play School (I think that's what it was called). Immediately, as soon as I entered, a girl was sat next to me who I didn't really fancy (although she still had a nice body). I wanted to have a look around and see a few things before I started thinking about taking anyone home so I wasn't to enthused. I looked at the stage where there were 20/30 topless girls writhing around, all with beautiful tight firm bodies. A big smile came to my mouth, I ordered a beer and put my hand on the girls inner thigh.

Outside Nana Plaza
I was wearing jeans that had a big hole in one knee and the beginning of one in the other. I thought they looked quite cool. The girl sat next to me started putting her fingers in the smaller hole making it bigger. I told her to stop. I saw a girl dancing with perfect 36C tits and a great overall figure - really pretty. I asked one of the waitresses about her and the girl next to me got the message and sat somewhere else. The waitress pointed me out to the girl dancing and but she shook her head. I think she thought I was some kind of poorper coz of my jeans. Some Jap turned up a few minutes later and within seconds the girl I liked was set up with him and was clothed and left. The girl from before saw this as her cue to sit back beside me and ruin my jeans again. I left and thought I would take a look around.

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I went upstairs and found a smaller bar with just 3 girls dancing with thigh high leather boots. They were all quite nice. Again one of them came over to me and I could be bothered asking for the one I preferred (I was new to this!!). Anyway the girl who came over was pretty good and cute, she just didn't have very big tits. Anyway I asked prices and she said it was 400bt for the fine and 1500bt for the night. By this time I just wanted to get back to my room and have some fun, I was gagging to dump my load so I agreed and we were off. I was a bit disappointed that she didn't keep the clothes she had on while she was dancing. She looked much more sexy with the hot pants and boots. I was tempted to ask her to go and get them and change back once in my room but I just wanted to get out of there. She said her name was Hung and I was tempted to ask her if she was "well" or not but I think it would have been lost on her. She was about 22/3.

Hung from Nana Plaza
I explained to her that I wanted to go to a Thai night club with her after we'd had some fun in my room (as the night was still young). Once in my room we bathed and she sat on the edge of the bed still wrapped in a towel. I stood in front of her and directed my hardening dick towards her mouth. While she was sucking away I took her towel away and then spread her legs and shoved my man in her. Oh yes this was what I had come here for. We had another shower, got dressed and headed for Hollywood's. I paid to get in and she walked in for free, which was good. It wasn't like English clubs with a set dance floor - there were loads of round tall tables dotted everywhere which I thought was a bit strange. There were very few farang in there which I liked. They had some young live singers come on, with gorgeous backing dancers entertaining everyone. Then a beautiful, tall girl walked on to the stage. She had great tits with just the nipple covered. She had a good voice and had some banter with the crowd. We had a dance for a while and I then got the horn again. Right lets go back to my place again...
I thought I'd sort some more foreplay out so I played with her and then went down on her tight little pussy. She seemed to be enjoying herself and I shoved my dick in just before she came (I know she could of been acting but it seemed real enough). We tried out a few more positions and it wasn't long before I was finished. I'd built up a bit of an appetite by now so I told her I wanted some food. I love Thai food so I wanted to try some out. With a big smile on her mouth she took me to the Nana hotel and we pigged out. Back to the hotel for one more fuck and I was asleep in no time. In the morning I gladly gave her the money promised. She asked me to come and take her again the next night, which I agreed to knowing that I probably wouldn't ever see her again. What a great start.

Pool Bar The Factory
I'd checked out the go go scene so it was time to try something else. I like playing pool so I found The Factory near soi 5 and went in. I got a bottle of vodka, some ice and mixers and started to have fun with the girls who hung out there. I didn't really know the score with these girls so I just played along and ended up leaving with two girls, one who worked racking up the balls and another that I'd been chatting to (Jay). We had a cocktail from a place that carried on serving after 2am by the side of the road. We then bumped into some of their friends. Two girls and two boys. One of them had a guitar and they were singing and having a laugh. After about an hour one of them suggested we buy a bottle of vodka and head for one of their apartments. We went back and they found it a bit strange that I hadn't tried to take one of them home by now, but I really like that fact that I was getting know what Thai people get up to. By the time I left it was light outside and I said my good-byes and just went to sleep, thinking there would be time to get hold of these girls at a later date. I was in no real rush as I had expected to stay for as long as I wanted in the LOS.

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A couple of nights later I went to Eden as it was high on my list of things to do - two women at once. I walked in at 6pm and left about 8pm. (Please see my thread "Photos from Eden - June 14" for all the details). Glowing from the Eden experience I went to The Factory for a game of pool. I bumped into Jay and her mate Wan from the other night. We had a good time and ended up going back to my hotel for a swim in the pool on the roof. I immediately took off my swimming trunks and threw them to the side of the pool. Unfortunately the girls had insisted on wearing one of my t-shirts each. I thought they might get naked once we were in the pool. No such luck. I still had a great time. At one point I had a girl under each arm (they are so light) spinning round and round. Still naked I had each in turn wrapping their legs and arms around me, letting me touch their tits and rubbing my now hard dick. Brilliant. Once we got back to my room I thought I was going to get my second threesome of the day but Wan had to leave and I was left with Jay. I'd never had 3 girls in the space of 12 hours before and I've got to say it was awesome.

