Prostitution Report
from Argentina

I was in Buenos Aires last month and had a couple of experiences. I was staying in the area near Cordoba and Florida so it was easy to scope out the action in that neighborhood.

The Orleans Cafe indeed always had girls inside. But I found the setup of the bar very intimidating, a small space with windows open to the street. Didn't feel like a way to get to know anyone, so I passed. I also saw some street action on the surrounding blocks, but never any lookers.

Checked out a few of the bars in the same area on Reconquista between Paraguay and Marcelo T. de Alvear. There are three bars here, of them, I found Cutty Sark the most interesting. It also looked to me like the bar on the corner of Viamonte and Reconquista had a lot of girls, but couldn't tell if it was a "regular bar" or the girls were pros.

At Cutty Sark, there were about 15 girls on a Thursday night at 11 PM. Variety of looks, from 4-7 but nothing higher. Seems like it was better to speak Spanish, not too many of the girls spoke any English. After about 40 minutes, I settled down with Julietta, a cute and friendly 23 year old. Her offer was $100 for two hours at my hotel. So, off we went.

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Well, maybe I didn't hear her correctly in the bar, or maybe she scammed me, but back at the hotel, the price was $200. Since the little head was in charge at this point, I paid and we got down to it. She slapped on the condom right away, even for oral, but then again I didn't ask for BB. We rolled around for a bit and round one ended pleasantly. We then talked for a bit, and Julietta announced that she was tired and she was going time so far, about 30 minutes. I complained in my broken Spanish that she said two hours, to which she replied yes, two hours, but only one hacer amor. I pouted and complained as best I could, and finally she relented and we went for round two. Surprisingly, she was hotter the seoncd time around. Anyway, looking back, I was unhapy about being ripped off, but it was still a reasonably good evening.

I checked out the Recoleta area...the adult clubs there were very intimidating and I had visions of being ripped off so I passed. Checked out the "Newport" bar and indeed the pros started filtering in about 11 PM...some 9's and 10's but mostly 4-6's. I didn't bother going in as the men outnumbered the women two or three to one.

My last adventure was a masajista place that was advertise in the English-language Buenos Aires Herald. It was on Santa Fe street just west of 9 de Julio in a private flat. The cost was $50 for one hour massage. The masseuse, Fabiana, was very good and I quite enjoyed the massage (though she was fully clothed). As time wound down, she asked how I wanted to end. When I indicated interest in something more, she said that she would send another girl in, which indeed she did. -This- girl offered a range of services, with $30-$50 for her services...and she said that if I wanted sex, she would send -another- girl in who did that for $100. I stuck with this one and enjoyed the conclusion. If I didn't have to head out of town, I would have enjoyed a round-two here.

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