In the morning Jay took me to a shopping centre (Tokyo) to get a Thai chip for my phone and I spent about 1000bt on some new shoes and a top for her and I also brought a shirt for myself. The next night I took her and her mate to CM2 and I had a really good laugh there. Again I thought I might get both (her friend was lovely as well) but it was just the two of us again. The next night I took her to see some proper Thai boxing. She got bored really quickly and wanted to leave after the 5th fight (out of 12). I told her her that if she didn't like boxing she should have told me and we could of met up later after I had my fun watching these boys kick shit out of each other (3 got stretchered off). We ended up having a few drinks and went we were back at mine. She didn't seem that up for having sex again. I didn't push her, thinking, "I'm not going to be with you tomorrow." I was starting to feel a bit suffocated by her anyway.In the morning I gave her some shit about just splitting up with my girlfriend and how I didn't want another. She then turned round and asked me for 1000bt. Fuck that!! What for? I told her I would have given her some money if we'd had sex the night before but as she hadn't been interested I didn't own her nothing. I did give her 300bt (the change I had on me), a bit tight I know but hey she was all right with that.

A couple of nights later, in the factory again and I was chatting to a girl (can't remember her name, lets call her Ay) she was a bit overweigh for my liking so there was no way I was taking her home, but I did like her friend (Bee) who was pretty and sexy. Ay wanted me to pretend that I was going with her coz another friend (Ce) had her Thai boyfriend with her and also her American husband around. It's complicated but I ended up having quite a bit to drink and stated snogging both Ay and Bee. Now Bee had a lovely arse and she started rubbing my crotch with it while she was dancing - kissing me. I really did think that I'd scored her. She said she had a husband in the UK so I though she was all right for money. Then she starting saying she needed something and I offered to give her 500bt, I thought it was a sort of barter thing so I started low. BIG MISTAKE!! That was a terrible insult apparently and she ended up getting quite irate. Anyway she had to get back to her house where her husband was due to call her to make sure she wasn't out doing what she was doing. I found out later that she had told everyone about my 500bt offer and I got a really bad reputation for being cheap. The thing was I would have given 1500bt if she'd asked me up front, she was that nice. Oh well.

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I got even more drunk and ended up on the streets with no girl to take home and I was keen on getting my rocks off. I'd seen all the freelancers hanging around outside Starbucks and thought I might as well get hold of one of them. I walked up and down a couple of times checking them out and chose the one who had the biggest tits and asked her what was happening. She said she only did short time and it was 1200bt. I offered her 1000bt and she agreed straight away. Once back in my room and showered I took a look at her body which was awesome, I asked her if I could take some photos but she said that someone had offered her 4000bt and she had declined, so I dropped the subject. Her tits had to be 36c (my favorite) although they felt fake. I started to wonder about her being a lady boy because of this but there was no way her pussy had been operated on, she was definitely all woman, so I went for it. To my total dismay every time I got hard and started fucking her I went soft!! Brewers droop we call it in England. Three condoms later, she ended up blowing me. She was an obvious expert and it wasn't long before she was swallowing, getting dressed and leaving. Pretty impressive as it usually takes me ages to come from a blowjob and considering I'd had problems getting it up before. She asked me for a tip and I gave her 200bt for her effort. I took her number as I really did want to fuck her but never ended up doing it, although I did keep passing her on the street few months later but I had a girlfriend by then.

The next night England were playing Australia at football at 3am. I met up with a guy from Sweden (Tom) and his mate and we had some games of pool in the Swan, just down the road from NEP. Tom truned up with some lovely looking Swedish girls. The girld went for a meal and the boys headed to Soi Cowboy and watched the girls dancing for a while. I asked one of the bar owners if he was playing the foortball and he said yes. We then headed for Thermea and met up with the Swedish girls again. We ended up in the Grace hotel and I was getting on well with a sweet Thai girl so I asked her if she'd come with me to watch the football and she agreed right after I offered 1500bt. I watched the first half and we were losing 2-0 so I decided that having sex would be much more fun so I took my honey home. We had a really good time apart from my first split condom!! She said there was no chance of a baby and I never caught anything so it was ok. Worrying for a bit though. (Sorry no photo)

Photo of Wan
Back in the factory another time and I bumped into Wan the other girl I'd been swimming with and I really wanted to do her. She wasn't so good looking but she was really good fun to be with. I wanted to get it for free really as we were getting on so well but I had to offer her 2000bt to stay with me for 3 days, which I thought was fair enough. The first night we shagged once and she had a really tight pussy, which was nice. I got horny for the second time and was going for it. She was moaning alot, which I thought was her enjoying herself but it turns out she was in pain (that was a first!!). She should have told me and I would have stopped. What can you do... Anyway the next night we were playing pool again and she lent her phone to some Thai bloke who said he couldn't get reception and he went down stairs and then ran off with her phone!! No wonder Thai girls don't want to be with Thai men. Anyway I sure she expected me to get her another one. Things went pretty sour from then on and on the third day I told her she could go home after a sexless previous night and a moody Thai girl.

By then I had had enough of Bkk and decided to take a trip up to Chiang Mai to do some trekking and chill out for a week. I ended up having a mad 4 weeks there and did anything but chill...

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